Running Bear's Coffee Shop May 2018

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OK, just in time for the new Coffee Shop tomorrow, here is the new avatar. Wife does not like it. I don't know since I never look in the mirror anyway! I hope that I don't scare anyone, but other than Justin, I haven't seen many youngsters here.

You look more like the one who would suit a tugboat than Justin, and do have some sympathy for your wife, she doesn't have the advantage of seeing you 2nd hand through the filter of a mirror.


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Good evening. Made some good miles today all the way to Mitchell, SD with an early start.

Garry - The answer is yes, we are in a hurry to get home and away from the big cities. Chicago, as usuyal was a pain inthe bitt just going through on I-80 and not up into Wisconsin. Nice photo by the way. I usually use my phone also to take photos. The camera I have won't fit into many of the spots I would like to take photos.

Sherrel - We got into Syracuse on Saturday. Did out tournament and got the heck out of Dodge. they put down one heck of an oil pattern, but we were lucky enough to have been able to adjust, but some of the big guns with their high averages were really struggling. We should be in the money.

Terry -
Murphy must have passed through your neck of the woods. like the tug.

Ken D&J
- It is close to impossible to find a pay phone any more.

- That avatar is down right scarey.

Gotta get out of here. The restaurant in the hotel will be closing shortly.

Just about 800 miles to go.



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Yo stranger, what happened to the O's???

Yo stranger, what happened to the O's???

You name it, some games good pitching, no hitting. In other games good hitting, no pitching. If the starter does well the bullpen breaks down. It's been one of those years. There has still been some bright spots; Manny has increased his value. God knows we won't be able to afford to sign him. Add to that a few good young players are developing. Next year should be better.
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