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Wow! Here in TX, I just show them my old license and proof of auto insurance, give them a thumbprint and they take my picture and I pay the fee. Three minutes top! Don't know about the veteran stuff though since I am not one. Only first time applicants have to show a birth certificate. First renewal after visiting the DMV can be done online, by phone or mail. Every other renewal must be in person. Very easy here.
Joe- NJ must be bad if it makes MD look good.
Sorry, having lived in Maryland, nothing makes it look good. Maybe the Eastern Shore, but that is a different country altogether
Ok folks, here's the deal. During the aftermath of 9-11, it was discovered that several people of Mid-Eastern heritage, who were of questionable character, and may have had something to do with the terror attacks on the World Trade Center, had obtained New Jersey Driver's Licenses, from a DMV office in Hudson or Essex County. Allegedly, several State Employees, were providing improper credentials to people of questionable character for a fee.

The State's predictable reaction, to the alleged wrong doing of a few State Employees, was to devise a new system that would punish the citizens of New Jersey, for the sins of a few opportunistic government employees. Thus the 6 point system of identification was established. Thestate has a list of acceptable identification documents available on line, and has published a brochure. However, final determination of what is acceptable, is up to the individual state employee at the DMV office. The state is trying to convince the population, that this is for our protection, from illegal immigrants and terrorists etc. when in fact its another way to bust balls.

Last night I sat up and dug out all the credentials necessary for both of us to go through the line and not have to share documents. I used my expiring, but still in effect NJ digital drivers license, worth 4 points, my 1978 re-issue Pennsylvania Birth certificate, also worth 4 points, and my 1973 issue DD 214 as a secondary identifier worth 2 points. - I went to Ms. Nice lady, who was pleasant, and didn't find anything wrong. My wife got the next clerk, Ms Jerzy B**ch, who took exception to my wife's Pennsylvania birth certificate, (had her maiden name), disallowed the Marriage certificate, because it was issued by the County and not the State??? , Rejected the Property tax Bill (legitimate 2 point secondary identifier), and grudgingly accepted her Medicare card as a secondary identifier.

(Same person would not accept a guy's US Passport although it's a 4 point identifier, because she didn't think the photo looked like the guy???)

Meanwhile, I had a easy transaction with a third clerk, for my Disabled placard renewal. Sheesh!

Maryland, was never a problem when I lived there, I used DMV offices in PG, Charles, and Harford Counties, all in Mainland Maryland.

Reaching back into my memory vault, I recall Pennsylvania was always a bigger PIA than any one else.


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How I spent my day... Photographing eagles.

Photographed this Bald Eagle at Seabeck, WA today. (In Seabeck, not at Big Beef Creek, which is what people usually mean when they say "Seabeck")

I waited him out for about 20 minutes. He was perched on the beach, just sitting there and looking around. The tide was coming in, and fairly quickly, so I figured he'd get tired of wet tail feathers at some point. He did, and did a little hop to dry ground, which allowed me to get this shot.

Good Morning Gang. A mighty pleasant 62° and clear. Getting closer to the average for this date. Been warmer than average for the past three weeks. Spent a large part of the day yesterday getting the pool ready for use. Disassembled the sand filter, emptied and cleaned it before putting in 75 pounds of new fresh sand. Spread the old sand over a couple of low spots in the yard. Removed the pool cover and started to top off the water level. Water temperature in pool is 77°, which is warm enough for me but not for my wife, however that will drop a couple of degrees at night with the cover removed. Hopefully the water level will be high enough in a couple of hours to start the filter.
Out in the train shed, I did some more work on a small Bar Mills shed that I started for another scene. On the small town business district "phase II", I laid out the remaining portions of street and the double track grade crossing. I also painted some striping on existing streets. I did manage to run a couple of trains.
Thanks for the comments on the hotel, Chet, Curt, and anyone else that I may have missed.

Johnny - I do what I can to support my "brick and mortar" LHS. They need to stay in business. I don't like to do model rr shopping on the Internet, because I want to feel the product in my hands. Very nice job on the printing shop. I love those DPM structures. I have that one and use it for a beer distributorship. Someday I'll post a picture when I get to that town.
Bob - Really nice photo.

Couldn't really decide whether to post more museum pictures or layout pictures, so I'll post some of each. The first are from the Texas Transportation Museum in San Antonio, a few of the restored vehicles on display.
05-13-18 022.JPG

05-13-18 023.JPG

05-13-18 066.JPG

Now a few homes from the town of Vernon.
05-10-18 004.JPG

Everybody have a great day.

Good morning everyone. 63 and rained all night - still raining, calling for 30% chance all day. Heading for 80 this afternoon.

Garry - I responded to your PM and text this morning.
Chet - Sent you a PM

Chet's package arrived yesterday, so now I have a firetruck for the firehouse plus a DPM kit to build. Thank you, Chet. Set up part of the firehouse scene last night. Here are a couple of photos. Still need a couple of firemen to be cleaning the truck and showing the local visitors around the place. But you can see the dad with one kid on his shoulders and the other standing nearby admiring the apparatus. The Chief and Spot are nearby as well. You can't see them but I have several lockers inside the bay with firefighter equipment in them. Plus the Orange Crush machine just outside the building - one of my favorite childhood drinks!!

Firehouse 2.jpg


That firetruck will probably move around the layout from time to time, but it's default location will be right there at the firehouse.

Well, have a good day everyone.
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Good morning. 47 degrees and a bright sunny start to the day.


Some showers are possible in the afternoon. I will never complain about moisture, except when it's white.

Johnny - The fire house is looking good. The town scene is coming together. When it comes to posting photos, I just drag a photo from an album and post it. I do not click on either a thumbnail of full size choice. This way only the photo that has been downloaded will appear in the post.

Bob - Excellent photo of the eagle. Patience paid off.

Willie - Enjoyed the photos from the museum. Always interested in transportation photos. When we visit Reno for out bowling tournaments, I usually try to stop by the National Automobile Museum which houses the Harrah collection. It's only a few blocks away form the hotel we stay at for the tournament.They have so many one off vehicles on display down there. I always find something new each visit. Residential photo is nice also.

- What you have to get through just to get a drivers license sure is a bunch of bull. Can't believe it. No problems up here. The only drawback is that if you don't make an appointment, you may have to wait a while. The last time I renewed, it took less that 5 minutes, and that was for CDL.

Here's a rail photo for today.


Good morning ...

I heard some sad news from a friend in Illinois about LaGrange Hobbies in suburban Chicago. The owner, Bill, had just agreed to sell the building, and the buyer will use the building for another purpose after closing on June 30th. LaGrange Hobbies would then be history. .... Sadly, Bill passed away over the past weekend. He was just 6 weeks away from retirement, and this happened. ... The store is now closed.

When I was growing up in Illinois, I used to buy trains at LaGrange Hobbies. Then it was a larger store on a different street in LaGrange. Different owner back then too.


Bob .... Great photo of the eagle.... We were sitting on our dock yesterday , and a bald eagle landed on a nearby tree. We see them occasionally here. From time to time we see them eating fish.

Willie ... Thanks for showing the photos of the museum trucks. Nice! .... Also, I like the photo of your layout.

Johnny ..... Your firehouse with fire trucks looks great.

Chet .... Great looking scenery there. .... Also, I like the rail photo of the day.


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Morning from Austin, TX - I have no idea what the temp is outside, but walking the dogs this morning was very pleasant. Supposed to reach 97 the Spousal Unit said! Mpstly we have hardly seen a cloud the entire trip except for that morning near where the NAScAR race was going to be. (I can't spell it, so there) We had a nice Mexican dinner complete with a three piece Mariachi Band which was very good.

Spousal Unit says we have to get moving .. BOB, Eagle pic has to be the best I have ever seen! Willie, Nice photos of the trip, let me know when the water gets to 82 - thats about my min? Johnny, Great scene - I was a fan of Orange Crush too! JOE, talk about a circus - unbelieveable! CA isn't that bad! CHET - Beautiful photo as well.

Here's the lift bridge at Beaumont! Cousins wife said her father helped build it!
beaumont 01 (Large).jpg
beaumont 02 (Large).jpg


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Boy, this is really getting frustrating. Why it posted multiples of both pictures, and both full-size and thumbnails - I don't know.
It does that once in a while, especially if your connection is slow and you click a couple of times before it responds. Not a big deal, you can edit it if needed, and I've also been cleaning them up when I notice that happening. I fixed that one, so it should be good now.
How I spent my day... Photographing eagles.

Photographed this Bald Eagle at Seabeck, WA today. (In Seabeck, not at Big Beef Creek, which is what people usually mean when they say "Seabeck")

I waited him out for about 20 minutes. He was perched on the beach, just sitting there and looking around. The tide was coming in, and fairly quickly, so I figured he'd get tired of wet tail feathers at some point. He did, and did a little hop to dry ground, which allowed me to get this shot.

View attachment 27880
Wow that is a great picture! I would love to see more of the pictures you had sometime.
Afternoon All,

Got back from the school about 90 minutes ago. The inventory is done:) finally. After getting home I attached corner trim and painted trim pieces that will go around the doors and windows. Saturday is youngest grandson's karate advancement program. Just found out that we won't be watching the boys this weekend. I talked to Phil yesterday and he's doing OK and we are going to get together next week.

FL requires 4-5 things for a drivers license.

Willie- Nice museum photos and layout photo.

Gary- Nice firehouse and apparatus.

Chet- Is that your view and prosperity? Nice rail shot.

Garry- That sucks.

Sherrel- Neat looking bridge. You should scratch build it.

Bob- Great eagle photo.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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I'm remiss in not having remarked on your earlier Eagle photo Bob, but as an armchair critic (well computer chair actually) I think that while this latest one has better clarity, especially of the feathers in the wing tips, the first wins hands down for spontaneity and artistic content. If both were entered into a contest, the first would win the "peoples choice", if not the main prize, because of the amount of action it captures and portrays. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to