Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXXII

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It's good to be back in the land of the living. The wife caught the 'walking crud' somewhere and being the generous person she is decided to give it to me. She recovered in a couple of days and I have been on my back for a week! The worse part is that my office kept calling, emailing, and texting the whole time. I would have to get out of bed or off the couch, stumble down two flights of stairs to my office and respond. By the time I was done and made it back upstairs there would be another 'emergency' that only I could take care of. I am having a meeting with my Supervisors to find out exactly why I am paying them to Supervise if they are calling me. Will be a very one sided meeting, guaranteed.

The only good thing to come out of the situation was I got my first couple of pieces of equipment for my empire. Decided to go with the NCE system so I ordered the Power Cab. Also got a Bachmann G9 off eBay for only $50. It is DCC equipped but I will need to add a sound card. They came in Monday morning and I told the wife I was going to pickup a prescription and instead went to the LHS and picked up a piece of flex track. I had to try the new toys out and I didn't have a foot of track yet. Finally felt good enough to tack the track to my workbench, hook up the Power Cab, and make the loco go two feet in each direction a couple of times. I am railroading!!!

Couple of photos of the loco, it will need some weathering, sound, and Kadee couplers, but it is mine.

20180227_211259.jpg 20180227_211250.jpg
Morning weather reports from all over. Can't remember where most of ya live, so I can't get a good weather pattern image in my mind.
Boss is letting me work from home again today. Saves me the 38 mile commute each way. I'll go into town later this afternoon to have a cigar with the guys at the cigar lounge.


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Good morning everyone. Time for a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant (a dunker, of course). 51 and cloudy here in SW MO hitting 69 later today - chance of rain most of the day. Then starting tomorrow that bright yellow shining thing appears in the sky again for a few days!!

Chet, BeachBum, Curt, anyone else - Thanks for the comments on the fire house. Still some more work to do on it but the biggest jobs are done. It didn't have any "glass" in the windows nor any blackout curtains on the second floor where the on-duty firemen sleep, so I put all that in, too. I left the roof unglued so I can continue to make modifications inside.

Not much to report from the train room. Continued with the wiring of the expansion section, ran trains to make sure all the TO's and other electrical connections were working (they are).

Have a good day everyone.


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Good Morning All. A very tropical-like 64° and cloudy. Rain in the forecast again today after .75" yesterday. That concurs with my weather rock which is currently wet! Light sprinkles played havoc with my grilling last night, not with the fire itself, rather with me going in and out the door!:mad: OK though, as the end result was worth it.
Trainwise out in the train shed yesterday, I finished the mortaring and window installation on the Vulcan Manufacturing. I'll get out the weathering powders today after making some fine adjustments on the mortar. As a diversion, I assembled the loading/unloading canopy that goes over the tracks. It is designed so that one can add a Walther's Overhead Traveling Crane to it, (not included, buy separately and have many leftover parts), which I also started to assemble. Somewhat finalized the footprint on the layout for the components and trackage. I intend to use it as designed, as a metal fabricator. Part of my plan is to augment the Walther's kit with an auxiliary structure made from DPM wall components to make a much larger industry.

Johnny - Nice work on the fire station. You did a good job on the re-designed sign. Regarding the missing staircase, Walther's sells a staircase kit with numerous staircases, handrails and ladders. You would have to fabricate your own landing though.

They're currently out of stock, but it's probably available at your LHS or on the Internet.
Joe - I use the DPM stuff quite a bit, Yes patience is needed as well as a good 18" straightedge, especially on multi-story structures. Don't ask!
Sam - Good to hear that you are recovering. That has the makings of an intense meeting. Reminds me of the president of the company that I worked for. At a "Presidents Meeting" once, the owner/CEO publicly asked him why he wasn't on his cell phone to the people back at the plant, like all of the other GM's were doing during breaks in the meeting. His reply was that "he paid people that could/would do their jobs whether he was there or not". He received many ugly glares from his counterparts that day.
Congratulations on your inaugural run. $50 is a great deal for a DCC equipped loco.
Ken (D&J) - I'm in North Central Texas, this light rain is moving east but will probably pass south of your location if it doesn't dissipate over Tennessee.

Everybody have a great day.

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Good morning. A bit warmer (less cold) at 17 degrees to start off the day.

Eric - Looking at the radar, it's a good thing you aren't further north or you may need and ark.

Sam - Sweet looking B&O Geep. I'm sure that there are some here on the forum who might be drooling over it. You gotta get more track.

Ken D&J - Looking at the same radar, you could be getting some moisture pretty soon.

Willie - Can't let a little bit of weather keep you from grilling. I do it in all sorts of weather, rain, snow and in the cold. We have grilled at minus 43 degrees. Grilling was on hold for a month ago when the grill was caked in solid ice that had dripped down from the roof and covered the grill with about 6 inches of ice.Looking forward to see what you are building. Sounds interesting.

Here's a rail picture for today.


Justin: My empire grows! This buying locos must me a disease. I bought a GP7 before I turned in last night. Bachmann, DCC, NIB for $59. I may need to seek professional help if this continues, and I am sure it will.

Willie: Yeah, it was pretty intense for three people this morning, I was not one of them. They know something is up when I call them in to my office as opposed to meeting them on the floor and when I tell them to close the door behind them.

Chet: Trust me, more track, much more, is on the list. That list is growing like a weed in spring time.


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It's been beautiful here the last three days, over night temps in the 10-20s and rising above freezing in the days with clear sky! I have the temperatures in the basement up to 60 degrees, I'm in heaven! It's a fcat, winter isn't over; however, February is! there is an issue with my track. All of it is good except I have dead spots in my turnouts. How or why are my turnouts doing this? Is there a fix for this? Everything else is awesome! Turnouts not so much.

Good Morning Everyone...Sunny and mild in Wisconsin, but snow is forecasted.

Just over 48 hours since my first eye surgery for cataracts. Post op yesterday and I didn't need glasses. Could of drove without glasses if If necessary. Will need glasses for close up after my second surgery next Monday. Using my old glasses to use the computer using the bad eye.

Just taking it easy.

Maybe back to modeling in a month or so.

Tony, where's are $500???

That's all for now.




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Mid Day Good Morning to all back there!

31 degrees - the high will be 58 with a current clear sky.

No good news on the automobile .. mechanic is trying something else!

We finally had slightly over 1/2 inch of rain Monday night; the hills all around have some snow on them. Mount Palomar, visable to the south, is very pretty this morning with the top snow covered.


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Hello everybody

We got home from Arizona last night...... I'll catch up with your posts later.

Our flight from Phoenix to Nashville last night was with a very strong tail wind. ... Upon arrival, the pilot said this the flight was the fastest he had flown in his 22 years with Southwest Airlines. It was over 700 mph. We arrived 40 minutes early even though there was a delay departing from Phoenix.

Arizona Train watching ..... I saw UP trains on the mainline that crosses through AZ. The former SP Sunset Line. There was a GE 44 Ton at an industry in Casa Grande. There was an Arizona Eastern GE 4-axle locomotive in Globe. .

We had a great visit with our daughter, her husband, and her in-laws who were visiting from Michigan.

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Afternoon All,

I finished cleaning up the freight house area and figured out what size wood I need to make the front level. I should pick up the strips of wood I need tomorrow.

Sam- Nice looking Geep.

Johnny- Oh the joy of wiring track.

Chet- Interesting rail photos.

Greg- Glad the surgery went well.

Garry- Glad you had a nice trip and a safe return. It's a good thing you're flight didn't go any faster or you may of gone back in time like the Twilight Zone episode.:p

I hope everyone has a good night.
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