Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXXII

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I found my wallet with my ID and stuff. Been searching for it for a couple days.
It's been a major stress anxiety for several days.
Not anymore!!!!


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63 and cloudy here.
Since I've fixed grandfather clock AND found my wallet, it's already a good day.
I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. If someone wants to get me a ride, I'll buy a lottery ticket.
Best I shut up right there. Yesterday was a bad day for me.


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Good Morning Guys. Holding steady at 33° and foggy. Enjoying a break from the rain right now, but it is returning according to the radar. Total rainfall for the last two days is 6", on top of the 1" Saturday. Need to remember to empty the gauge this morning. My pond filled up yesterday, it was about 85% at 1500 but I didn't look any later. It hasn't had any water in it since early October. I hopefully can get the grocery/beer trek in today before it starts raining again.
Finished all of my feeder wiring in the train shed yesterday. Everything continues to test OK. I see some minor trackwork fixes that I need to do, but none of them are causing derailments. Next step is installation of ground throws, twelve I think, but I most likely won't do that until next week. I need to clean the area up first, track and rail remnants, discarded rail joiners, wire scraps, bent track nails and leftover loose ties. Oh, and the tools! I did start on trimming up some of the loose ties and re-inserting them in the flex track gaps. This portion included 28 pieces of flex and 12 switches along with assorted trimmed pieces of track. I think that I wired in 28 pairs of track feeders.

Sherrel -
Willie - we need some of your rainwater?
Come and get it, I have some to spare. 7" since Saturday with 2 1/2 more days expected, then two days off and rains will return Tuesday, maybe.
Curt - The tower project came out looking fine. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the freight house.
Eric - The day is starting off well for you.

A view of my backyard, including pictures of all of the fallen limbs from one of our trees.
02-22-18 004.jpg 02-22-18 003.jpg
02-22-18 001.jpg

Everybody have a great day.

Good morning everyone. 32 and cloudy here, hitting upper 40's later today. We dodged the bullet for the second day in a row here in SW MO - the freezing rain and ice passed east and south of here. So now they're predicting 50% chance of freezing rain and ice for tonight. Have they never heard of the boy who cried "wolf"? My coffee's ready - - excuse me while I pour a cup.

Okay - I'm back. Got my coffee and the remains of a bear claw MBH and I started for dessert last night.

RE/Billy Graham's passing - - local tv stations are playing sound bites and to hear his voice again (young or older) is so neat.

Willie - I see you got what we missed this time - ice thick enough to bring down tree limbs. Any power outages from it?

From the train room - well I got started screwing down the plywood - - and ran out of screws!! :mad: So, I'll stop at a local DIY store and pick up a new box and get back to it tonight!

Have a good day everyone.


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Good morning. Heat wave at ONE ABOVE.

Curt -
Thanks for posting the photos. Excellent work.

Joe -
Good news from the Cardiologist. The main thing that counts is that you're on the right side of the grass.

Eric - Nice to have things go right for a change. A lottery ticket wouldn't hurt.

Where is Toot and Louis ?????? MIA????

Willie - Quite the mess. Years back we had a snow storm drop 16 inches of snow in late June with all of the trees leafed out. What a mess that was. I managed to get out and shake th trees and get the snow off, but in town there were so mant trees tht had all of the limbs stripped. The city was picking up branches for weeks.

Here's a rails picture for today.


Willie: Real winter wonderland there to clean up. :rolleyes:

The main thing that counts is that you're on the right side of the grass.
Chet; You got that right. BTW, Louis is alive and well, working and moving are very time consuming.

47° and cloudy, big difference from yesterday. Expecting some rain later. It's going to be a busy Thursday.


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Good Morning - not!
It's 33 outside going up to 54 high - so far the 40% chance of rain is going to come from a clear sky? Had a "spit" yesterday afternoon - just enough to dirty the windscreen.
I am out the door shortly to hit the hardware for the second time on the dishwasher install. I ran out of parts last night. Both the drain line and the supply line are different fittings and hoses than the old one. Should have just emptied some more moths and had it installed.
The car gets dropped at my mechanic this morning too! There will go what few moths I have remaining. It's the catalytic converter for sure. That should put me up to about a year of payments on a new one this week!

CURT Your tower looks really great where you placed it! Very nice work.

Gotta run - back later.

Willie! I am sending buckets! Please fill them and return? Good luck with the tree limbs - good excerise for you? Did it rain any fish into your pond?


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Back to being a bachelor does have 1 perk. Nobody grumbling about my latest ebay win! ;)


Western Maryland I-2 2-10-0 in brass by N.J. International
Afternoon All,

Did a bunch of chores today and then continued planning the freight house. I think all I have left to plan is the deck it will sit on. I figure by the time I'm done it will probably run about $140:(.

Joe- Thank you.

Willie- Thank you. Are you going to post a picture of your track work? I guess I would avoid the tree of death also.

Chet- Thank you. Neat rail picture.

Sherrel- I feel your pain. We're going to have to replace the roof this year.

Karl- Congrats on being free. Great looking loco.

I hope everyone has a good night.
The wife is ready to go out to lunch in our bone chillin' 50 degree weather. LOL!

The track I have down is all wired, got the table top all cleaned off, and now I'm in the process of replacing ties that were removed laying the track. Progress is being made. :) Next comes the ballasting. I'm not sure yet if I'll paint the track or not. When I'm done with that, I'll see if anything will run, after cleaning of course.
My Rapido Parlor Car was delivered today. PC Parlor 3138 2-22-2018.jpg

The train now consists of an FL9, two 72 seat coaches, and a Parlor car. Runs nicely. I am hopeful that Rapido will produce the Baggage Parlor next, then the Grill car. These are former NH cars, and are being produced in co-operation with the NH Historical Society, which I believe, owns the tooling. Rapido is also bringing out the EP5 Jet, aka an E40 in PC Jargon.
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Hello All...Thought I'd stop in an give ya' a short up-date...Slowly But Surely...Most of this will have to be
disassembled after I make my markings for the past under wiring cut outs in the cork...A few more than I'd
like but I'm cutting in a few extra spots looking towards the future...Lighting etc...Trig


Not So Sure About A St. Patrick's Day Opening...Might be able to get one loop hot and run the 'Laura Ann'...



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Good evening gents! 41*F and very humid with a slight breeze in central MD. Back to what is considered 'normal' winter weather for my region after yesterday's brief taste of summer.

Curt - that tower scene looks real enough that I could walk right into it! I wished you lived closer too.

Joe - that PC [ex-NH] parlor car is sweet! :cool:

Sherrell - I feel your pain, I had to spend $350 yesterday to have the leaking power steering 'return' line replaced in my car, in order to prevent a possible complete failure of the PS 6 months down the road.

... Ken in MD - Sounds like you are ready to go for your op session. If there are any derailments, the crew should be able to handle it, but I'm sure that they'll let you know about it.
Chet - I'm sure they will LOL! But I was rapidly approaching the point of burnout from spending so much time with those test runs, I figured it was time to - as the Nike slogan says - "just do it".

Well, there's no turning back now! I've sent out the invitational broadcast email for a CL&W op session on the evening of Friday March 9. I know two weeks is probably too short notice, but my only other option will be to wait until mid-April if not enough guest operators can come to this one.
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