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Afternoon All,

Today I painted the Pennsy signs and then my son and I went to the range. He very recently bought the H&K VP9 (brand new) but it jams frequently which I find surprising. He just dropped it off at the seller and they are shipping it back to H&K. I guess there is a known issue with some of that model so it will be fixed for free. I decided to let the signs dry overnight and mount them tomorrow and then finish the landscaping around the tower.

I seem to be missing stuff in the forum like Garry's trip and the rail divots. I guess I need to pay closer attention when I read the forum.

Mark- I am very sorry for the loss of your sister. Prayers for your family.

Olie- What branch are you in and where are you stationed at? Thank you for your service. I retired from the Navy in 1995. I tried making a sacred sheet (4x8) while on active duty but there wasn't enough time in the day between the Navy, family with kids, college and being a Scout Leader. Hopefully you will have more luck than I did.


I hope everyone has a good night.


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Mighty quiet in here tonight..[?]

Well, now that my track repairs have finally been completed, I spent the afternoon and evening re-staging all the trains for the op session. No more rehearsal runs planned - if any random derailments occur, I'm sure the operators will be able to handle them!


"retired" conductor
Mighty quiet in here tonight..[?]

Well, now that my track repairs have finally been completed, I spent the afternoon and evening re-staging all the trains for the op session. No more rehearsal runs planned - if any random derailments occur, I'm sure the operators will be able to handle them!
When Ken, when?
Good morning everyone. 26 and cloudy here in SW MO, hitting 33 later. we dodged a potential ice event last night but they're calling for a 40% chance of ice/freezing rain later today. The roller coaster goes on!! Need lots of coffee to ride this one out. Rain through Saturday, then several sunny days in the 50s - - I hope it's the light at the end of the tunnel and not an oncoming train!!

Garry - MBH is tolerant of my model rr addiction, actually appreciative that I have a hobby (like you said) - - but I am careful not to leave her alone too long, so I come up from the depths to spend time with her in the kitchen, or reading, or watching tv together.

In between work, a dental appointment, and an insane pouring rain yesterday, I picked up plywood for the benchwork of the expansion section of the layout. Didn't have time to screw it down - that's next. Will post photos of that and the completed firehouse if I ever remember to take a camera down to the train room :p

Have a good day everyone.


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Good Morning All. 32° and raining with occasional freezing rain. Not sure what is happening out on the roads because I don't have to get out. I will walk out there in a little bit so I can report back to my wife before she has to leave for work. The fact that the last three days had temperatures in the 70's may preclude any icy conditions. Chet told me that he was sending this weather my way...thanks - not. While not much rain has fallen this morning, I did receive 2.25" yesterday before sunset. At midday yesterday, my pond was still empty as everything has been soaking in and not running off. I should have re-checked after one particularly heavy downpour around 4 pm. Warm temperatures will return Friday.
Out in the train shed, I continued wiring and connecting feeders; there's probably 28 pairs of feeders in this 16" x 20' yard area. Feeders are cheap uninterrupted power source insurance to me! I also completed all of the track connections at the east end of the yard. The end is near as far as main line trackwork is concerned. All that remains to be completed are two 6' sections of main and passing siding that will be on the removable bridge across the entryway. Golden spike time! Still to come though, are two large 2' x 24' areas that need all of the auxiliary track laid, as well as three smaller switching districts that need to be completed. Still doodling on the scratchpad for these five locations.

Olie - You will spend a whole bunch of time on the various forums in the beginning, but that will pass with time.
Garry - Have a safe trip to Arizona. You will pass through some unpleasant weather that's moving east in the next day or so. Be careful out there.
Chet - 14' snowdrifts in the front yard! No way for me! Good thing that you have the proper equipment for stuff like that.
Dave -
Doesn't one of the model railroaders 10 Commandments state; Thou shalt not have more than one hobby?
While that might sound like Utopia, working on the layout eight hours a day just makes it like having a job all over again. LOL I do gardening, walking, cooking, outdoor photography and music historian among other things.

Just got back from my hike out to the road, no ice to report but the neighboring wheat fields have quite a coating of ice. Found another 1" of rain in the gauge from overnight. That's 4.25" since Saturday.
Everybody have an awesome day.



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Good morning. Not as cold this morning at only a -5. Took this shot yesterday when we got uo to a toasty +12. Ken D&J, send some of that warm air up here.


Still need a hot cup of coffee and a sweet roll.

Curt - Like the Pennsy signs. Waiting to see them mounted on the building.

Ken in MD - Sounds like you are ready to go for your op session. If there are any derailments, the crew should be able to handle it, but I'm sure that they'll let you know about it.

Willie - I wouldn't even think of venturing out on the roads with freezing rain. I'm sure that the train shed would be a nice place to hibernate.

Here's a rail picture for today.

panhandle_tracks_bw.jpg No divots in these rails either.



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Howdy U'all!
36 to start with going to only 56 - cloudy sky with no rain forecast.
Miserable day yesterday - $700+ on the car with more to come ... should have broke down and bought a new one.
Possibility of replacing the catalytic converter before it will pass the smog test - I put it at 98%!

Not a happy camper today - AND I have to pull out the old dishwasher this morning as the new one is being delivered between 11am and 1pm.

Hope everyone's day is better!

Willie - we need some of your rainwater?
Good morning, back from the Nuclear Stress Test. One undeniable conclusion, I do have a heart. :rolleyes:

Another beautiful day with temperatures in the '70s.

Sherrel: Comes a time where you have to let the moths out of your wallet. :rolleyes:

Rev. Billy Graham passing at 99. That's a full life. He was a captivating speaker.

Actually watched some morning TV while waiting to be called back for test phases. Those people are nutz!
Afternoon All,

Finished up the tower and landscaped around it. I also starting planning the next project (scratch built freight house).

Ken- Best wishes for your operating session. I wish I lived closer to you.

Joe- I hope your tests come out OK.

Sherrel- Ouch! It sounds like an expensive couple of days.

Chet- Thank you. That's way too much white stuff for me. Your rail photo reminds me of the Southwest part of the country.



I hope everyone has a good night.


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Willie - I wouldn't even think of venturing out on the roads with freezing rain. I'm sure that the train shed would be a nice place to hibernate.
Chet - The freezing rain all day did nothing to the roads, thankfully. After three days of 70°+ temperatures, everything that hit the ground melted immediately. The problem is the trees. With the wind and freezing rain, the branches are covered in ice and drooping badly. A trip to the train shed is treacherous in two ways, the steps are covered in ice, and our "Biblical tree" that offers us "sacrificial limbs" shed a number of them today, including at least three that are still hung up in the tree waiting to drop on me. I had to take the long way to the shed on the west side of the pool rather than walking under that tree. Temperature remained barely above freezing all day and is expected to rise slightly overnight.

Curt: Nice!

Cardiologist called me this evening, everything is fine, just need to watch the Cholesterol, and loose some weight. He confirmed, I do have a heart. :rolleyes:

Made it to 80 this afternoon, fantastic, won't be so nice tomorrow, 45 and rain for the next couple of days.


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Good morning gents,
I just spent the last 3 hours fixing my grandfather clock.
Had to put one of the weight chains back in.
God what a pain. I won't pull up a chain without a weight on it ever again.
Took me 3 days to figure this out.

It's 62 now and heading to 80 according to the WC.
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