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Good Valentines Day Morning Everyone. It's also Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Mardi Gras is over. 44° and foggy this morning, forecast has been revised with the afternoon high reaching 75° today as well as tomorrow. They've also backed the rain projection to Saturday...still calling for a whole week of showers though. Today I'll be adding bone meal, wood ashes and compost to the remainder of the garden before the rain, in preparation for the upcoming next round of planting.
Trainwise yesterday, I continued to clean old flex and lay track in the yard. Didn't make much progress because I started to run a few trains (under the guise of testing track) and couldn't stop. What could really go wrong with two parallel 18' sections of relatively straight track? Nothing that I found! Of course I really didn't need to run them over the other 140' (many times) just to test that 18', but!!! And testing on the lower level really wasn't needed either. Not enough progress to warrant photos yet. Note to all - Those SD40-2's from Scale Trains are really nice runners, right up there with Athearn Genesis and Kato's at about 25% less cost than the Kato's. I am really happy with the purchase that I really didn't need.

Justin - My apologies if I mis-interprating your original post, but still, take it easy. You don't need to work to the point of frustration, after all this is a hobby and you're supposed to have fun. I definitely do agree that getting it right is the best course of action. You have already alluded to that many times.
Mark - That's better news regarding your wife. I still send best wishes for her (and your) health. Wow! +15° Time to get the shorts and tee shirts out! Weather - yeah! I do put up with four months of 90°+ temperatures, usually hitting triple digits on at least 20 days, but I never have to shovel heat off the driveway. And the pool is usable for four months normally.
Sherrel - Your aircraft story was just great. Even though that one was a cargo flight, it does make me glad that I didn't fly much when you were flying those big birds though. Sliding off runways, dropping engines on Montana, etc. Good news on the Big "C".
Toot - Is it humidity or drool?

Everybody have a great day.



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Good morning gang!
Happy Valentines day, Ash Wednesday, & happy hump day! ;)
All this in the middle of flu season!
This leads to the thought for the day:
Don't kiss your honey when your nose is runny, you might think it's funny but its snot! :cool::D:rolleyes:
Good morning everyone. 46 and drizzly here, hitting 64 this afternoon. Chance of rain for the next few days, including snow on Saturday. We've been in a drought, so this helps. My blood is in a drought, too, so time for a big hot mocha and a chocolate croissant to dunk in it, please, Flo!!

Not much to report from the train room. The Barbershop structure is almost finished - just have to drill a hole to mount the barber pole. The firehouse remodel is making progress, too. I looked on the base of it and the sticker is still there - I paid just five bucks for it at my LHS consignment sale last year! Anyone know where I can find scale firehouse items? MBKlein doesn't have much like that.

Speaking of MBKlein, my latest order should be in by the end of the week. Flextrack, roadbed, turnouts, a couple of structure kits, some electrical supplies. Rarin' to go.

Have a good day everyone.
Willie: A good test of any system involves testing the whole system. You did the right thing.
Karl: Face palm and groan, funny, but groan.
Johnny: Sounds like Richmond weather is a lot like MO weather for the next couple of days. Better than that bitter cold stuff from early Jan.

Getting the last couple of ideas on paper for my layout. I will post it here for the hints, tips, and laughs.


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Good morning. Up to a whopping 31 degrees to start off the day. A lot better than the goose eggs we've been having, but that means it will probably snow. Ken in MD, you are so right about wind blown snow being a PITA. Got the snowblower out yesterday to try to clear away the drifts blocking the south part of the drive and it whooped my butt. With ice underneath, there was little or no traction for the snowblower and I ended up having to shave off a few inches at a time. It is now clear to drive through but a little work with the blade on the tractor should finish the job.

- You may have started something with the I phone speakers. Sounded good.

Garry - For the most part, the B&O dining car will be stationary being used for a fine dining restaurant, "The Dining Car". I have a small building that will be set at the end of the car for customers to enter. It is at the end of a siding and can be taken out for special occasions if I choose. It does have a lighted interior so the section of track it sits i=on will be isolated and some voltage put to the tracks to light the car. Too nice a car not to use for something.

Louis must be busy as he hasn't checked in for a few days. The man i a workaholic.

A Bachmann track cleaning car showed up in the mail yesterday. Got it for $26 on Amazon. I find myself spending a lot more time running trains than working on railroad projects so I thought I might give this car a try. Is anyone familiar with this kind of car??? Hope it works.


Ken in MD - Terry is becoming out DCC guru. Glad you got things worked out.

Toot - Keep your humidity down there. Low humidity is what makes the cold weather a little more easy to deal with.

Willie - I see nothing wrong at all "testing" the new track. I can't count how many times I have gone down to the train room with all good intentions of getting a project going and just end up running trains. Guess that's what the layout was built for. You sure sound happy with those Scale Trains locomotives.

Here's a rail picture for today.

railroad tracks.jpg



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Good morning .....

Willie .... You sound very please with your SD40-2's .

Johnny .... Good to know you are making progress with the barber shop and the firehouse. Don't know what firehouse items you are looking for but there should be some firetrucks and firefighter figure available.

Terry ..... I listened to your brief video and the sound decoder seemed realistic.

Chet ..... I think the Bachmann track cleaning tank car is similar to the Walthers track cleaning boxcar. I am satisfied with my Walthers boxcar.



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Morning Fellers! 49 degrees going up to 65 today with high overcast. There are rain showers aloof but thet are off the coast. - doubyful they will move onshore. Report says 20% chance, however underneath that satement it says: Dry conditions will continue".
Same old same old!

Nice photos everyone! Terry - I really like that sound, you may have stumbled onto something good.

Garry - did you, per chance, get a new camera? You are giving us some really sharp, clear closeups?

Running, Running ... Spousal Unit says to work on taxes - bah, humbug! Maybe I will start?


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Did you get the rivet counter, or the operator? With or without sound? I fought the urge to buy a couple of the operator with sound in BNSF paint. Good to hear they are good runners. I’m sure happy with my tier IVs.


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Did you get the rivet counter, or the operator? With or without sound? I fought the urge to buy a couple of the operator with sound in BNSF paint. Good to hear they are good runners. I’m sure happy with my tier IVs.
My road, ATSF, is only available in the Rivet Counter model. No sound as I happily run DC only.

Good Morning Everyone....nice and warming up here. The project for today is using a snow rake to remove some snow from the house roof. Then, dinner with the Mrs.

Chet: Does that tack cleaning car from Bachmann have a pad under the frame? If it does, its like an A Line Masonite track cleaner which works very well. Sort of like John Allen's track cleaner. I love mine and they really work great.

Had a Pre-op physical yesterday for my eye surgery and everything when fine.

No modeling or train running.

Promised to do the second half of the basement storage project on Friday. The first half when great and it looks really organized and well kept. This is all in preparation to organize the area where I plan my new yard. Done to show the Mrs. how nice an organized basement should look!!!

That's all for now and out to the snow project.


Don't know what firehouse items you are looking for but there should be some firetrucks and firefighter figure available.
For what it's worth, all you really need is a photograph of the side and back walls surrounding the open bay door. like in making a shadow box. That takes of the visible through the door view. Pretty much any firetruck in the adjacent bay will fill that space. Athearn, makes decent Ford fire trucks and squad wagons covering the era from 1968 through 2000. The B cab Macks date from the late 1940s through the 1980s. Busch and Sylvan make American la France, and Seagrave, Walthers sells modern style generic trucks.

If you want to detail the second floor, you need a kitchen, dormitory, Lockers, and closets, and don't forget the brass pole using brass stock or even a thin plastic straw, painted brass color. Wander over to your local fire station, and ask them if you can take a few pictures.

My old Departments new 2018 Ladder Truck, photo courtesy IAFF Local 1400:
Ladder 82 02-07-2018.jpg


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JOE -- Do you know where that photo was taken? Very awesome bridge in the background!
That style truck is really all we need around here.

We have one of those long trailer models (with the driver in back) that goes around town two-three times a week blocking traffic!
Waste of taxpayer money in my book. There are not more than a half dozen buildings above 3 stories tall within 50 miles.
Afternoon All,

Had a bunch of errands today and after that I started some building planning. I think I am going to use brick sheets from Monster Modelworks for the build but I haven't decided for sure yet. I have lots of time to plan since I won't start building until April, since my discretionary funds are going to be tied up for our vacation in the middle of March. Tomorrow I'm driving up to see Jon and Phil.

Garry- Thank you.

Joe- Thank you. The kit paperwork states the tower is at East Deerfied, MA. The paperwork also states that there are 3 other similar towers but not their location.

Sherrel- That's pretty funny.

Terry- Great job on the sound.

Karl- Ouch.

Chet- Nice rail shot. I bit the bullet several years ago and purchased the brass CMX cleaning tank car. It does a really nice job.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Terrible news from Broward county. What makes kids do this stuff?
I don't understand.
Eric ... I don’t understand evil. It has been three weeks since the school shooting 25 miles from here. Nobody knows what possessed that killer.

Sherrel. ... my newest iPhone can take some clear pictures. That is mostly what I am using recently. I have 10 year old Nikon digital camera which I now use less often .... thanks for commenting


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Unbelievable prescription cost!!!
Went to get my rxs picked up. Zofran was going to cost me over $300. No way!
God have mercy. I'll do without and just keep puking. I did get the compazine however so that will help.
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