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I've quit buying games and toys for the g'kids. They bust up the toys so fast and don't ever play the games. Sweaters and p'jamas.
The last train stuff I got for my g'sons, they use em like race cars, on the carpet. Tore the couplers off when they snagged.
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Good morning.
It's raining and 40. Supposed to mix, and change over to sn*w later this morning. They are forecasting up to 2" of wet snow. You can't find a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk within a hundred miles of here...


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Good Morning All. A frosty 18° and clear skies here on this Friday morning. Weather Underground stations within a five mile range nearby are reporting anywhere between 15° and 22°; not that it matters much, it's still cold outside. Had to put on shoes to water the tree when I got up. That first freeze is 16 days later than average this year. Going up to 50° later today and 70° for Sunday and Monday. Shopping trip yesterday went well, no mishaps. Used my Kroger gas points to buy gas at 60¢ off per gallon. Incredible! Filled up my wife's Acura RDX with premium grade for $2.00/gal. Regular at the same place is $2.15/gal before discount.

Out in the train shed, I put the finishing touches on the small memorial park located in the center of the small town business district that I have been working on.
12-07-17 003.JPG
The aerial view was too blurred to post.

Thanks for the comments regarding that small cityscape, Johnny, Chet, Garry, Curt, and anyone else that I may have missed. I already have ten structures ready (well except for curtains) including two Merchant's Row kits, for most of that blank area. My first step though, is determining whether or not I want to add a grade crossing there. I really don't like making them and my engineers really don't like interacting with them.

Johnny - Oh my! Rookie mistake. Never refuse a train room purchase from your wife. Always display them prominently afterwards and she'll continue. Regarding the streets, like Chet posted, adding parking lanes does indeed eat up some real estate, but adds to the realism. On that section that I posted, that entire part of the town is on an add-on piece of plywood that I attached to the corner of the upper deck. I did so because I wanted more than just a line of structures along the edge. I have that elsewhere. Sort of like having track go "through a scene" rather than "by a scene"
Terry - Unless one is in the big city, parking meters are pretty much absent in the area that I loosely model. I have seen them though, but I cannot remember who makes them.
Chet - Nice historical photos.
Garry - I can look at your pictures over and over and still get inspiration.
Eric - It's so good to hear about your return to normalcy in GA. I hear you in regard to the trainroom. I did three different layouts in my old trainroom as practice to the one that I am working on now. We learn new and better stuff as we go along. Too bad the new gun cannot really be used for flea control!
Sherrel - If you're still out there, be safe. I see where Temecula is in a danger zone from the current fires. Prayers for all out there that may be affected.

Everybody have a great day.



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Good morning. 18 degrees to start off the day with a high expected in the mid 30's this afternoon.

Justin - Impressive photo. Nicely done.

Willie - That town is coming along nicely.

Sherrel - I hope you are safe from those wild fires. Not quite in your area, but they're moving all over southern California.

Curt - The water tower is really coming along nicely. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see in on place on your layout.

Eric - Nice pea shooter. Enjoy it. Those snowflakes aren't going to hurt you.

Joe - My dad did let loose with some stories, especially after I decided to jin the Navy. I don't think he scratched the surface. After reading the history in DANSF years after he passed away I was amazed. , they seemed to be in the middle of some big battles in the Pacific. 11 battle stars is quite an accomplishment. Quite the old war horse.

Doesn't look like much will get done on the trains this weekend. I found out last night that my wife volunteered me to install a laminate floor in one of our friends from the bowling leagues home. Would be nice if she checked with me first.

Here's a rail photo for the day.


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Good morning .... 25 F here.... I'll have hot coffee please.

Curt .... Praying your daughter is okay. .... Your water tank is looking fantastic.

Curt, Willie, and others thanks for commenting on my photo.

WIllie ... I like your memorial park with its statue.

Justin .... That is a nice photo of your layout.

Eric ... I'm glad to hear you have good friends there.

Chet .... I like that photo of the day.


Here is an SD7 switching stock cars at the meat packing plant.



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Wow it's really coming down outside.
Of course now the satellite is dead on the tv.
You may have snow on the dish. We had that problem and moved our dish from the roof to the porchwhere we could easily clean the snow off of the dish. Doesn't take much to stop the signal.
Good Morning All....clear and cold here with snow later in the evening...just 1-2 inches, nothing like Chet's recent's storm.

Curt: Hope everything goes well will your daughter at the ER.

Chet: Do a couple boards a day and I guarantee you that this will be your last away from home DIY project. Be sure to have your wife come along as your assistant on each trip. Seriously, we know you'll good a good job!

Terry: In a small town near my home when I was growing up, they decided to install maybe 20 parking meters along main street. One by one the meters were cut off and disappeared, never to return.

Trying to replace a section of flex track on the layout where I need to use an access opening to get to the track area. &^%$#@!)(. Fun. First fit the track then solder the joiners. My arms are too short.

At Christmas, my SIL's son, an electrical engineer and patent attorney, is coming over and he loves my layout. He's book smart, but I don't think he could wire an entire HO layout. But he likes my Milwaukee Northern. Working on making the layout work great since his new wife hasn't seen the layout or our house.

That's all for now.



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At Christmas, my SIL's son, an electrical engineer and patent attorney, is coming over and he loves my layout. He's book smart, but I don't think he could wire an entire HO layout. But he likes my Milwaukee Northern. Working on making the layout work great since his new wife hasn't seen the layout or our house.

That's all for now.

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