Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXVIII

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This is the new place. There's nothing like the smell of fresh paint--err, coffee...
Funny, the coffee tasted like paint sometimes! :rolleyes:

As terrible as the flooding is,it's quite wonderful seeing someone really taking it in stride.


He caught that fish bare handed faster than I can catch a guppy with a net!


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Terry .... Thank you for starting the new thread.

He caught that fish bare handed faster than I can catch a guppy with a net!
We had something similar happen this afternoon. An Asian carp jumped into the boat, and we had to pick it up and toss it out.


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Funny, the coffee tasted like paint sometimes!
That's just the smell of the 4000 YO Urn that was on the ARK!

It's 95 at 7 PM. Talked to a cousin in Beaumont this afternoon. He said it rained the hardest today that he had ever seen in 76 years. He is dry, but streets are flooded and business closed because people can't travel to get to work .. or shop!
Good morning all, welcome to the new guys......looks too be the same ol same ol for today, hot & dry in the west with forest fires, too much H2o in other parts of the country.
- Did the playa dry out enough for them to use this year? I saw pictures in early June where it was still covered in water.
Willie.....There was a meeting on July 21 with the BM organizers & the BLM and it was determined that the playa was OK to proceed with the event.

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You golden-tongued devil, you.
And I didn't even know it! :p

I don't know what ya did there Jerry, but it hurts my eyes to try to read all that.

Ken, Sherrel.....all one has to do is hit the submit button.......and there ya go, CRAP appears!
Actually, I think it's this Google Chrome. When I first got this 'puter, (WIN 10) I tried using Microsoft Edge as my browser and trying to compose a message on the forum? It didn't like that at all. A call to the Dell help desk, and an hour later, I've got Google Chrome as the browser. Their thinking was that Micro. Edge & this forum did get along because of the age of the forum. OK I says...( I don't know!)....In making this post, at about half way through, I hit the Go Advanced button, wrong move! I got a message that this page is unavailable and that Google Chrome had detected phone #'s, credit card can't go there sucker! sihhhhh! I just love how technology advances to the new & improved stuff....oooppss, now it's BROKEN! OK, I'll see what Internet Explorer does for me..... Rant done!
BTW, Terry..I like the new place......fresh paint, new coffee, err, new paint, fresh coffee.....nice!
If you use half-and-half instead of white latex semi-gloss, it might not taste so much like paint.

and sugar...I like all the artery hardener I can get....
Happy Hump Day to everyone........


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Good morning, everyone. Ahhh - - the smell of fresh coffee mixed with paint - it's music to my nose!? :confused: 62 and mostly clear here in SW MO. Sunny weekend coming up in the mid 80's, low 60's at night.

Not much new to report from the trainroom. Worked on wiring last night, extended the main buss another 16 feet, drilled holes and soldered power wires to the track. Another two nights of that and I'll be caught up.

Christmas in August - my latest MBKlein order arrived yesterday - mostly landscaping and scenery items, including a couple of structure kits. The local model rr club is holding a train show/sale in three weeks - we'll see if there're some things I need there.

Have a good day everyone.


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Good Morning All. 68° and mostly clear today, as far as I can tell. It's still dark as I type this. It appears that the rain has mostly moved off to the east of Houston now, a bit still on the eastern fringes. It's hammering Beaumont and Port Arthur now, as well as Lake Charles Louisiana. As is the case with many Texas coastal cities, there are oil refineries clustered there as well. They also have a history of hurricane survival, with three hurricanes and one tropical storm hitting the area between 2005 and 2008. Many grocery stores are opened again in Houston, almost fully stocked. I did note yesterday that gas stations along IH35 had raised their gas prices to $2.38/gal, (from $2.25), while the very rural one nearest me (6 miles) was still $2.12/gal for regular. Regarding oil refineries, The ones in Corpus Christi are ready to go, but they need oil to refine. All of their oil comes in tankers which cannot come into the port until the ship channel is dredged! Hurricanes bring a lot of sand with them in the storm surge. Prayers for all involved in all areas.
Out in the train shed, I almost finished installing the barbed wire fence around that cow pasture posted a couple of weeks ago. Next stop is the horse pasture next to it that was also pictured. However it's not going to be barbed wire; most horse pastures do not use barbed wire. It's to avoid nicking when (not if) the horses hit it. Their skin is much thinner than cows to begin with, and many of them are "show horses" as well. Their hooves just cannot handle Band Aid applications.

Ken (D&J) - Hopefully just a bureaucratic snafu regarding the eviction. Sounds like you have it well in hand though. Congrats on the laptop success.
Greg - A few of those signs around here as well as "Protected by Smith & Wesson" signs that are professionally made.
Curt - I would also venture to say that cell phones may have been a contributing factor in all of those accidents.
Exhibit Guy - Would that be exhibiting? Welcome to the Coffee Shop. You're probably right about the guy that stays, unless he is too addicted to trains to care!
Sherrel - At least it's a dry heat, hardly noticeable.;) Stay hydrated.
Joe - I like some light weathering as well. All of my cars get the dull coat treatment right after initial inspection and tune-up. I may not get around to the weathering for some time though.
Karl - Saw that video on the Weather Channel Monday. Very funny! Locally, they're playing some gator clips, as they're just as confused as anyone else. Authorities are just telling people to leave them alone, they'll leave with the water. They won't send anyone out unless they get into the house. How stupid would you have to be to let one in anyway??? If the door is gone, you should be as well.
Jerry - I use Firefox and have never had any issues.

Speaking of Houston and their relief/recovery efforts, some of you may have seen the story of "Mattress Mack", Jim McIngvale. He opened his two giant mattress/furniture stores as shelters for displaced residents; and used his delivery trucks to rescue people.

Jim and I were childhood friends and neighbors, and went to the same local Catholic church, grade school and high school together, in the same class. He originally founded Nautilus Equipment in the '70's and sold it and opened his furniture stores in the '80's. He and another classmate of ours in the Houston area throw yearly all expenses paid reunions for all of us and I have attended a few down there. Rather raucous affairs.

Everybody have a great day. Wednesday isn't it? I lose track!

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Good morning. Still quite a lot of smoke and it is 56 degrees. Here's a photo that I don't know if it is photoshopped or not, but thought I would post it. A new place hopefully had some good donuts.

I feel bad for the people that are trying to survive this storm. They are supposed to see the sun today, but there's so much water that it will take a lot of time for things to drain to the gulf.

Toot - Dirty Harry ???????? I was a cop at one time.

Tony - Thanks for checking in. You have a lot of friends here.

Karl - Not a normal place for fishing, that's for sure.

Sherrel - 95 degrees at 7 AM. Don't melt.

Jerry - I dumped Chrome years ago. Don't like Microsoft IE either. I prefer Firefox but they all probably have their problems. Chrome would automatically open a new search page about every 2 minutes.

Johnny - It is like Christmas when a package arrives from MB Klein. Good luck with the sale at the club.

Willie - That a nice story about your friend Jim. So many people and companies are doing what they can to help all of the displaced people. Saw a new segment where Boss Pro Shops sent down a bunch of shallow draft boats with motors to help out.

Here's my rail photo for the day.

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Good morning, clear and 63°. Our "minor" Tropical Depression #10, left 1.28" of rain. I cannot imagine 49" of rain like they had in Texas. Willie, our gas prices rose to $1.38/gal for regular, yesterday, so we are doing our part. Seriously, I feel for those who lived through Harvey, and I'm amazed that the reported loss of life is still rather low, considering the devastation. Now that the rain has moved off the Texas coast, the rebuilding can begin.

One of my Accurail kits, was for a NW 50' combination door boxcar, in the blue "Hamburger" scheme. Accurail included Oxide red doors. Since this was an older issue kit, with a very "faded" blue to begin with, I didn't bother to contact Accurail for replacements. I went on a search for photos of similar cars. Apparently, most photos of that era, were B&W, and many people did not photograph the hamburger blue cars, so most of what I found was 50s red, and 80s black NW scheme. So, I found one photo that appeared to have white sliding doors. Problem solved. Finished the car, last night. looks good considering.

I need to get the camera out and take a builders photo. The phone photo posts sideways.

I missed a great baseball game, last night, as the Orioles shut out Seattle 4-0. Dylan Bundy actually pitched the whole nine innings, using 116 pitches. That doesn't happen too often. In any event, the O's are still in the race for the post season.

Have a good day.
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Got a bit of a shock this morning. My younger son, Erik, posted a video message on Facebook from Dallas. It seems he flew there yesterday from his home in San Diego, and spent the day trying to find a way into Houston. Finally managed to hook up with a small group who have a boat and they're going down later, today. He spent the night at a house near the Dallas convention center, which is being set up as a shelter, and says that, at the moment, there's only news crews there, waiting to interview evacuees.

Let's see if this works:

This signature is intended to irritate people.
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Randy - Don't hesitate to ask any quiestions during the construction of the layout. We were all beginners at one point, and then there some of us that got hooked big time. There are a lot of experienced modelers here on the forum that can probably answer any questions you may come up with.


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Good mid morning to all.
Supposed to remain HOT for the next 4 days - all triple digits. Was 108.9 yesterday - they say 107 today. I learned a long time ago that anything over 106 really doesn't matter - after that it's just a number!

Gonna take the dogs for a walk before the sidewalks get steaming on their little paws .....

BTW -- never a problem with chrome ... Still do not know what the issue is with "vertical photos" loading sideways? I just won't make vertical photos anymore until I figure out why?

Later guys

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Caught that old Willie Nelson/Gary Busy pic "BARBARROSA"! A fun little movie, I did not know Willie could act, he did pretty good.


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Caught that old Willie Nelson/Gary Busy pic "BARBARROSA"! A fun little movie, I did not know Willie could act, he did pretty good.
Watched him and Kristofferson? in a "Walker type" movie a while back. Getting beat up, car chases, and shot at ... It was passable?
Good Afternoon All,

Did some chores then got dragged to Save-A-Lot by the boss. While I was out, I saw gas is on the way up and believe it or not WAWA is the most expensive in town. It's gone up about 10 cents/gallon on average so far. I started the rough drawings for the engine house I'm going to build. The old one is a two stall plastic Walthers kit that has a rectangle shape. I'm planning on building a wooden two stall engine house that is slightly wider in the back (wedge shape) and with a flat roof that slants to the rear. I also plan on putting in a "concrete" pad and bracing on the walls and ceiling. I hope it comes out as nice as I see it in my mind! I found the windows I will use (Tichy) but I need to figure out something for the front doors.

Boogietrain7- Who says it's hard to get a job these days!

Sherrel- But was it a dry heat?:cool:

Tony- Good to see you posting here again.

Jerry- I had a lot of issues with this forum and MS Edge so I switched to Firefox and have been happy with it.

Willie- You're probably right about the cell phones. I'm glad you escaped the flooding.

Randy- Welcome to the coffee shop.

I hope everyone has a good night.
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