Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXVII

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Thanks TERRY. Need to open the windows and air the joint
Oh heck, coffee pot aint been cleaned yet. I'll do it-Flo is busy.



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No, horn hooks were the new modern standard. Dark ages are when kits came with dummy couplers because each vendor had there own style of hook that didn't work with anyone else's. The Baker's were trying to become the standard.
What were the Baker's? ... I'm thinking of the one's with the metal circle - what were they called?

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Afternoon All,

It's so bright:cool: in the new diner. Just another hot day in FL today. Still no luck on getting my modeling wood in. I ordered 2 colors of Hunterline stain that should be in on Monday. We are watching the boys overnight for convenience (so daughter says). I think it's more for hers. No modeling to mention.

Phil- Your statement is correct.

Gene- Nice haul. There is a really nice shop in Sarasota (2 hour drive). I bought my first craftsman kit from them. I believe it's called Gulf Coast Hobby and Railroad. It has a pretty good selection of building supplies, lighting, electronics and Pennsy stuff also.

Chet- Nice pics. It's amazing what 1:1 trains can run on and the model stuff darn near needs perfect track to run.

Willie- In your neck of the woods wouldn't you age like fine tequila?

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Louis - Actually I don't think that you pissed anybody off yet with the latest discussions. At least not since Bruce (NG) took offense a few months ago. Some good-natured chiding has gone your way from all that I could tell. Garry said it all in post #966. But it is time to get back to basics.
I mentioned a few days ago that I was upgrading a Magnuson Models resin structure that I assembled many years ago. Here's a front and rear view of that structure. Had a few other photos that weren't any good. I'll get some more. So far I added roof details. dock details and signs. The smokestack came with the kit. These kits have some nicely detailed features in the molds, everything else has to be added.
08-03-17 002.JPG 08-03-17 005.JPG

Just to repeat, this kit is called V. F. Transfer Service. I did not add the dock roofs when I built it, I may at some point but I will make them out of styrene instead of the cardstock that was provided in the kit. This kit came out in 1981 or so. They had a whole series of "V.F." kits, which stood for Valley Falls, their version of "Plasticville". As I posted the other day, they were acquired by Walther's sometime, prior to 1990, who reissued many of their kits in styrene plastic instead of resin. Among them were "Bill's Glass House", "Don's Shoe Store", the "Gemini Building" and "Leviathan Manufacturing". They also had some of the original "Merchant's Row" kits. Walther's re-released some of them again recently with names like "Cristie's Pet Supply", "Jim's Red Owl" and "Flowers by Terry". There are certainly others that I may have forgotten or don't know about to begin with.
The original owners, Bob and Lynn Lunde, went on to create DPM and have since done something else with some of the Magnuson molds that they kept.
So much for today's model railroading history lesson. I'll get more pictures of this as well as some of their other models when I remember.



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Sherrel - You did describe the Baker couplers. I think I still have a couple of pairs in one of my parts drawers that were included with some really old wood box car kits.



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Sounds like we're going back into the dark ages of our childhood. View attachment 62633 You forgot horn hook couplers.
I use to modify the x2f
coupler . Trimmed the top and bottom, filed one side and it would stay hooked to a knuckle coupler. Still have a car or two with them on. My "DARK AGES" are 1991/1992. Actually 1994 when an article in MRR mag showed it. IIRC, was April,1994.



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Guess who stopped by for a couple hours. Super Glad to meet and chat with "the motorcycle king"!



Having all sorts of computer problems: 1...Don't ask me why the photo loaded sideways
2...I cannot "right click" and get the dialog to move an email photo from email to a photo file?
(as I have always done before)
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Willie .. I really like that structure! It has great character. I guess that I have never really thought about it before, but:
WHAT is the difference between styrene and resin? Anyone?
Willie: Nice structure. Hope your rebuild goes well. I have three Magnuson kits still to build. They are Merchant's Row 1 and 2, and the White Castle. The Merchants Row buildings will end up as background buildings, the White Castle, who knows.

Louis: Looks like a Rain Delay in Baltimore, MLB TV shows 2-0 Detroit in the top of the first, two hours ago. Tillman looks like the new Uberto though. MLB Network is on a Red Sox kick.

Sherrel: I thought you were describing Mantua Couplers. But Baker Couplers also fit the description. Funny thing about X2F couplers, each manufacturer made them slightly different, so they wouldn't work interchangeably. Roundhouse made large white metal versions, wile Varney's were soft warped plastic. Athearns were the best, as I recall, but none were all that good, except "Rail Line".

Today, was much calmer, Molly the cat is just constipated. Cost me 500 bucks to find that out :confused:. Leaking sink fixed, and lawn cut. Also got to bank. Started working on a Accurail NOPB box car. Been a while since I worked on a kit. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to