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Good Morning All. 80° and clear with no wind. It's unusual for us to have no wind. Sure made for a sweaty walk this morning. Grandsons are still here with us, they go home later this morning. There's nothing like stepping on a "Matchbox" car in the dark with bare feet. Broke the tractor again yesterday. This time it's a wheel bearing on the opposite wheel from the tie rod recently. New one will arrive in a day or so.
Out in the train shed, I did some more work on my "rehab" project. I added sidewalks, steps, railings and some roof details to it. The railing is made from some .040" and .020" Evergreen rod. The step railing came from a ladder/stairway detail kit I acquired a few years ago.
7-18-17 005.JPG 7-18-17 006.JPG

Thanks to all who commented on the "Green Door Lounge"; Dave, Garry, Chet, Joe, and any others that I may have missed.

Sherrel - Really nice looking steam engine.
Eric - No picture of the reefer. I think that most roof doors went in the corners, opening to the ends of the car. Louis is not the early bird that he once was now that he has a job.
Everybody have an awesome day.



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Good morning. 57 degrees to start off the day, but it is supposed to get up into the low 90's by later this afternoon. Guess it will be A/C in the bedroom tonight. Having to keep the rain birds busy also.

Eric - You sure seem to be a busy guy. Do you have any photos of the reefer so we can figure out what's up? Glad to see you busy with model railroading. Good therapy. I hope the problem you are having deminish as time passes. I have a couple of friends who have gone through chemo and had similar problems but as time passed,they did subside. I did not take any of the track photos I have been posting. Just ran across a number of them and have been using some of them for wall paper on the computer and my phone. Thought it might be nice to pass them along.

- Nice photos. I have a lot of work like that to get doen. Some day.

Here is a closer photo of the Checker cab I picked up. As Garry mentioned, they are nicely done.


I was checking out all of the passenger cars that I would like to take over to the model railroad club next Saturday night and put together a train of mixed Northern Pacific cars. I do have more cars in the Lowey paint scheme, but the single F-7 in the lowey paint scheme does not enough power t pull the grades at the club, sp a pait of FP=7 in the older pine tree paint job will be used. I do have a few more cars in the older paint scheme, but some have plastic wheels and I can't find the 36" passenger cars wheels that I know that I have somewhere. Also there is an issue with te coupler height on some of them, along with some having truck mounted couplers which I hate.


Don't need the train coming apart during an open house.

Here's another rail photo. Can't believe that they actually would run a train on tracks like this. The engineers seat must have a pooch make on it the size of a traffic cone.


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Well fellers,
I'm going all in once again.
No I ain't going to blow my scant wad like that FNG did.
I have been buying some stuff that comes in large cardboard boxes.
Of course I'm saving those in case I do another mountain. I don't know.
Doing that mountain I did build in GA wasn't so bad doing. I think it came out mighty decent.
Whether or not I build another mountain is up in the air for me right now.
Then again....... ;-)
We'll see what happens. I really don't have anything solid in mind.


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Good morning ...

Chet ..... I have two of the Athearn Checker Taxi Cabs. Nice models for sure.It reminds me of when I lived in Kalamazoo where Checker Motors was located. ... I like your passenger train photo. ..... With you last photo I was thinking of making a joke about that being the latest government high speed rail project. However, I do recall seeing some very bad track when I was with GTW and PC was going out of business. We considered acquiring some of it. Finally, we did acquire track at Saginaw, Bay City and Midland which had coal trains. The track was not quite as bad as your photo, but it was bad for sure. I saw some ties where the rails broke though them.

Willie ... It's good to see you are including details on your buildings.

Eric... I can't see your photo. When I clicked on the link, it said invalid. I don't think cardboard is the best material for mountains. See if you can get some foam insulation boards. That could be another item you might be able to obtain where houses are being built.


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Morning Fellows,
Made it to 6 am this morning, but it was not a very restful sleep - seemed to toss and turn most of the night.
70 degrees outside and headed towards 88 they say.
I have a Doctors appointment today in Moreno Valley (Kaiser wants to be sure that I use ALL of their facilities and not play favorites).
This will eat up at least 1/2 of my day and then I will be too tired to do much else by the time I return home.

ERIC -- Blame everything on the Chemo! It's a good excuse ... mostly true! Took me a long time to start feeling like a human again.

Willie -- Very nice work on the lounge - and everything else too. How is your wife getting along with her "talking machine"? I guess that you haven't been replaced YET!

Better get moving a little: Thanks for all the kudos on the 2-8-0. Don is a master at customized brass locos. I have never sen anyone with his talent.


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morning all, it started a comfy 63 this morning, but we are headed for 88 and steam.

Willie--what creates the texture on the roof of your structure in post # 521? It looks really good!

Sherrel-- that is some really nice work you are posting, love it!!!

Chet-- concerning the track photo, I would expect some tension between the locomotive engineer and the maintenance engineer that prioritizes track work.

Eric-- I love it how you always have a project going on!

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Didn't post yesterday because I wasn't feeling well, but I'm fine today. Worked outside today for a couple of hours on yard stuff. Did I mention it was really hot? Tomorrow I'm driving up to meet with Jon and Phil.

Willie- Very nice first building and excellent job on the lounge.

Chet- Nice looking cab. Great track photos and I like your passenger train.

Sherrel- Thank you. Great looking consolidation.

Garry/Gene- Funny video.

Gene- I have 2 large tool boxes on wheels that I got from Sears to keep most of train tools and supplies (no cars or locos).

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Good afternoon, Warm, 91 degrees.

Eric -
Bored? With all of the work that you've done building kits? And a darn nice job on top of all of the problems you have. You've gotten more model railroad project done in the past couple of weeks than I have in months. More power to you buddy.

Garry - I'm open to trying some of that moonshine. I do have a bottle of Montana moonshine in the cupboard.

Gene - That would make one heck of a model railroad work station. Cool (I can't sew either)

Sherrel - If he ever wants to donate one of those consolidations to a worthy cause, I'll send you my address.

Here's another rail photo. Sure wonder how this came about.


Gotta get home and move the rain birds again, .............................Later


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Chet .. Here is a photo, and I know what happened. It was the Nashville flood of 2010. The photo was taken in Lebanon, TN on the Nashville and Eastern Railroad. The 2010 Tennessee Flood caused 31 deaths in TN, KY, and MS, and it was described as a 1,000-year flood. ... It resulted in high water here at the lake with water level approaching our house.

Everyone, ... Several of you have posted in the MR Forum. You might like to know "Inch" has terminal cancer. ... "Inch" and his wife (he calls her "Mother") visited here a few years ago to see the 3 layouts here at the lake. ... You may wish to post again in the Diner to show "Inch" you care.
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