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Good evening, y'all. 73 and sticky. It's summertime at the Jersey Shore!

Louis: O's 3-1 over Texas, Bleier the win, Brach the save. Tillman, 6 innings, 95 pitches, 1 Run allowed, 3 Ks. Smith HR. Machado, 3 for 3.

I watched the Nats win this afternoon (6-1), on MLB Net, (MASN DC).

Talk is O's sell, some fan talk sending Britton to DC for prospects. Most O's fans blame Peter Angelos for the mess, and they may be right. Not 4 Nothing, I didn't watch any games Sunday, but the box score wasn't pretty. One name stood out to me, Ubaldo... the rest of the bunch wasn't much better. The cubs couldn't even beat the Mets! At. best, the O's need a new pitching coach, an new hitting coach, and a starter. They need to unload some garbage contracts, and under achievers. What's Chris Davis done all season? Trumbo? Castillo? Machado's hitting ability has gone into hiding, although his fielding is top notch. Tillman? Perhaps he came back too soon, He may as well stayed out for the season. A complete rebuild, isn't necessary, but a new direction is. Buck looks shell shocked every time the camera pans on him... Tonight was better, but has the horse left the barn?

Boris, thank you, it's so nice to hear from a baseball fan with some sense! These talking heads and talk show callers are driving me insane. I really feel bad for Buck.

Your right they are saying trade Britton, but as usual they are like what your hear coming from the white house, people talking about something they know nothing about! We can't trade Britton, he is still recovering and has no value. He is on a 1 year 11.4 million contract. Who is going to pay him that kind of money to be a middle reliever? Even the Yankees have become more frugal than that.

They are also talking about trading Machado, when he is in the midst of his worse season? He value right now is half of what it can be. He is on a pace to hit 30 homeruns, but has been very inconsistent at the plate.

I'm not pleased with Davis or Trumbo, but Davis has suffered a hand/wrist injury and Trumbo is among the team leaders in hits and average with runners in scoring position. Granted Trumbo's power numbers are down. Big swing power hitters are streaky by nature. Davis will do better as his strength returns and Trumbo is giving me reason for hope because he has done a good job of situational hitting and is hitting to the opposite field.

The good news about Ubaldo? It's the last year of his 40+ million dollar contract. I'd pitch him every 5 days too. If nothing else he can give the bullpen a break. I would have him pitch at least 7 innings or 120 pitches every time out. He needs to throw more fastballs. The hitters are sitting on his off speed stuff waiting for him to hang one. Have you noticed how many balls they hit to the opposite field against him? That is a dead giveaway they are not looking for fastballs.

Miley... I don't know how Buck keeps from screaming at him! He gets ahead in the count than throws balls 6+ inches out of the zone, big league hitters won't chase that. Next you know it's 3-2 and he is getting hit hard or walking the hitters.

The Cubs are loaded with talent, I don't know why they are a 500 team. I guess Madden is not a genius. Keep your eye on the Cubs. They have too much talent not to be in the hunt.

Tillman will be ok as long as he doesn't hurt himself more. Remember Palmer in 74? He stunk up the joint but when he fully recovered from his elbow injury he won the Cy Young in 75. I am not saying Tillman is Palmer, but he can be a work horse that wins 60% of his starts.

Stay tuned, it's only July! Speaking of 74, remember the birds were 10 behind the Red Sox and came back to win the division? They lost a closely contested AL championship to the A's 3-1 but the A's were pretty good. They went on to defeated the Dodgers 4-1. With the exception of the Red Sox all of those teams had great pitching.


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Good Morning from the West Coast! It's 65 and headed towards 88 for a high today.

Wierd sleep pattern last evening/night, but my disposition has improved to the better side.

cHET .. The Checker cab looks real nice. Fits right in the scene.

Eric .. Bolster/ side frame? You're talking like a newbie! lol

Johnny .. Really like you're progress. The station looks real neat, and your scenery is comong along nicely.

Curt .. Like the tower! I keep trying to get some nice pic of the MISSION TOWER just at the entrance to Union Station, but it sneeks up on me, or I don't have my camera in the right position. Not giving up!


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Another loco emerges from the West Pacific Shops of Don Worth.

Quote: Had a Hallmark 1306 2-8-0 sitting waiting for some attention and decided to work it over and make 1335 from it.
New doghouse, moved the bell to smokebox front, big sand dome and other detail. Right now I'm tweaking the Tsunami 2 to my liking.

Frisco 1335.jpg


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Sherrel - That is one sweet looking little locomotive. A nice chunky consolidation. I think that they are probably my favorite steamers. Also glad that you are in a better mood. Trans are good therapy.

Here's another quickie track post. Grin.gif

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Howdy everybody.

Willie ... The building looks great.

Chet... is that an Athearn Checker? ... They are very nicely made.

Sherrel .... I like the 2-80 .

Everybody ...

This Lionel scene in an old movie "People Will Talk" is very funny !... LOL

See Gene's post for link

Edit .... This You Tube version cuts out out the funniest part in which thee men argue over who caused the crash. ....I watched it on FB... I can't figure out how to get that version posted here from Face Book. The name of the FB page where it was posted is "Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad".
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Out in the train shed, I completed "The Green Door Lounge" yesterday, but left the camera card outside.
For a little extra ambiance, you can view/ download the classic '70s porn film "Behind the Green Door" for free, off YouTube of all places.

And you know at least one of you will. [emoji48]

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Good Afternoon Y'all. 89° hot and humid.

Louis: A discussion on the O's being a seller, FWIW:

I don't have a lot planned for today, so I may work on my model railroad projects. Need to find a large cardboard box, since my Reading freight station is too big for my paint booth.

Sherrel: Nice 2-8-0, Real Nice.

Get a chance to look at the videos later. Gotta Go!


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Good Afternoon All. OK, I finally retrieved the card from the camera and here are the photos. To reiterate, this is a laser-cut wood structure from Blair Line called "The Green Door Lounge". I haven't been there, but apparently Beady has!
7-18-17 001.JPG 7-18-17 002.JPG
7-18-17 004.JPG 7-18-17 003.JPG
No weathering yet until I determine the surrounding area, concrete, asphalt, gravel etc. Still needs a little touch-up paint as well. Not visible to the eye, but visible in the photos.

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Good afternoon, 84 and off/on rain today. This morning there were about 30 frogs and one mouse swimming in the pool just below our deck.

The pool worker was out there but only took out the mouse, I wonder how long it will take for the chlorine to kill the frogs. seems a bit cruel to me, I suppose I could have gone out there and done something about it.

My wife's blood pressure was up yesterday, better today but she refused to lay off the coffee this morning. She expects the pills to do everything.

Willie--the tavern looks really nice!!!!

Everyone have a good day!
Louis: FWIW:
BTW: As of right now, the Birds are on a tear, 10-1, bottom of the 5th. Bundy has 87 pitches so far, might make it through the 6th. Is Texas that bad? Or, are the Birds re-motivated?
I'm all for replacing the General Manager...

Willie: That's a nice saloon. good work.

Dave: WTF is wrong with the pool guy? Frogs gotta go also. BP is pretty much regulated by the pills, and how they are taken. Coffee really isn't that much of a factor. My wife was taking 2 separate BP meds, without good result, until the doctor had her take the meds 12 hours apart. Now she's well regulated. Still drinks her two coffees in the morning.

Chet: That's Main Line Track. Nice photo.

Garry: Nice Taxi, and a fun video...

Now back to the game.


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Eric .. Bolster/ side frame? You're talking like a newbie! lol
yeah I know. I'm sure your'e joking about that. The honest truth I think all that chemo and radiation screwed me up worse than I figured.
Short term memory for sure.
Possible sleep waking as well. Sometimes I'll waking and needing some tool and can't find it. I'm religious about putting things right back where they were when I'm done. However recently, stuff I do find is nowhere near anything I'm doing. Or it might be a tool I'm not really using at all that gets lost. And, no I don't have anyone around here to borrow stuff and don't return it.
I pretty much slept the entire day today. Did I mess anything except the sunshine?


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Peg boards: Can someone tell me what this hook item is?
I've never seen anything like. Sure can't figure out what to do with it.

PS, I forgot the pic:

SqBox_1.jpg SqBox_2.jpg
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Need help/advice on a older reefer car.
The instructions said absolutely narry a word about the roof doors and/or where they are mounted.
I found a picture somewhere about it.

here are pics of it.
Please advise me about how the doors should be.
Also notice the details of the bracing underneath. It's just a length of thick black string but certainly sets it off.
Nothing like the detail my buddy William (L&N Castle) has under his award winners. He did some mighty dam nice pieces and brought them to my house with Carey/CJ one afternoon.

Anyway, let me know about these doors and where and how to put them on.


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Where's Louis?! Haven't talked to my early morning Bud in some time now.
If you are about we can try a phone. However, my speech was doing very well yesterday.
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