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Afternoon All,

Today I put the shingles on the roof. I really like the roofing material. I was going to weather everything but I got a call from Son-In-Law, and I'm going to be watching the boys for several hours. Going to the club tomorrow so I probably won't be on here.

Thank you to everyone that had kind words on my build.

Ken- Nice photo. That could almost be the prototype for the tower. I wish it was since it has more character than the one I'm building.

Terry- That was very nice of the driver.

Willie- I had a Uncle that lived in Ohio that always had a huge garden.

Chet- Yep, it is the same one.I do like track photos.

Here's the roof. For some reason it appears once again that pictures are copying sideways although in my phone and desk top show the proper orientation.


I hope everyone has a good night.
Chet: The tornadoes we had hit at least five locations that I'm aware of and saw the damage. One tornado was above our cabin and woods. This tornado did a lot of damage just southeast of our property while on the ground. The rear woods had some damage where 6-10 large white pines (70 foot high plus) are leaning against their neighboring tree. One large pine next to the cabin had to be remove before it fall and hit a shed and then cabin - one $250 to use a crane and cut down and remove.

A friend of mine had 60 acres of managed woodlands completely destroyed by a tornado, likely the one that passed over head of my cabin.

Another friend was injured when a tornado hit his lake property home and the wind smashed a large plate glass window and the large pieces of broken glass cut his Achilles tendon. He called 911 while laying on the floor and it took the response team an hour and a half to arrive.

Smoking Pork: Since you guys are talking about grilling. I have a upright smoker and do pork roasts using a nice fatty pork roast and cook it in the smoker. I use charcoal and add wet apple wood and cook the roast at 140 degree for up to 10 hours. Yummy!!!

No model railroading for awhile. Going the cabin to do some R&R during a long weekend. My wife gave me a set of real and model railroad DVDs that I'll watch at the cabin. Lots of interest information.

Chet: Like your Owl on guard duty. I have one working on my rear deck 12 months out of the year. He keeps the Downy Wood peckers from installing holes in my wooded siding. Another Owl is on duty in the front woods to keep a Pileated wood pecker from destroying a large pine.

These are large birds and can do a lot of damage in a short time.

Finally purchased a Smart Phone. Was using a flip phone, but the carrier had bad service by my cabin. Out going calls were ok, no in come, I was lucky to receive and calls. Now, I had internet service at the cabin.

So much for my 2 cents worth.

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Good afternoon. I was going to try to get some prep work done for tomorrow. My son and his wife will be coming over to finish the front porch, but it's 95 degrees out. No prep work. Time for a cold one and veg out in front of the TV. We'll just get an early start tomorrow morning while it's still cool out.

Dave -
The massive 454. Guess you don't pass many gas stations. When I was building my '59 Impala I had so many people suggesting that I put a 572 crate motor in it. I wanted to be able to afford to drive the car and enjoy it. The Corvette C-06 motor with the 6 speed manual overdrive transmission worked out great. On a trip we took to the Florida Keys and the race at Daytona, we averaged in the low 30 mpg rance on the interstates and mid 20's in every day driving. Now bad for that big of a barge,. I built ti for cruising, not drag racing. A 572 was not needed.

Greg - Heard of flooding in Northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. You did dodge some damage from the tornadoes, hope you didn't get any flooding.

Ken in VA - Better get the Harley all tuned up for your trip. Hope you'll post some photos from the trip. Nothing like a good road trip.

One more rail photo and it's off the the fridge for a beer.




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Hello all, just wanted to check in and let you know I was still around. I've been busy working on my Craftsman Garden tractor trying to determine where the problem lay as it would start and run so I could drive it around but would die a while later. I finally realized it was the ignition coil and ordered another one that was a fair bit of effort to get to it as well as cleaning a number of things off, repainting a couple of things and then getting everything back on the engine and getting it remounted to the tractor frame. Lots of fun, but it runs great again as there is a fair amount of mowing to do of field grass that is 2.5 ft high and thick too. The tractor is an important piece of equipment around my country estate as it's put too good use for a number of things besides just mowing.

On top of all of this I've had to water the yard by hand for about 2 hours every day to keep things green. Time to get out and start watering again.

Needless to say, I haven't done any RR work as of late.

Take care and stay cool.
Good evening. Still 73° although I believe the rain is over. The cool weather is from the East Wind, off the Atlantic. Won't last though, mid 80s tomorrow.

Sherrel: You realize that there is a three hour difference between you and Terry, and two hours difference between you and Willie.:confused:

David: Good hearing from you.

Chet: That autumn rail photo, looks much like the Hightstown Secondary, (Camden & Amboy), between Jamesburg and Foresgate.

Louis: Take it easy. O's back at it vs. the Cubbies @ Camden yards, (Currently in Rain Delay).

Curt: Nice job on the roof. I must have missed the other photo, I'll go back and look. Photo loads upright, but narrows.


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Good evening everybody ....

Louis ... You have good thoughts about brining up children. We can add it is important to make sure young children do a lot f reading instead of watching TV, etc.

Curt .... The roof looks great.

Greg .... Sounds like very rough weather there.

Chet .... I like the photos you are posting.

David Trussrod..... Thanks for taking time to let us know you are okay.

Sherrelll .... Praying for continued improvement.

I'm sad to say my train friend, Dan, is back in the hospital. Not good news.


Below are iPhone photos of work in progress for scenery under and behind my new bridges. It is very slow work mostly because of non-model-railroad interruptions. I will do the foreground later, and I have several ideas for it.

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Another iPhone photo..... The Empire Builder consist was at the west end of my layout with no passenger units available for an eastbound trip. So, GP7's with a steam generator car are hauling the train. Here it is in Blackhawk, half way back to the City of Heartland. GN operated its GP7's long end forward.

Edit. I just noticed a handrail needs to be repaired on a GP7.

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I just got home from work less than an hour or so ago. I felt rested for the first time since the 4th of July so I worked 10 hours. Thank God for A/C in the van. The humidity after the brief and scattered thunder storms was crazy! I had to run the wipers even after the storm.

Boris I listened to the entire game on the radio, down 8-0, come back to tie only to lose in the 9th, that stings. I'm proud of my birds, but 10 left on base, that was the deciding factor. We have to do a better job of situational hitting.

Garry I forgot to mention books, that is another thing I allow in their bedroom. Right now it's R.L. Stein's Goosebumps books they are reading.

Lots more great posts, but I am to tired to reply now.

Have a great night Everybody!


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Good morning gang,
73 and cloudy, going to 87. Good day to take care of projects in the basement. 1 display case is lit with LED rope lights that the plastic rope has yellowed considerably. Gonna replace it with 12 volt tape LEDS.
Gotta catch up on posts to. I'll be back later.


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WOW ... Must be some sort of a record for me as of around here lately!
Made a few stops for various things yesterday on the way back from Dr. appointment - including a shopping trip down the aisle at Costco. Afraid that I overdid it somewhat as I was very, very tired by the time I pulled into the driveway and it was just difficult to get the "booty" into the house, refigerator, and freezer.

Long story short ... The last time I saw on the clock by the bed was 7:19 pm. The next time I remember seeing was 3:25 am. That looks about 8 full hours in my book. Thanks, I needed that!

CHET ... wife has been calling me that for years! I think it started about the time the first of her three daughters started driving!

Garry ... That is just so much detail that you are adding! You are giving your RR a real 'John Allen' look with that latest set of bridges. I just happened to be looking at a 60's era MR which has an article on Allen's bridges.

Everyone! ... Have to light a fire under the coffee pot ... back later ... it's gonna be a good day for a switch!


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Good Morning Everyone. 76° and mostly cloudy here today. Up until yesterday there was rain in the forecast; today it has been changed to mostly cloudy. There is rain however about 30 miles away in OK that appears to be moving in this direction. It also appears to be too light to be hitting the ground. I'll go out and open all of the car windows to entice it!!! Made a few more quarts of spaghetti sauce yesterday and almost wiped out the surplus tomatoes. From the looks of the plants in the garden, I will be getting about a half dozen a day for maybe ten more days.
Out in the train shed, I installed windows and assembled the walls of my latest structure build. It's moving slowly as I haven't been spending as much time out there as I would like. I wired another structure to the new lighting buss, and I have moved another one to the workbench to install lights. Nothing fancy, just an overhead bulb inside.

Sherrel - Post away early! I'm usually up around 4:00 Central time and reading, but I don't normally post until a few hours after that. Yep! Eight hours should do it. That's an early indicator of a return to normalcy. Now to shift your hours a bit to suit yourself. I personally like very early hours and go to sleep while it is still daylight outside. Wife chides me about that all of the time!
Chet - The owl looks frightening! But not nearly as frightening as those vultures that frequent my barn roof! They actually watch me in the garden. Waiting? I wonder!
Curt - The roof looks good.
Ken (D&J) - I know that you haven't left yet, but enjoy your trip. Be safe and watch out for the folks (there's lots of them) that don't pay any attention to bikes. Take some pictures for us, but not while driving.
David - Thanks for stopping by and letting us know that all is well. I was beginning to wonder. I can certainly relate to the "field grass" issue, as that's what it seems like around here sometimes.
Garry - That's some addition to the layout. I know that I saw bits and pieces of it, but don't recall seeing an overall view. Looks very good.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Good morning, America, how are ya? Finally getting some cooler weather, now if we could just get some rain to go with it! Up north, they got too much, down here, not enough! Oh well, means I don't have to now nearly as often. We've been eating locally grown sweet corn and tomatoes for the last couple of weeks. Looking forward to watermelons next!

Well I did it! I called Kansas City (Boilermakers national headquarters) and set up an appointment to sign my papers to start my pension and get my annuity! I need to contact Charles Schwab to get my pension started from Komatsu, then start looking for a job that will give me and my wife insurance. I plan to work until I start my Social Security at 66.

Hopefully, I can find a job that will be a little, OK, a lot easier on my body! One that will also let me be home instead of traveling for work. It sure has been nice having breaks between jobs and many times getting the whole summer off! Now, I'll have to get used to the daily grind again!


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Sherrel .... It's good to hear you had 8 hours of much needed sleep. However, it sounds like you have a case of jet lag. .... Thanks for commenting on the layout photos. John Allen? ... I'm not there yet.

Willie... Thank you also for commenting. I suppose I should show overall views of the layout some day.


Here is another view of my construction.

Have a nice Saturday, everybody.
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Was up late last night working on the video for my church's vacation bible camp. They would like to air it tomorrow morning. Been capturing video of all the activity this past week and others have been taking lots of picture. I'm compressing 1 1/2 hours of video and about 500 pictures into a 3 minute presentation of the weeks events. I've got about 6 more hours of work to do today then to get it posted for the church audio/video tech to upload it and place it into the que for tomorrow.
No trains today.


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HE says: Go For It ... "We're" Watching Your Back

Always enjoyed VBS as a youngster during my "small town atmosphere" growing up!
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Morning All,

Finished up the tower today and it's placed on the layout. I plan on running down to the LHS to peruse the paint then on to the train club. Tomorrow I plan on sitting down with the NESL (NE Scale Lumber) catalog and making up my wood order for the first scratch build.

CA Dave- Good to hear that the tractor is running OK and that you're doing OK also.

Joe/Willie- Thank you.

Garry- Thank you. I really like the bridge on the right hand side of the photo. Great passenger photo.

Louis- I just ordered a NWSL Chopper II from Amazon. You should deliver it then we can run trains.:D

Sherrel- You need to take it easy buddy, you've had several significant surgeries.


I hope everyone has a good day.


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Good afternoon, supposed to be steamy here this afternoon, maybe some storms breaking...

spent a couple hours this morning at the apple store. My iphone was eating up the battery, somehow the background apps were set to refresh every 30 seconds. I have no clue how that got turned on! Sometimes I think someone is back there pulling levers.

Garry--your layout looks great. No surprise, judging at all the photos

Chet--it is a big motor, but it really purrs. I don't drive a lot of miles with it, we have an economy car (Chevy Sonic) that does pretty good when it comes to gas, averages 32 city and highway combined (actual checked mileage).

Will be working on the depot this afternoon.

Curt: Tower C fits your scene like a glove. Well done!

Garry: Your project looks good. Trestle looks more impressive in this latest view.

HE says: Go For It ... "We're" Watching Your Back
Yea, why not. Happy you are up and about.

Ken (VA): That's quite a project you have.

Burlington Bob: Congratulations. Do the Boilermakers sponsor an interim healthcare plan, by chance?

Louis: I watched the game from the bottom of the second, through the end of the seventh. (Was on MLB Network). Shame they blew it in the 9th. I was kind of annoyed with Chris Davis, chasing very bad pitches :mad:. I was impressed with Mancini and Joey Rickard, and even Castillo had a HR. The pitching...well Bleier, O'day, Givens and Britton combined for 5 scoreless innings, but the Starter and the closer couldn't. :confused::mad:
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