Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXVI

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Good morning on the new page, everyone. time for a big cup of dark roast with a sourdough doughnut to dunk in it!! Ahhh - the day is looking better already!! 72, heading for almost 90 today. Nice and sunny, but rain for the weekend. Rats!

Beginning the benchwork on the remainder of the layout. Shouldn't take long, although building the part that circles a square post will be tricky. Got my MBKlein shipment in yesterday - lots of trees and other landscaping stuff, plus 5 late-50's cars. Made more progress on the passenger station. Occurred to me (DUH!) that I need to organize my large modeling area so I can work on 2 or 3 structures at the same time. BTW - several months ago I bought one of those clamp lights with a magnifying "window" to work on structure builds - best thing I've ever done for these aging eyes!!

Have a good day everyone.
Good Morning All. 76° and overcast today. Temperatures expected to return to the 90's today for the foreseeable future. Good news is that the pool temperature dropped to 82° Sunday/Monday and is slightly chilly but very comfortable...but that won't last long. Grandsons went back home yesterday afternoon so some peace will return to our home life. 3 1/2 days pretty much wore my wife out, I was able to escape to the solitude of the train shed, or do some chores in the garden.
Speaking of the train shed, I continued to paint windows and trim on a DPM structure that I started a couple of days ago. Installed the glass also. Now to find some appropriate pictures for the windows, and paint and detail the roof. May not work on it today as it is the day for the weekly grocery/beer trip to Denton, with extra stops today.

Terry - That's a real drag about the computer. Too bad Sherrel acted so quickly!
Greg – Good luck with the creeper, I know that you can do it.
Chet – You do know that I was just egging you on. You have stated many times that you are happy with the layout that you have.
Everybody have a great day.

Good morning, 66 and headed for mid 70's. Some wild weather in the area yesterday, nothing affecting us directly, however.

The oil pressure in our old suburban dropped to near zero yesterday, will be taking it in today. Head gasket leak or sending unit problem? will find out soon enough.

Everyone have a good one....


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Good Morning:

Heavy rain and storms last night. Looks like approximately four inches of rain...again!

Looks like I solved my dirty track problems that I had in certain areas. Used the alcohol as a spot treatment, followed by a Masonite pad cleaner and then applied ATC track cleaner using my Center Line cars. Ran an DCC w/sound ALCO with 13 cars in tow for over an hour and not a problem.

Yesterday, ran a loco on yard tracks that haven't been cleaned in months, but also didn't see any traffic. Just the Masonite pad and the loco worked great. Just proves that dirty or plastic wheels can really gum up the track.

My turnouts are controlled by Tortoise switch motors and found a yard micro switch that controls the direction of two turnouts mounted upside down. When the handle is up it shows the normal direction of traffic. Mounted this one upside down and it causes several mishaps until I realized the problem. Had to remove the fascia panel that the micro-switch was mounted in and turned the switch to the proper position.

Cleaned up the work bench area and discarded items that I haven't used in years or will never use in the future. Nice bag of trash. Amazing how one collects junk.

Evening All,

The procedure went well. They took out 4 polyps and sent them to pathology, but the Doc said she would be greatly surprised if they aren't benign. The downside is I am now on a 2 year cycle.

Thank you all for your well wishes. I will post more tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Good afternoon. Got rained out again. A cool day, in the low 60's and more thunderstorms again. Did manage to finish detailing all of the cars that are going to auction and got them all back into the shop before the skies opened up again.

Willie - No problem opening he new place. Terry is probably looking for a new laptop. You are right, I am perfectly happy with the layout I have. Here's the Atlas RS-1 pulling out of the yard. Still have to get used to the built in momentum. Started out of the yard a bit fast and had to slow it down. I'll have to check the instructions and see if it can be turned off. Something wierd with the sound. The turbo (loud tweeting) seems to be a lot more noticeable on the video. Could be the video camera. Not that bad in person.


Greg - How the tornadoes weren't in your area.

Got some things to get done, unfortunately not on the layout.

Evening All,

The procedure went well. They took out 4 polyps and sent them to pathology, but the Doc said she would be greatly surprised if they aren't benign. The downside is I am now on a 2 year cycle.

Thank you all for your well wishes. I will post more tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a good night.
That's the downside? Dude! You've got two whole years!

This signature is intended to irritate people.

D&J RailRoad

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Good morning guys.
I'm working from home today so I don't have to fight the holiday weekend traffic.
I have some scheduling spread sheets to work through and usually the office is very distracting, plus, I can put my phone on mute here and focus my attention on my planning.
Tomorrow is my MRRC open house for the month of July. I was going to take a couple of my grandkids there but decided I will just go by myself then take a few of them to see the movie Cars 3 in the afternoon.
OK, gonna get a cup of decaf and get to work.
Good Morning All. Mostly cloudy and 80°. That was the overnight low! Supposed to reach 96° later today. Major (for me) shopping trip yesterday took up over four hours of time; grocery/beer at Kroger, gas for the car and the gas can, vitamin store, Home Depot for odds and ends, Post Office for stamps and to pick up a package, pool supply store to have water tested and buy a few chemicals, whew! I did however only pay $1.48/gal for regular gas using my Kroger "gas rewards points". In this locale, it is mostly below $2/gal right now. Hasn't been that low for a July 4 holiday in at least 15 years.
Not a lot of time in the train shed yesterday, see above! Didn't even touch the DPM kit. Changed out some more plastic wheels to metal and ran trains. Looks like I have enough wheels left to do six more cars before restocking. I have 76 cars left to do out of the 800+ car fleet. But I also still have about 50 or so "blue box" type kits left on the unbuilt shelf.

Johnny - You cannot put a square post in a circle!
Dave - Too bad about the oil pressure. Hope that it is an easy and inexpensive fix.
Curt - Good news regarding the procedure. Now back to normal eating!
KEN (D&J) - Wife and grandsons saw Cars 3 Monday, and they all liked it.

Slow day yesterday in the Coffee Shop and on the forum as a whole. Vacations must be in full swing. Being retired means that I don't get vacations any more. It's a full time gig!
Everybody have an awesome day and a great four day weekend if you get one. Happy 4th if you won't be visiting for a few days.

Good morning all. 67 and raining here - all day - will hit 82. Sat and Sun looking okay, but next week starts rainy, including the Fourth!

Chet - nice video
Willie - yeah, gas here is under $2 a gallon - my wallet loves it! And what about putting a round post in a square circle?
Curt - I echo everyone else's sentiments - good news from that procedure.

Rearranged/cleaned up my modeling bench last night to make room for several projects at a time. Got home so late from after-work shopping that there wasn't time to do much else. Hopefully these rainy days coming up will give me an excuse to "get lost" in the basement :)

Have a good day everyone.


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Chet, just looking at your video. Momentum, if there's any applied, would normally slow the engine's throttle response on initial acceleration. I would say it's the Vmin (voltage applied at step 1) is too high, although in DC, not sure if a DCC setting would affect that like that. The squeaky turbo probably needs it's oil feed looked at, they do run very hot you know.


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Morning: Lots of coffee needed this morning. Have to stock up - they won't let me have any coffee in the hospital next week. It has been very reasonable here the past few days. Only expected to reach 85 today (86 was the high yesterday).

TOOT .. You have been posting some pretty neat videos lately. Many, many years ago, I was working a flight from KC to Albuquerque on a Lockheed Constellation one night when we blew a turbine like that. It WAS rather attention getting to say the least - I probably set some sort of record shutting down that engine - I didn't have to wait for the Captain to tell me!

CHET - The best part of the video was the last 14 seconds when the locomotive was silenced by disappearing into the tunnel. Then I watched it again with the sound off - NICE!

CURT -- Glad to hear that everything was good. 23 months and 28 days will be here before you realize it, lol.

Guys: Thanks for asking about my sidekick doggie. She is better, but still moving slow getting around, and won't try to jump up next to me on the couch, nor at the foot of the bed at night. The Vet could not find anything at all out of sorts - the bill confirms that they exhausted all possibilities and left no stone un-turned.
We are searching for a pet sitter .. all our usual ones are already booked. I am NOT going to leave her if she is still under the weather. Not exactly sure how we will work it out at this moment.


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TERRY - Want to apologize for my "smart a&&ed" comment about you breaking your computer - I know that it hurt you to lose it that fast! That is rather sickening. Bless it's little pea-picking heart .. it was not even a month old!

I trust that you found a replacement - maybe better?


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Willie .. You really didn't have to post that gas price! Keep it up and you are going to have a "new" old neighbor. How's $2.93.9 sound? OK, maybe costco is 15 cents cheaper.

Good luck working from home, KEN. Better watch it - It's catching!

DAVE - hope the oil pressure was nothing serious? Are we good now?

Johnny - fingures crossed for yourrainand train time?
Willie .. You really didn't have to post that gas price! Keep it up and you are going to have a "new" old neighbor. How's $2.93.9 sound? OK, maybe costco is 15 cents cheaper.

Good luck working from home, KEN. Better watch it - It's catching!

DAVE - hope the oil pressure was nothing serious? Are we good now?

Johnny - fingures crossed for yourrainand train time?


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Good morning. Starting off at 62 degrees with an expected high in the mid 70's. No rain in the forecast today. Figures, got everything done yesterday.

Curt - Good news. My doctor has been wanting me to get that done for a year but I have procrastinated.

Willie - Quite a savings on gasoline. We're around $2.32 a gallon up here. The old Buick is doing well since I did the engine work on it. Sitting around 32.5 mpg after a couple of trips over the Bozeman Pass and a bit of running around town. Sure make me feel old when I think back to when I bought my '69 Chevelle. All I ran in it was Amoco high test at .329 a gallon. Gas wars were common down in Florida back than and I can remember seeing Sunoco 190 going for .149 a gallon. Those days are long gone.

Toot - Interesting video. I have seen similar incidents along the MRL/BNSF line through Montana. The rail line pretty well parallels interstate 90 across the state. I'll have the shop crew check the oil feed. Don't need a 1/87 fire on the layout. The momentum is built into the DCC according to the directions. Quite a difference between running it on DCC compared to DC. On DCC throttle response is rather slow but when running it on DC talk about being sensitive. Doesn't take much at all to change speed and with the momentum it will take a bit of getting used to. I probably won't run it much at home. Haven't tried to do any switching with it yet, and I can imaging that it could be quite a challenge.

- One interesting thing I noticed on the RS-1 that happens in both DC and DCC is that if you decrease the throttle, the sound will sometimes go to idle depending on the speed until it reaches the speed set in the throttle because of the momentum. Quite interesting. Glad to hear the you four legged buddy is slightly better. Hope she makes a full recovery and that you can find a place for her when you head back for surgery.

Ken D&J - Enjoy the open house and especially the movie. I haven't been to a theater in over 20 years but have watched the Cars movie on DirecTV and the grand kids really liked them. Waiting for Cars 3 to come to TV.

Got a few things going on today. I have to finish washing down the front deck with a deck wash as my son and his wife will be over tomorrow to finish staining the front deck. I also have another dumpster coming in to haul off the old lattice that used to be around the bottom of the deck. Have some cedar fencing material being delivered also that will be used to enclose the bottom of the deck.

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