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Happy Father's Day to all Dads! It's 62 and clear
99.6 was the high yesterday

Today is forecast to be COOLER than yesterday.
High 93 | Low 62 °F
0% Chance of Precip.
Well a late Good Morning to All. Happy Father's Day to all of you dads. It's 81° and overcast with 87% humidity. Went for my early morning walk around daybreak and spotted five deer about 140' off the road. They didn't see me so I got to observe for a bit. Then I gave a friendly wave and they disappeared immediately! Upon arriving back at the mothership, I got into the pool (humidity) and started vacuuming for a while...a long while it seems. That's the reason that I am a bit later than usual this morning. Kinda unusual to be in the pool without a cold beer in hand!
Spent some time in the train shed yesterday shuffling structures around among three unfinished towns. Still trying to hit the right combination and sequence. I have a few left to assemble from the "stockpile" that I purchased while I was still working, but I also have an additional town to add when layout building gets that far. That and there are still a few vacant lots in the existing ones.

Sherrel - Very best thoughts on the surgery Monday, my prayers (if needed) are with you.
Ken (D&J) - Nice haul. Truck tuner...I think that it is the most important tool in my toolbox, or at least the most necessary. Although once a freight car has been "tuned", it never needs it again. It's more important to me than metal wheels.

Everybody have a great Father's Day, I have to get ready for Mass.

Good morning, America, how are ya? Been gone awhile again but I got laid off about three weeks ago and have been busier since getting laid off than I was when I was working! Been working like a mad man trying to get caught up with unfinished business and have gotten reasonably close..........close enough for me anyway!

Our oldest granddaughter was in the state competition for Miss Outstanding Teen down in southern Illinois and we went to see the final part of it Friday night. Then we said lets go to Texas since it was only about 9 1/2 hrs away. We had been talking about for a month or so and decided to do it!

Going to eat the best chicken dinner available at Babes and then we'll get ice cream at Beth Marie's in Denton. Just a quick two days here looking places over for possible retirement. Need to spend more time on here but work and our motorcycle takes a lot of it. Hope things are going well for everyone, catch you later!


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Good morning. 56 degrees and partly cloudy.

Bob - Good to see you checking in. Enjoy your trip.

Ken in VA -
It looks like you managed to get some bargains.

Joe - I doubt that I will get hooked. The main reason for getting the RS-1 is to have aq decent pulling locomotive to run at the club. I presently have three DCC locomotives. One, a Bachmann 2-6-0 was a gift from my son. Quite a wimp on grades so it wouldn't work well at the club. Another is a Bachmann S-4 switcher, also not a good candidate to run the grades. The third is in the video below, a BLI heavy mike. It does perform quite well, but again, the grades limit what it can pull quite a lot.

Willie -
I am not a big fan of deer. Way too many of them running around up here trying to commit suicide by car. A few years ago I hit three deer in five weeks. Got a loyalty card at the body shop, but they said that they did move the target to the back bumper and I haven't got any since. Waiting to see how your town is coming along.

- I am really hoping everything goes well for you tomorrow. God be with you.

Yesterday I never got a chance to check in as another project got started. Restaining out front porch. It is all redwood, but is also over 20 years old and some of the wood has weathered quite a bit, so the railings are being disassembled and sanded out. They are a pain to try to stain in place. A few boards are going to have to be replaced. The stair treads are worn and a few deck boards right at the front door as well as the top rails on the west end of the porch which get all of the weather and afternoon sun. After some sanding, almost all of the boards for the railings were stained and came out really good. My daughter and three grand kids showed up to help as well as my son and his wife. It was a bit of a pain though to try to work in the deck with all the grand kids and two dogs wanting to right in the middle of everything.

Had just enough time to get cleaned up, eat and get over to Livingston. Saturday nights the club is open to the public and we try to have as many trains running as possible with quite an assortment of old and new equipment. Below in the video is a BNSF train with the clubs camera car leading with my BLI mike pulling up the rear.


Catch you later


Plucked Tailfeathers
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Thanks to all for the prayers and wishes!

That's a nice video, CHET; No chickens-huh - just deer?
Don't know what ypu're crying about .. That's a nice sized train there?

Beady, Now that is a good one! Laughed outloud!

P.S. The "Boss", aka SWMBO will let TERRY know the outcome .. either txt or call.
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Nice video Chett.
Just finished mowing the yard. Had to sharpen the mower blades first.
Gonna go for a three mile walk, get cleaned up then smoke a mild Connecticut cigar.
Afternoon All,

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there. I received the kits I expected and I built one of them today. They take about 90 minutes from start to finish.

VA Ken- Nice coal drag and acquisitions.

Sherrel- Well Wishes and prayers for you tomorrow.

Bob- Good to see you posting again.

Chet- Interesting concept in the video.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Parcel I've got coming from the US passed through Brisbane airport at 9:24am on Friday and is on it's way to destination. From there it will go to a sorting center in the south of the city, hopefully today (Monday), up to the same in my suburb to the north, and with luck to me by tomorrow, late AM or early PM. That is, if it doesn't get sent down to Sydney from the airport instead.

I missed one, it passed through the Office of Exchange (Customs)@ 9:05 this morning, so Tuesday not looking so good.
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Sherrel .... You are in my prayers for very successful surgery tomorrow ...

Chet .... The BLI steam loco sounded and looks great in your video.

Bob .... Good seeing you. Safe travels.


"retired" conductor
Happy fathers day guys!

Sherrel, prayers for tomorrow, and a speedy recovery too!!

Been busy today, the boys are batting 1000, I heard from all 5 today!;)



Plucked Tailfeathers
Staff member
Happy fathers day guys!

Sherrel, prayers for tomorrow, and a speedy recovery too!!

Been busy today, the boys are batting 1000, I heard from all 5 today!;)

LOL .. As long as they were not asking for money .. YOU have succeeded!
And thanks Garry, Chet, Karl, Curt, and all the troops.
SHERREL- Prayers for you. Good call re my thought.

KEN- Best wishes on your " IRON BUTT " run.

GARY-CHET Thanks for the pictures.



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Have any of you guys used Faller cement?
I have a bottle of Super-Expert 170490 with an applicator tip.
It won't dispense any glue?
Is there a hole I need to poke anywhere?
The packaging doesn't say anything - then again how would I know? It's written German.
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