Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXIV

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Willie - You posted while I was posting - - Glad you made it through the "interesting" weather okay. We lived in Coppell for about 6 years, so I know how North Texas weather goes!!

Take care, stay well, God bless.


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Got some more Bulgarian gorge vids to share, they're the 3rd and 4th parts of a 4 part series of narrow gauge, with a steam tank engine for power. Not going to embed them this time, will just give you the Titles of them so you can copy and paste each to the YouTube search bar to find them. Can't seem to find a method of providing a link to the vids as before.. Late now, so tomorrow.


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Good morning. Clear and 28 degrees to start off the day. It did get up into the low 60's yesterday and all of the white crap is cone. No tree damage either.

Curt - I'll be happy to split the difference with the temps with you.

Ken in VA - I'll stop posting snow photos when it stops snowing. Curt is willing to take some of the cooler temps. Maybe we can work something out. I am really tired of late snowfalls. They can really cause a lot of damage to trees. I have a nice little sports car I would like to get out of the shop and start driving but it has to warm up.

Toot - Another interesting video. Beautiful locomotive.

Louis - Like the menu. Really cool. I can remember getting a burger, fries and a drink for less thn a buck. Must be getting old. Old.gif

Johnny - Sounds like you guys dodged a bullet. I have been up close and personal with twisters while traveling and it's hard to believe the damage they can do. Due the the altitude and the mountains around us, twisters are extremely rare, but we do have to put up with earthquakes. Yellowstone is just about 70 miles south of us. They occur on a regular basis, but most are so small, you don't even know they're happening.

Willie - You be safe down there also.



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Good morning ...

I'll have a stack of Redneck Pancakes, please

Johnny and Willie ... Glad you are safe regarding weather. .... Here it has been hot and humid. Weather guessers expect thunderstorms over next two days will cool our weather.

Chet ... Definitely sounds cool for you in Montana.

Below, the North Coast Limited is departing Union Station. Some passengers apparently will need coats when they arrive in Montana.

Good morning, 46 and cloudy. We had mid 80's just a few days ago, looks like we are in for a cool, rainy spell. Actually pretty typical for Memorial Day around here.

I remember marching in several Memorial Day parades in light rain, drizzle.

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Cool rummage sale at the Church this morning, got a bench grinder, an electric wood chipper for yard waste and some .357 ammo, CHEAP! LOL


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Good Morning (out here anyway)! We may be over the roller-coaster weather for awhile. It's 77 and headed towards 87 for a high and showing high 80's and low to mid 90's for the next week.
I keep picking up a MRR item here and there off the auction site, don't know if I will ever get a layout started or not. I have had several plans stasched away that i really like. Maybe I will just be like a STL friend and be a Railroad Modeler rather than a Model Railroader?

OK .. Meanwhile I am back on the medical Merry-go-round. Another trip has been placed on the calender for the 30th to see a cardiologist who will be part of the surgical team (I now have a four person team). I guess that one will be working and three will be drinking coffee and telling jokes - I hope that is the way it works!

Let's see now - May 30th for him, June 4th for Lab work, June 6th for pre-opt and anesthesiologist interview, June 19th for left side surgery, and June 28 for right side surgery and blocking off. OK ..Now I am starting to hyperventilate! Looks like I will get to know the train schedule pretty well. Anything to save that 96 mile -3 hour drive one way!
Afternoon All,

I spent about 90 minutes painting windows, walls and doors, then placing the windows and doors in place. Shortly I need to go pickup the grand kids.

Toot- Great video. I really like the old industrial buildings and the complicated track work.

Garry- Great picture.

Chet- I will take you up on your offer!

Johnny- I wonder if you heard a micro burst. We have had them around here and caused minor damage.

The wall color is washed out in the photo.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Just got confirmation from Bob, that the forum embeds Y-Tube vids automatically and they are linked back to there, so are no problem regards band width usage for the forum.
Good evening. 93° this afternoon, 73° now and mostly clear, going down to 57° over night. Not supposed to get out of the 60s tomorrow. Much of the yard work is done, garden planted, many flowers in. Bursitis still flaring in right elbow, and started therapy on right hand. Second son left today after a week's visit, and first son + grand kids coming for Memorial day. Not a whole lot of time for the layout at present.

Sherrel: You're going to get qualified at LA Union Terminal very quickly, with all of those consultations you have scheduled.

Louis: Our Birds need pitching desperately!

Garry: Love that Union station scene with the NCL.

toot: Great Videos


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Bulgarian narrow gauge 760mm (29.92") steam. Copy and paste these references (not the brackets) into YouTube's search bar to find the videos

( Rhodope Mountain Railway, Part 1 - forward facing and on train cameras )

( Rhodope Mountain Railway, Part 2 - forward facing and on train cameras )

Part 1 covers the departure and journey through lowland scenery. Part 2 the train receives a helper diesel to get it to the top of mountains. From there it descends minus diesel through tight and twisting curves/tunnels. Trackside scenery is often obscured by deep cuts and trees.

Parts 3 & 4 to follow which feature the ride through the Cepinska Gorge.


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There are a handful of good players out there today, but they just don't make 'em like Brooks Robinson anymore. I never was an O's fan, but this guy was special.
He sure was, one of the players/men of brooks' caliber that comes to mind is Hank Arron. Hank was once asked "how do you want to be remembered?" he answered "as a good man." Cal Ripken Jr. is a top notch person as well. We need more role models like these men for our youth. There are others, but those are the ones who come to mind right now.

Louis - Like the menu. Really cool. I can remember getting a burger, fries and a drink for less thn a buck. Must be getting old. View attachment 61685
Chet I'm glad you liked it, I thought you would and I am with you, I remember 10 cent hamburgers from MacDonald's

Louis ... The Ham Festival is in October. Country ham and lots of other stuff too. .... You might be interested also in the 400 Mile Yard Sale which is the first weekend of June each year. ..... It is on US 68 which is the highway near our home. ... Nashville is a contrast to Detroit where we have previously lived. Nashville is a thriving, growing city unlike many of the northern cities. Downtown has an active night life with plenty of Country & Western music. ... If you can travel on a vacation some day, you should check it out. There are many railroad related attractions in the region too.
That yard sale looks like a gold mine! My trouble is between work and baseball I won't have any free time until after the 4th of July.

That Ham festival has my interest and it's the perfect time of year for me. I don't like to fly, the AC in the car makes me stiff, but fall weather with the car windows open is perfect for me. My wife and I are determined to take advantage of my renewed health and do something this year. We have not had a vacation in over 10 years. I'm voting for the Ham festival!

I love all the pictures of your layout. It is truly awe inspiring and one of the few masterpiece layouts I have seen. I hope someday I can get close to something like that. For now I am enjoying working, baseball and of course I keep spending money on trains. Thank God for all my blessings!

Louis: Our Birds need pitching desperately!
Ask and you shall receive, Tillman did not have his best stuff but he still kept us in the game and the bullpen did the rest. With a little help from some questionable choices by Toronto's manager, add some Camden Yards long balls and there you have it, Birds win!!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to