Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXIII

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Evening All,

It's so bright and shiny in here...hurts...eyes:cool:. Today I started on the 2 flat kits today. Of course I spent 10 minutes looking for a small part that I dropped. Tomorrow I have to drive into Orlando for a errand. It will take me longer to drive there than I will be there. It looks like the Sarasota trip is being delayed until next week.

Willie- Nice new avatar. The building looks great.

Garry- Nice looking locos.

Chet- Nice picture.

Johnny- I was going to say something about the track but you figured it out. I made the same error when I started out laying track.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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( Rubbing feet on mat sound as I pull off my scarf & hat) Oh, da smell of new paint! Love it!

Flo, be a dear and bring me a Rootbeer float please! ;)

Sherrel I agree, we need another 4-8-4 reborn like we need another Ho F-unit. I may be biased because of the road name, but how about this?

Western Maryland #202 needs to run free again! I'm sure the WMSR would give her a fine place to stretch her legs!

Were battening down the hatches tonight, snowblower is parked between the cars in the garage facing out, ready for the snowpacolypse ! Thank goodness the mailman brought this today! Now I won't be bored if I can't get out tomorrow!

65 ton Whitcomb.jpg

It will however be repainted in Maryland Midland blue & orange once the weather warms the garage up.


Well the yard is white it comes!!!:eek:


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Exactly, Karl, I like #202- good looking Pacific. Now, Is that funny looking double-ended thingy a new one? I thought you got that a week or two ago?
Personally, I think the WM blue and Orange is pretty!
Wow.. Garrys Nashville576 and Karls Western Maryland 202 are just amazing. So great to see something that old restored. What is the tank above the main wheels in the 202? is it a steam like turbine or compressor like device?

Well I hope you guys are doing ok, just a few hours before we get hit and Mass was changed to a blizzard as apposed to a heavy storm warning. Connecticut just a few miles south of me has been warned of a blizzard all day.

Check your batteries, radios, flashlights and other survival gear, many I bet will loose power.

See all you Engineers later!!!

V2 Rocket on railraod.jpg I do love rockets, this one could really propel that train a bit faster! lol!
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Karl .... I'm glad to seee WM 202 covered and protected from rain. It would be nice too see 202 in action.

CB&Q 4960, a 2-8-2 was operated for steam excursions by the the railroad in the 1960's. Now the Grand Canyon Railway owns it and sometimes runs it.

D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
The novelty of your win will wear off in about a month. In about a year, it will be just another item.

It's supposed to be snowing here but its not much more that rain with an occasional snow flake mixed in. I'm still going to work from home tomorrow.


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Good very early morning,

About the time change situation, what Garry, Sherrel and Joe mentioned is the same thing I've been harping on for the last several years. We only needed to move our clocks ahead by 30 minutes and then the time would be right all year around!

All it amounts too is another manipulation by Congress attempting to control, We The People! Now that Trump is in we can probably get the asinine time change, changed to a permanent setting! I'll vote for setting the time half way in between, only moving it 30 minutes one way or another and then leave it there!!
Good morning y'all. 34°, East wind, and rain. The good news is that any snow on paved surfaces will turn to water, and run off. I won't have to bust my hump pushing the snow thrower and shoveling. :)The bad news is I re-arranged my schedule, based on what turned out to be bad information.:mad:

I'm not a real fan of restored steam locomotives. I have an inherent bias against steam excursions dating back to my days as a Road Foreman of Engines. Really, though it's true, everything is a 4-8-4, perhaps because the 4-8-4 was a truly modern steam locomotive, where as the other wheel arrangements are older.
Good morning all - - whoa, this new place is too clean - - let's throw a few napkins on the floor, make it feel like home :) 29 here in SW MO, going up to 36. Tonight, they say 19, and if that happens the local fruit growers (particularly the peach orchards) will suffer total crop loss. That's bad news at the grocery store - I love peaches!

Nothing much from the train room. Didn't have time to re-lay the track on that new curve. Maybe tonight. I did make some progress on that two-stall train barn kit. That thing has windows coming out the wazoo! That's all I did last night was cut out acetate for the window panes and glue them in place. Now I can get on with putting the walls and doors together.

See ya later. Have a good day everyone.


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Supposed to get up into the 60's tomorrow with sunny skies.

Congratulations Chet!!!
I mean that in all sincerity. With all the snow you get you deserve to be on the good side of the weather map for a change.

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