Running Bear's Coffee Shop June 2018

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Good Afternoon,

Spent 3 hours today following MOH visiting every grocery store in Florida. By the time everything was put away and the meat separately packaged it was 4 hours and any desire to do anything in the train room was gone. I did order a Micro-Scale Models Small Passenger Station to replace the existing styrene one.

Sherrel- Thank you. Yes, the moon.

Phil- Happy Belated Birthday.

Willie- Thank you.

Chet- Thank you. Nice rail shot. I like it's B&W.

Justin- Nice looking loco.

Karl- Welcome back.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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'Alo, mes amis! 87° and 68% humidity. Spent most of the day out on the deck watching the world go by; it's shaded after 10 and theres a nice breeze. Tomorrow's expected to be downright dangerous, with the heat index up near 110. I remember, almost exactly two years ago, down on the Rio Grande it was 105, but not nearly as uncomfortable. It really is the humidity that does it.

The wife has been talking with Diamonds International, and they're going to set that diamond into a $3k (but free to us) engagement ringing, hopefully making it easier to sell. Don't ever piss off my wife when it comes to money.

Otherwise, not a lot going on. I found a good bar app and I'm teaching myself to mix drinks.


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Ray - For some reason the video embedded in that article didn't work for me. Hmmmh! Maybe if I turn my monitor upside down?
Just checked it from my end, worked OK. Seems to happen sometimes. Turning the monitor upside down may only work if also standing on your head as well. Maybe something like the problems I've been having getting results from an online link to a Govt dept, "Service not available, try again later" to "Server Error" where the Server denies any problems with it.


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This is completely train unrelated, other than it is about 50 miles from Roanoke, Virginia. It's the campground where we're spending the weekend...
Beady- I could go for a Brandy Old Fashioned Sour, please and thank you. ;)
Phil- congratulations on another successful trip around the sun. :cool:
Chessie 3- I hear you on the heat. Today was 95 up here near the 45th Parallel, with triple digit heat index warnings thru tomorrow afternoon.
Karl- sounds like you've found yourself a keeper.
Chet- nice picture. I love B&W photos.
Anyone I missed- happy Friday night. Stay cool, for those of you dealing with this heatwave.


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Thunder boomers quit and MOH got on the 'puker.
Thanks to all for the B D wishes.
I actually ran a couple trains to see if the layout still worked. Ran one up and down the two levels and the other around the lower level Pleasant SURPRISE , they worked.
Wish all a goodnight,


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Good morning all. It's going to be another hot one today. Highs in the 90s. I don't know who let Murphy out, but somebody put his butt back in his cage. Spent money I didn't have to spend to replace the crank position sensor on my truck so I could get back to work out of the parking lot where I took lunch. So, again, no train show. Now I'll be finishing up the job I didn't finish yesterday because of the truck. Oh well. Maybe next time.


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Good morning all,

Scorcher again today in Northern Illinois. Highs in the mid 90s, but the real kicker is the humidity is at 90% right now. Heat index was 115 degrees yesterday, and probably going to be on pace for that today. Wife wants us to go to the 4th of July carnival tonight with our daughter. They have a mini fireworks tonight, and indulge on some carnival food for supper.

Stay cool all,
Good morning! 81° and sunny. Going to 93°, with a bunch of scary warnings about heat and air quality. To ruin the atmosphere at the beach, there are ocean related warnings. I guess what the government is telling us is stay in and don't have too much fun on their watch. :rolleyes:

Traditionally, we are going into the hottest ten days of the summer.

I purchased a tug boat for the layout yesterday.

The advertising banner, towing aircraft are out in force this morning.

Have a great weekend.
Good morning guys. I'm in Cas Grabde, AZ having b'fast at a Denny's.
Lots of rain on this trip, especially from Lirdsburg, NM to Benson, AZ. Goodlord, I thought I was going to drown in some of that stuff. It was the kind of rain that cars pull off the road to wait it out. I'm not looking through a windsheild though so I can keep on moving.
Sherrel, I'm still on track to be at your house Monday morning, about 8am.


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Good Morning All. 77° and cloudy, more of the same weather today with the high reaching 99°, as it has for the last three weeks. We have a rather boring weather pattern here every summer, I think that most weathermen actually are on vacation and they just repeat the same old forecast from June 15 through August 31. Wife left yesterday for her annual "vacation without Willie" to the Texas Gulf Coast. It's actually a vacation for both of us, as I usually can get some messy home projects accomplished without having to clean up the mess until I'm done; as opposed to every day.
Got all of the parts to repair the tractor yesterday, so it's ready to go this morning. My 75 yo neighbor cut half of my hayfield yesterday before calling it a day. His limit in the tractor is about three hours at a time, his son usually does part of it. Looks like it's an average yield of three round bales/acre right now, but I won't know for sure until it gets baled next week. In rainy years, it can reach six bales/acre. No buzzards congregating anywhere, so I guess that all of the rabbits dashed out of the way.
Some progress in the train shed, managed to add the interior details to the barn. I also got the copper roofing on the barn cupola and the first eight rows of Campbell shingles on it. As I posted yesterday, this is the first time that I have used Campbell paper shingles on a structure. It will be the last.
06-29-18 002.JPG

06-29-18 008.JPG

I need to search my parts box to see if I can come up with a wind vane. I might have to scratchbuild one. Next I'll look for some pictures to see if I can duplicate some average weathering, starting with a shot of Dull Coat.

Chet - I do agree regarding tracks/trains running through the scenery, although I also have some track at the layout edge. The most prominent are the two stacked turn back loops where it is unavoidable. Hope that the jaw is feeling better soon.
You posted about outsiders moving in to your area and then wanting to make it like the area that they just escaped from. Fortunately we don't have that issue here, yet. Our isolation and sometimes inhospitable weather deters most city dwellers and "northerners" from staying. Some "ranchette" developments about eight miles away seem to have about a 30% vacancy based on the for sale signs always present. After eighteen months, many newcomers leave. The landowner/farmer/rancher across the road from me recently purchased an additional 2000 acres adjoining the 1540 that he already owns over there, totally intending to maintain its current condition, so no worries here.
Sherrel - It's not your computer weather, it's your state. Governor Moonbeam just wants longer days, so that's what he tells people, disregarding reality. Start your HOA letters with "RV, what RV? Somebody's hallucinating!" and enclose a picture of the empty street. I have heard and read many horror stories about out of control HOA's, especially regarding flags and memorials.
Karl - Good to see you posting again.
Curt - Thankfully my store visiting stamina is greater than my wife's, so most of our forays together are short, except for the trip to get anywhere. She has knee issues and has chosen to complain rather than look at replacement. It seems that you have really taken a liking to these laser-cut wood structures in the last two years or so. It seems that I remember you posting about your first one some time in 2016, or am I thinking of someone else?
Beady - I watch the world go by from the pool, thus killing two birds with one stone, relaxing and cooling off. I also situated my modeling workbench in front of a large window in the train shed so I can watch Mother Nature's creatures from the A/C.
Phil - Good to read that conditions were good enough in the garage to run some trains.
Ken (D&J) - We're hoping that the rain you encountered in NM makes it this far east by tomorrow morning. 40% chance by the predictors. Enjoy your time with Sherrel, my wife and I enjoyed the visit that he and Kate made here on his cross country sojourn. Continue to have a safe ride.
Terry - Sure looks like a nice campground. If it weren't for all those campers, your photo would make an excellent backdrop might still be useful.

Wow! It's almost 10:00. I may have to go straight to the train shed and skip mowing this morning, especially since it's now 81°.
Everybody have a great day.


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Just got back from grocery store. Felt like I was in a freezer. Then when stepped outside was in a sauna. Should have taken a towel with me. Thunder boomers are due back early in p.m.
Prayers for those in need. [All of us] Hope y'all have a good weekend.


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Howdy, everybody ...

We returned from MI. Quick trip for me. ....

Good to see so many posts, but I hope everyone understands I can not comment on all of them.

Karl ... Glad to see you returned.

Phil ... Happy birthday (late) .

Terry ... Nice place for camping.

Willie ... Nice work on the barn project.

Beady .... Funny !

This very young fox was sleeping on our deck when we got up this morning.

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Afternoon All,

Did some chores this morning and finished before the several hour long thunderstorm. I finished putting the last of the detail parts around the freight station.

Garry- It looks like you are running a board and breakfast and the fox is wondering where his breakfast is?:)

Willie- I would experiment with some different colors to see if something makes you happy with it. You're probably right about 2016. To my eye the wooden structures look more realistic than most styrene structures. This was my 2nd scratch built building.




I hope everyone has a good night.


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Good afternoon. Checking in quickly. 70 degrees and some spotty clouds.

Got the push mower out and finally got the grass mowed down under some trees I couldn't get the tractor under and then went to work on some weeds. Last year we had a tree service take out front hedges down to the ground as they had some limbs dying. The service which we have been using for years said that it they were taken to the ground, that they would come back healthy. They are coming back very fast, but the shaded area that they once covered are having weeds come up in the spaces between the hedges. Mowed them down and put weed killer on them. Next week we'll put some landscape cloth down over what's left of them. We also want to put some flowering bushes in front of the house where we once had a flower box which we removed last year.

Curt -
The warehouse looks nothing but fantastic. I really like it. Impressive.

Willie - The barn is coming along nicely. Waiting to see the finished product.

Garry -
The little fox sure seemed content on the deck.

Terry - That camp ground looks really peaceful. Enjoy the weekend.

Guess I should get back outside and finish what I started so I can go over to the club tonight.

Good morning! 81° and sunny. Going to 93°, with a bunch of scary warnings about heat and air quality. To ruin the atmosphere at the beach, there are ocean related warnings. I guess what the government is telling us is stay in and don't have too much fun on their watch. :rolleyes:

Traditionally, we are going into the hottest ten days of the summer.

I purchased a tug boat for the layout yesterday.

The advertising banner, towing aircraft are out in force this morning.

Have a great weekend.
Boris- what type of "ocean-related" warnings is Uncle Phil transmitting? Riptides or are Moose & Squirrel leaving "surprises" in the surf & driving up bacteria counts? Where "down the Shore" are Boris & Natasha hiding out from the Shoobies?

Terry- gorgeous camp scene. One of my favorite racetracks is only about an hour south of Roanoke. The NS "Black Diamond Express" runs parallel to the back straightaway & in between the fancy RV & the trailer/tent camping areas. First night we were there(Tuesday, we stayed thru Mon am), my buddy from Toledo fell out of his hammock when that train came rolling by, laying on the horn around 9:30 pm.

Willie- I plan to include a creekside camping scene in my layout. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to