Running Bear's Coffee Shop June 2018

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Fixing to hit the road here in a little bit. Locking the house up, setting the booby traps, feeding the birds, etc.
Sherrel, I'm still planning on being on your doorstep next Monday morning to go up to Cajon Pass.


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Good morning everyone. 71 here moving toward 93 today. Had a horrendous storm move across the area exactly as we got home from work yesterday. Dropped 3/4" of rain, brought down limbs, knocked over a large trellis in our back yard. On the way to work this morning saw trees down or split, large limbs down, debris everywhere. News said wind gusts up to 60 mph and I believe it. But we'll take the rain - could still use more. No rain for next 5-6 days, though - just temps in mid to upper 90s.

Not much news from the train room, mostly because I keep working on pulling up rug, foam layer, tacking strips, nails, and staples in our master bath, getting it ready for a major remodel. Did get some more shades on the windows of the MR-IV, but that's about it. 15-20 minutes per evening in the train room is about all I get these days. :(

Have a good day everyone.


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Good Morning All. Starting the day off with 81° and clear skies, supposed to reach 101° later. Good news on the potential house leveling job, all is well and they need to do one minor adjustment under the front door. Now need to get the contractor back out to start the bathroom tile. I think he used the leveling as an excuse to take time off from us to go do another "quickie" job.
Not a lot to report from the train shed yesterday, didn't get much time out there. Found a partially completed barn in the box of stuff that got packed up when I moved from the old train room to the new train shed. I needed something to fill the blank space on the workbench.

Johnny - Thanks and I am glad that you and your family are safe.
Jesse - Sometimes it's good to be busy with your own business, instead of "making money for the man".
Chet - Like you, I enjoy switching a whole lot. That's why I have 65+ industries.
Sherrel - Glad to read that you are feeling better.
Joe - That pier looks like quite an interesting project.
Ken - Again, have a safe trip.

Internet sales tax. There are third party companies that offer software that automatically calculates taxes for the entire USA, state, city, county etc. Cost is based on volume. Amazon and EBay will probably use their software for vendors that sell on their platforms.

Everybody have a great day.
Good morning. 71 and sunny. Going to warm up somewhat today.

Joe - That pier looks like quite an interesting project.
Hard to squeeze even a city block into 2' of working space. There will be a one story warehouse behind the pier. Not sure I can get the effect I'm looking for, but I'll take my best shot.


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Good morning. Slightly overcast and cloudy today. Comfortable in the mid 70s at the moment. Had a meeting this morning and have another at 1, so I squeezed in a visit to the local HS this morning. Bought some shiny new Atlas code 80 track for the grand total of $8.77, which is much more pleasing to my budget than twice that for the EZ track I was using previously. Got some 11" radius and some 19" radius. Want to see how it fits my space. And I think my 85' passenger cars will be much happier on the wider curves as well.

Willie - I can say with all honesty that I am much happier working for me than for the man. Actually, I'm working for my other half since she runs the office side, but I don't mind. She's prettier than my last boss was and the benefits are better. ;)
Early afternoon everyone. News has been blowing up here. CSX had a coal train derail this morning come off the grade here. About 10 cars total. I initially thought the derail was on the tail end of the coal river sub. However the location of which puts it further down the mainline. No injuries reported so that's some good news. No word on what caused it either at the moment. Here is a link with some pictures of it:

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Afternoon All,

Well I drove family and friends to SeaWorld this morning only to find out I really didn't need to be there, so a wasted 2 hours and a $22 parking fee. After getting home I scrubbed some sections of the driveway and front walkway. It's not great but better than it was.

The good news is that I hooked up the lights electrically and they work:cool:. I also attached the roof and added roof trim.

Sherrel- Sounds like you need your hiking boots when you visit with VA Ken.

Joe- That is a lot more massive than I envisioned. Very nice work on it so far.

Justin- They're just reballasting!:)




I hope everyone has a good night.


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I don't think Nancy Sinatra ever went to Vietnam, and I am almost certain she never went to North Vietnam.
Hanoi Jane, however...
I'm too young to remember Vietnam personally, but I believe you are correct.

I do however remember the end of the Cold War, have read history (before they started changing it), and have paid some attention to current events. So I can agree, Jane and her father are commies through and through.


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Good Morning All. 79° and clear here in North Central Texas this fine morning. The elusive rain man is still AWOL. Forecast for the next ten days is identical, 77° - 99°, sunny, southerly wind and low humidity; no rain. It did reach 100° yesterday and may hit that mark again today. Guess that the pool will see a lot of me; it's staying around 83° - 85°. I had quite a busy day running errands yesterday, driving 100 miles, making seven stops and spending lots of $$$; all in four hours. I included the grocery/beer stop while I was out, and stopped at both Lowe's and Home Depot to pick up remodeling stuff that my wife ordered online. Still not done yet. We need a mirror, shower door, light fixture, something called "Bead Board" and sink fixtures. And just to add some excitement, my wife leaves tomorrow for eight days to go to the Gulf Coast with the grandkids and their respective parents.
Needless to say, I didn't get a lot of time in the train shed yesterday. In my town project, I painted the last asphalt parking lot and finished the ground cover between that and the ROW. While waiting for paint and glue to dry, I assembled the cupola for the unfinished barn that I dug out of my projects-on-hold box. It is a laser-cut product from the now defunct Northeastern Scale Models (not to be confused with Northeastern Scale Lumber). The box was packed away about ten years ago when I made the decision to abandon my old inhospitable train room (a lean-to on the back of my barn), and commenced to building a proper train shed that I now use. As with many laser-cut items, the cupola had many small parts including some that I had to cut from stripwood, 31 to be exact.
06-28-18 002.JPG
06-28-18 003.002.JPG

The roof for the cupola is a sheet of stick-on copper foil that needs to be cut and folded. There is no roof for the barn itself except for the basswood sheets. I plan to use some Campbell shingles that I have had for over 25 years.
More to come.

Curt - Those lights look really good. Unusual location for a structure though.
Jesse - Don't you know the old work adage "Don't get your honey where you get your money"!

Everybody have an awesome day.


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Good morning everyone. 78 already and hot - heading for 97. Our weatherman is not AWOL, like Willie's is - ours gave us a couple of days of rain, but now we're paying the piper with heat nearly as deadly as North Texas has. Good days to stay inside and work!! Or loaf!! Or nap!!

Finished removing the carpet and tacking strips from the master bathroom and large walk-in closet. Now we have to coordinate with the contractor and his subs. In the train room, all I had time to do was pour some more Realistic Water in the lake and stream - no leaks this time (so far) :cool:

Chet - are those Montana wildfires anywhere near you? How are they coming with containing them?
Willie - Nice-looking cupola. Where's the barn going on your layout?

Have a good day everyone.
That moment you realized you goofed up. I have misplaced my handrails somewhere. I can't even find them. Don't know where I put them. I'll have to sort through every box I have. Push come to shove I'm eyeing some garbage shells on eBay. Not trying to pour money into this if I can help it. The very reason I bought it in the first place.
Good morning. 72° and mostly cloudy. We had .12" of rain overnight, but could use more.

Curt: Nice lighting job.
Willie: Nice Barn and cupola.
Sherrel: Hanoi Jane is still offering her unsolicited opinions to anyone who will listen. So is her brother Peter.
Nancy Sinatra, (to my knowledge), never publicly disclosed her political preferences. She is a true Jersey Girl (Born in Jersey City) and is still kicking at 78! Do love those dresses.
Johnny: There are eight different TV weather people in the Metropolitan Area, and they are collectively wrong 80% of the time.


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Wrong girl Sherrel? You're thinking of Jane.
I loved those dresses back then, still do.
Good Morning: Forecast to be a high 84 today - high was 87 yesterday, of
course, no clouds except for the early morning coastal fog spilling over the hill west of us.

Willie, Terry, Joe, and others: I think that I better copy TOOT's signature - it appears that my mind is going along with everything else.
I cannot believe that I was that screwed up in my thinking.

Willie -- Where's the bead board going? If its on the walls ...I hope you extended the electrical boxes out far enough to allow for the board? Of coursed you can add extensions, or do without, but it's easier if the boxes allow for the bead board.

Yesterday was another, more or less, another wasted day. I do feel better this morning. Don't know what I had, but it sure wiped me out for a few days. Last evening was the first meal that did not talk back to me from 2 AM Sunday morning. Better get back to the "grind" - LOL.

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