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Morning Flo; I'd like a plate full of biscuits and gravy this morning - I hear that the "new" guy, Bert, back in the kitchen makes some really good gravy?

Well - we had 4 days of 80-84 degree days which were really nice. Today is supposed to be back up to 93* and then 96* to 100* for the next week. The clouds have gone hiding again; we did have one day that produced 26 raindrops? Just enough to streak the dust on the windscreen.

Nothing on tap for today except have to replace the filters on the reverse osmosis drinking water. I was hoping that the package of filters would have come while the Spousal Unit was on Mom duty, but they showed up at the door about an hour after she returned home. I have already warned her that she may hear a barrage of choice words and phrases with me trying to pull all that stuff from underneath the sink - I need to replace the tank too, as I already have a "new" extra, and it has never been changed out. With the extra plumbing - dishwasher, garbage disposer, refig ice filter - it is quite crowded getting it all in there + I always have a leak or two to contend with!
My morning is shot already.

CHET - What you really need is another "A" Unit ... then you would have a "real train" ... before the dispatcher started playing "shake the bag" with the motive power. Nice looking Units - must have been a sight to see when they were new, and before getting road grime all over.

Mrs. Chester has a Primary Dr. appointment tomorrow - I'll probably go with her - hopefully, they will start something with the knee replacement. She's just about to the point where she cannot bend it!


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I must have broken the new messages since late morning......

On a side note, it poured like heck over the past couple of hours. A local grade school took a lightning hit. No one hurt.
z archery flatcar load.JPG
Telling this story is going to be another "Floyd" project
Several days ago, I told Willie I had found something that might make good pipe loads for flatcars.. I had gone to an archery shop and watched the technician take stock arrows, cut them down to fit a specific bow, glue inserts and screw in hunting broad heads. He had cut off about 5 inches of a thin black tube. After my purchase, I asked him if I could raid his scrap bin.
He gave me about 30 pieces of various diameters and lengths of carbon arrow shafts. Most were .300 inch O.D.and I grouped them by length. After finding trucks and couplers for two old flatcars, I stacked the pipes on the flatcar until I had a configuration I liked. I glued the pipes in threes on flat toothpicks and glued them in a stack three high. Please see the photo.
The pipes on the gray car are 26 inches diameter and 38 feet long in HO. They could easily be used for other scales. The HO pipes on the other car are 16 feet and 10 feet long. The bundle in front of the gray car have been cut to 20 HO feet long. The bundle behind the cars is about 55 feet long and needs to be cut to shorter lengths.
Now comes the time killer, finding something to make smooth cuts. These shafts are covered with a carbon fiber over a thin, very hard non-metallic core. Razor saw doesn't cut, too hard. My 10" table saw with a carbide rip blade chews up the tube. Hack saw makes a ragged, splintery cut. A metal blade in my scroll saw took 3.5 minutes to make a ragged cut through the hard metal core. Finally, today, I put a 7-1/4 inch plywood blade on my table saw and got acceptable cuts. I still had to smooth most cut ends on a piece of sandpaper.
I will stop at the archery shop a couple more times for scrap bin diving and make more pipe loads.


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Good Morning Everybody!

The Orioles managed to beat the Dodgers last night. Was it the Oriole's left handed starting pitcher John Means or too much celebration the night before after clinching their division? I can't say for sure, but when you get your 47th win in mid-September its always a good thing.

I had a good day yesterday. I got home early from work so I called my wife to ask her what she wanted for dinner. She told me "whatever you make is good". She should know by now that almost always means Hotdogs! I did make chicken wings for her in the new air fryer. She likes hotdogs, but not as much as I do.

All-meat, chicken and turkey hotdogs are best steamed, boiling is ok, but steamed is best. Beef hotdogs are best grilled. Never boil a beef hotdog! The microwave is a good alternative for any kind of hotdog if you want something hot in a hurry.

Speaking of hotdogs, I heard from my Mom that my grand niece only wants to eat hotdogs. She is only 2, but everyday she asks for hotdogs! My niece is a Muslim, but she is marred to a Christian. I don't know if they eat pork, but there are some very good chicken and turkey hotdogs.

In fact, when eating hotdogs *cold/uncooked (I am an experienced idiot, do not try this at home *Always cook to 165 degrees) I prefer chicken or turkey hotdogs to all-meat or beef hotdogs. That reminds me, I need to pickup some Kunzler chicken or turkey hotdogs. Kunzler all-meat and beef hotdogs are good too!

Oscar Mayer, Ball Park, Kunzler and Kirkland are my favorites. That is since that Chinese company that owns Esskay ruined them and then stopped making Esskay hotdogs.

I want one of these
View attachment 39370

Did I mention I love hotdogs?!
I chalk it up to post-clinching hangover, as teams more often than not, lose their next game. Rubber match going on as we speak.
[QUOTE="MikeInHubCity, post: 463140, member: 6166"]I chalk it up to post-clinching hangover, as teams more often than not, lose their next game. Rubber match going on as we speak.[/QUOTE]

Mike: Once they are in they have to rest the stars, and play the prospects. As of right now, top of the 8th, the LA Scrubs are beating the hapless Birds, 4-2. In the NL Wild Card race, Washington leads Minnesota 3-2 in the 4th, and the Phillies lead Atlanta 6-5 in the 7th. Mets amazingly won big over the Diamondbacks this afternoon.

Of course, baseball really doesn't matter any more, Hockey training camps opened today. First pre-season games start Monday, 9/16.

[QUOTE="Sirfoldalot, post: 463120, member: 2010"]CHET - What you really need is another "A" Unit ... then you would have a "real train" ... before the dispatcher started playing "shake the bag" with the motive power. Nice looking Units - must have been a sight to see when they were new, and before getting road grime all over.[/QUOTE]

Sherrel: I agree completely. Chet needs another F7A.

This morning was nice, so I elected to cut the lawn, and trim some weeds. By the time I finished it was 86°, and getting cloudy. Then a wind came up out of the Northeast, along with some light rain, settling the dust, and dropping the temperature into the lower 70s. Tomorrow will be sunny, with the high in the mid to upper 60s. I get to go to the eye doctor, for my every two year exam.



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Good morning Everybody!

It's 67 under mostly cloudy skies here in southeast Baltimore. We had a bit of rain last night. I did not see it for myself, but everything outside is wet.

I had a challenging day yesterday, off sets the "gravy" days, life can't be all good. DC suburbs, mid-90s heat, apartments, security doors, long walks, stupid people and more, all in 3 hours! On the Brightside, I've learned to take a break after a day like that. I have lots to keep me busy at my desk upstairs, sadly, once again, no time to play with my trains. My legs are tired and sore, but there is no swelling, there is good in everything.

As LASM, aka; David says you have to have the bad to make you appreciate the good.

Dinner restored my happy demeanor, Chili Dogs with my beautiful wife! :) Don't take much to make me happy.

I'll make three comments about last nights debates;
1. I'm glad I did not watch, but I wish I had not turned on the national news this morning.
2. No solutions, just clever one liners and smart-ass remarks, what a waste of time.
3. How long until Super Tuesday? I've already have had enough of this crap!

Chet, my wife agrees with you, Nathan's are her favorite hotdogs. For some reason, Nathan's and Hebrew National are among my least favorites. Come to think of it maybe it's because they are among the most expensive and seldom go on sale? I think I am so cheap that it has infected my subconscious. Good thing it has not infiltrated my love for trains or has it?

Here is a thought; maybe I need therapy? No, I would hate to do that to any therapist. Where do therapists go for help?

Mike, I did see some red eyes on the Dodgers Bench, but John Means has been frustrating hitters all year. He was only the second Oriole's starting pitcher to be selected to the All-Star team since 1997.

Last night the Orioles found another way to lose. A passed ball by Oriole catcher Pedro Severino allowed the 2 go ahead runs to score, wasting an otherwise good performance by starter Dylan Bundy and the bullpen. I'm glad I fell asleep before that happened.

The Dodgers have one of the best won/loss records in baseball. The Orioles have one of the worst won/lost records. This series was much closer then what would be expected. It goes to show the difference between the best and the worst in professional sports is much closer then what many fans believe.

The Dodgers won't be "mailing it in", they are still battling for home field in the playoffs and the Braves are coming on strong.

Mike, I think we are in for a very exciting MLB playoffs! I hope you find time to share your thoughts about it with me.

Have a great day Everybody!


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Shane Blische - ‎Classic Penn Central
Going through slides tonight and came across this unique item. Two PRR ALCo RS11s heading north on the Bel-Del with a piggyback/trailer train between Raven Rock and Stockton, N.J. Route 29 is behind the train. The first RS11 is trainphone equipped. Those PRR Truc Train signs on the trailers are extremely sought after by collectors today. No date nor photographer provided. I'm not sure when the Truc Trains started (maybe mid 60s) but I know trainphone stopped in 1967 so this was possibly taken around 1964-1967. This area is completely wooded today.
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