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Thanks guys. Sherrel...actually the weather in late spring, say from the end of April to end of September or mid-October is generally only really gets brutal from early December to end of February.....but the other months not named are usually very cool and very grey and wet. I spent January,February and early March one year about 40 minutes drive north of Philly....folks said it was winter, we call that spring lololol.


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It's here! I've now got three "new" locos to play with (or, "with which to play"). I'm now doubting whether I'll get down to the layout, however; this is my 3rd day of insomnia and I'm suddenly dragging.

Storms are due in this afternoon. Maybe I'll go get some porch sitting done.


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Good morning guys, 78 and light rain. Super heavy and uncomfortable air today.

Spent a couple nights up on the land. Cut down a bunch more trees and did some mowing as well. Those grasshoppers are really chirping those warm evenings! Song birds pretty much done, though

Greg, glad to hear you are feeling better already. Sounds like I was way more wiped out than you are reporting.

Willie-- pretty fancy window on that little tire repair shed. Nice photos all around!

Johnny, like your tunnel scene

Sherrel, nice to talk about food. Too many other debates have no peaceful resolution.

Here is my next project:


This will be the final bldg on the Groningen module. May add some livestock, people, etc.

more later, Dave


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In my experience, it's the dental that can kill you, because it seems to be a afterthought on most insurance policies, with less coverage and higher copays. We haven't had a single medical or surgical bill since I began work for the Federal government, and I kept the full insurance when I retired. Dental is a different story. Routine care is covered, but anything else is a copay; I've had several teeth pulled or capped at $500 a pop, and even fillings get expensive (I seem to have reached the end of the warranty period on all of my fillings, which now have to be replaced). The dentist wants to do some gum surgery, but the area isn't bothering me so I'm holding off. It doesn't help that each of us had to retire at 62.

Anyway, my Big Boy is supposed to show up today, a day early! I got the George Bush and Support Our Troops SD70s on Saturday, so I may get down to what I humorously call my layout later this afternoon, for the first time in weeks.

Back to health issues:
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Bet he doesn't need a colonoscopy for a looooong time!!!
No way is Medicare an entitlement program and like Willie pointed out that we been paying money out of paychecks to help support the program.

Health and insurance costs are a sore point with me and I have doctors and nurses in the family and the subject never is brought up.

Enough said.


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Everyone - forgot to mention in my earlier post - - MOH and I held a garage sale Saturday morning - did pretty good. Anyway, when it was over and we counted our profits, I said to my wife, "Half of that could go toward the layout and the other half toward my woodworking shop. Anything left over you can have." She gave me that LOOK!! Guys, how do they do that?!?!
Know that “look” all too well. ;)


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If anyone wants some winter weather, spend some time where our cabin is located. Last Febauary 71 inches of snow and two years ago 30+ below zero was common.



Chet: Montana winters......???
Greg- my in-laws’ have a cabin outside of Phillips. They usually winterize it(empty & unplug the fridge & take the boat out of the water and cover & store it next to the garage) around October 1 & don’t get back up there until around Mother’s Day. Around here, we had about 90 inches of snow for the winter, 70+ in February. The last week of January, kids only went to school on Friday(Feb 1). Monday was a snow day & then final 3 days of the month were Polar Vortex Central. Wind chills of 55-60 below all three days. Cold enough that USPS did not deliver, it just was not safe for their carriers to be out in that bitter cold. IIRC, Minnesota & the U.P. were the same way.


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Good evening Shop Dwellers! 80*F and calm in central MD.

Thanks everybody for all the "likes" on my last photo!

Louis - I remember hanging out with the guys at the Streetcar Museum when they were just starting to lay the track for it ~1971! My closest railfanning friend was one of the founding members.

Willie - Did I hear ya say "VW Beetle"? Here's a pic of the one that I drove to every one of my favorite B&O railfanning locations, 1971 thru 1973. This was at B&O's Riverside Shops in Baltimore:


I had it during my junior and senior years in high school and my first year in the Navy. That thing had over 300,000 miles on it when the motor finally died, I was heartbroken having to get rid of it - it was with me thru my entire child-to-adulthood transition.

...but it lives on in 1:87 scale on the CL&W Sub!


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Tomorrow is my first day back at work after being out for 4 weeks. I'm halfway looking forward to it and halfway dreading it at the same time. I'm anxious to return to some semblance of my pre-surgery normal life, but the downside is that I'll have to get out of bed at 5:30am. I've gotten too accustomed to being able to sleep until 8:30am...



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I respectfully disagree but I will leave it at that.
Willie.... Fine, but perhaps somebody else out there can explain. ...

Greg ..... Yes we paid into Medicare and SS.... Therefore, we are entitled to the benefits.... They are entitlement programs, of course..... The word, entitlement, certainly does not imply we did not pay taxes to support the program....... It does not mean welfare.

Everybody .... I wonder why it appears that some people are bothered when Medicare and Social Security are identified as entitlement programs. ..... Here is the definition of entitlement : "a government program providing benefits to members of a specified group" ... Obviously Medicare and SS are government programs providing benefits to members of specified groups. ..... They fit the definition exactly . ..... So why don't people want to call them what they are ? ..... I am curious. I am not trying to bother anybody.
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