Programming Broadway Limited Engines

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Recently I bought a BL E7. It runs like a charm, and i had my LHS program in the engine number so that I could just put it on the track and run. I have been hearing thru the GrapeVine that without this booster unit from DCC specialities, you might have problem programming it?

Anyone experiencing any issues? :confused: I haven't had to yet, but might consider tweaking some of the CV's later.

As best I know, and I'm not an expert, you can program CV's in the operations mode on the layout, but you can't change the address using this mode. Address changes have to be made on a programming track (with booster). Our club bought a booster so we could program BLI locos. I changed the address and volume of the chuff on the programming track. I've not tried programming in the operations mode.



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thanks for the response George, and i see you have the booster.

Did the BLI program on the programming track without the booster? I hate spend another $50 for just one engine.
They say (at the NCE Booth at the Nat'l Train Show), that you can program a BLI loco on the main, but you can't get a readback. Can't recall what they said about programming on the programming track, it's been awhile since I followed this topic; I ended up buying the booster because I also have problems on occasion programming a Soundtraxx-equipped loco (I have an older NCE unit).



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thanks for the feedback Kennedy.
I also have NCE, although less than a year old. Since i also have some soundtraxx equipment i might as well look into getting the booster. At least i feel more justified knowing that it might help more than one engine. I have never had programming problems with any of my other equipment.
The problem I had with the Soundtraxx units was the same as what is being reported with the BLI ones, that is, I had trouble reading back the CVs I put in. This didn't happen all the time, but it'd do that every so often, and I'd have problems verifying if things were going right or not, since the NCE had routines it'd go through. When it didn't read, it'd ask for a value, but I don't know what that value is/was, so it was a real possibility I'd screw it up.

Now, I will say that I bought my NCE unit back in '00 or '01. I know that at one time, there was a discussion back then that the NCE unit needed to have the programming track voltage adjusted so the read errors wouldn't happen. I never had this done (procrastinated), but the Power Pax does the same thing. I do not know if the most recent NCE units have their voltages turned up to compensate.

This is a good thing, since on my Steamers, I have somebody do the installs and they set it up for me. I have one steamer that lost something, but I couldn't figure out what it was, because the NCE couldn't read that CV. With the booster, this shouldn't be a problem (haven't tried it yet). Also, I use Decoder Pro now, which will write the decoder values to a file, which simplifies the paperwork aspect immensely. It's a freeware program for the PC (or laptop), hooked to the serial port on the front of the NCE unit.



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I got my unit in later part of 03. Don't recall any discussion in the documentation about a voltage issue. However, I did have a problem with reading a CV on one of my Soundtraxx units.

Am currently exploring attaching a laptop to the system to explore other software that will help. Appreciate the input about the DecoderPro software. i currently spreadsheet all of the info.

Our group is about to convert a third layout to NCE and in the process of buying new equipment. Curious to see if there is any change. Also am waiting for the upgrade to allow all the use of the higher function keys.
According to NCE they are putting the finishing touches on that now.

Our club uses Digitrax. I've never had problems reading or programming CV's on my Soundtrax systems, even before we got our boosters.

On the WEB page of a German importer I found some information about programming a BLI loco/Quantum sound decoder.
1.) You must use a 18-22 Ohm resistor in seriell with the programming track !!!
2.) There are some specialeties when programming CV1, 17 or 18 on the main track. Please refer to the Quantum Reference Manual Digital Page 119. You've to download this manual from BLI's web-page.

Hope that helps.

I talked to Jim Scorse of NCE at the Natl Train Show back in July. He showed me some of the newer features slated for the upcoming release. Pretty good stuff.

Besides the higher F-functions, some of the menus are more nested and grouped, so it's not all one big, long effort. As in, all motor control functions are menu'd together. The consisting is more sophisticated as well.

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