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Amazing to think you just download them, print them, stick them to card, and stick them together.

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I saw some of those in person last time I went to a train show. They look surprisingly realistic in person. They're not a proper substitute for real buildings, but for those that are on a tight budget having one of these printed professionally is a lot cheaper than buying a kit or scratch building something.

You can design and build your own, which is what I'll have to do if I want any buildings. Apparently building paper models is a popular hobby in Japan. Or at least popular enough for their to be devs over there creating software to turn 3d model files into printables.


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What makes these "kits/buildings" so good is the person putting them together, doing the "art work and weathering" not so much the building itself.

As said though, they certainly do afford someone on a budget the opportunity to have some potentially very good looking structures if they have the talent to create them.


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...from another forum,

In the catagory of traction, and overhead wire street cars and trains, at Trainfest in Milwaukee, there is one layout, I forget what the name is, is completely card stock models. You can get real up close to this layout, and you would never guess they were cardboard or paper. By doing some details in layers, they pop out at your, like a nicely crafted plastic or wood model.

I was amazed when he described his process for making some of the structures.

Evans Design's "Model Builder" software is an amazingly powerful tool.

You can download your own textures... including photos of actual buildings. Just add windows, doors, trim, etc from Grandt Line or others, and you will have an amazing building.
I have seen an O Scale narrow gauge modular layout with many paper buildings that look better and more realistic than buildings made from other materials
They should make great background buildings and small details could be added like vents, ladders, signs to customized their look for your layout.

Here's an example of a paper structure of where I added thin styrene strips around the frames of the doors and windows to add 3D effects to them.
03-12-17 002.001.JPG

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