Pre War OO Lionel

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I don't know if this is the correct place for this or not ?
I have a PreWar two rail Lionel steam engine, caboose and a couple of cars.
The engine is missing the motor but is in good shape other that that, the cars are in good shape also.
I have no boxes.
I'm thinking I would like to sell these but I haven't a clue as to what they are worth ?
I looked on evelBay and couldn't find anything, Is there a good 00 forum or web site I could go to for some information about these?
Thanks for any help or advise


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I don't know of a better source then this forum, but I do know of a few books that could help. I have never read any of David Doyle's books, but for the price $4.06 including shipping you can't go wrong In fact I ordered one for myself! That is the standard of Lionel price guides but It is very expensive $300 I would expect it would not be worth it to you for your lone set. Maybe you could find one in a library near you.

Thanks for the reply Louis.
Was hoping someone would jump in and give me some numbers or ask for pictures.
Maybe I'll post some pictures this weekend anyway.


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You are welcome T.C.

I wish I could be of more help, but I don't have any more information to share with you.

I am sure if you are patient one of the experts on here will help you.

Lets see if I can post a couple of pictures ? I looks like the tender is also missing the coal load and maybe something mechanical ?
Image-38.jpg Image-39.jpg Image-41.jpg Image-42.jpg
Thanks again Louis
I also think it's in the very good condition category and if it had all the parts it may go up a notch. It's missing the "E" unit and a few other parts.
I found a motor that fits it that is an aftermarket part made for it, that's supposed to pull better than the OE motor, so for someone who actually runs these it would be a great deal ?
I also have found the four cars that go with the set, caboose,tanker,hopper, box car, all but one are in decent shape, the hoper need trucks.
I was thinking of selling as a set engine 150.00 with motor and 25.00 each for the cars plus shipping, I think thats a deal even for a collector who wants to resell the stuff.
Or if someone has a nice geared HO loco for trade I would consider that.
Thanks Terry


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I would think you would be Ok with those prices.

Be careful of describing condition, collectors can be a real pain about condition and meeting standards. I would hate to see you run into a rivet counter (picky collector) and have them file a claim on eBay because the condition did not exactly meet the standards.

Here is a link to Lionel's Guidelines for Collectors

I am glad I could help and I am glad you motivated me to get the book. I have been enjoying reading it!

Good luck

Image-27.jpg Image-36.jpg Image-49.jpg Image-67.jpg
Thanks for the help and advice Louis, I think the price is in the ballpark.
As with everything in todays world "the price is negotiable" but they will be sold (as is, no return ).
Thanks again Terry
I didnt realize I still have this stuff, I came across it the other day and thought I would post it again ?
I'm not an eBay seller and would rather sell with out all the drama.
If interested send me an email.
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