Powerbase, a magnetic method of increasing the traction of our locos

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A reference to this traction technology just came up on another subject thread where the gentleman was searching for a method(s) to increase the pulling power of his 2-6-6-2 Spectrum steam engines.

There was a link to a video, and subsequently found a number of other videos touting the significant improvements available. But as I inspected the videos I found almost all of them dated about 5 years ago. And I could find NO mention of experiments on American model steam engines? And when I searched this forum I found almost no mention of it either??

It was even a little difficult to find on their own website?


I certainly would have thought this product/subject would have generated more discussion than is apparent?


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As per the other forum, I have ordered 10 meters of the N scale powerbase for my HOn3 narrow gauge.
If it works as advertised, it'll be a game changer.


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From the site: " ... absolutely guarantee ... ". Sounds like you have nothing to lose.

Don't magnets have poles, which means you may have attraction, but at other times you'd have repulsion?


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it's quite readily available in O, but not so much in HO and rarely in N ...
there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of usage in the smaller scales , interference with other magnets, or ?
it seems it must be done with the DCCconcepts product prior to doing ballast though ..


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I thought I saw in one of there videos a fellow placing these 'plates' down on an already existing trackage, can't recall which one now?

The cost? About 83 cents per foot, depending on the pound-to-dollar exchange rate. My Siskiyou Line 1 had 360 feet of main, of which I estimate about 180 feet of grades could have benefited from this product -- so at a cost of $150, I could get the metal plates and enough magnets for about half my loco fleet (30 locos). To outfit the other 30 locos with magnets would cost another 90 dollars or so.

Grand total to add Powerbase plates to the track and Powerbase magnets to 60 locos would be about $240. That's not too bad, actually.

Could be the answer for poor traction steam locos.

Joe Fugate

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