post your model RR tips........

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Here's a few tips regarding painting. I have a lot of structures and remembering what colors I used would be impossible. So I write down the colors on the model's instruction sheet and file it away in a file cabinet in the train shed. Useful when touching up is needed or when another forum member asks what color I used after I post a picture months or years later.
The second tip is regarding oil-based paints. I use an orange high-liter to highlight the name of the color on the bottle to remind me to use thinner to clean the brush instead of water.
Lastly, I use a lot of unpainted figures and keep a handful at the workbench and paint a little every time I have a bottle of paint open for other things.
I have used FELS-NAPHTHA Soap after cleaning out paint brushes after they have been sitting in paint thinner / turpentine for a few hours. I am not sure if the newer version would work equally well.

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