New loco on the Whistlestop.

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I just picked up a Rivarossi U25C off of ebay. They're all over the place on ebay and at really good prices. I got the DCC ready varient and scored it in an auction (vs. buy-it-now) and only paid $40! This things is SUPER detailed and a great runner. And holy cow is it a BRUTE for pulling! It can easily pull my 8 heavyweight passenger cars up my nearly 3% grade hill without so much as any wheel slip. I originally got it thinking that I would work well behind my Dash-8 for pulling longer trains up that big hill, but I almost feel bad that it will be playing second fiddle.

The mother board has both 21 and 8 pin plugs for decoders. I happened to have an extra 9 pin decoder I wasn't using anymore, so just needed the adapter. Just so happens the local model railroad show was this weekend and I managed to pick up one up (luckily! What a disappointment the train was was. Granted, I made it to Springfield this year for that show which boasts itself as the largest show in North America, so you really can't compare, but when you've seen everything and walked the entire show in half an hour...). Anyway, I need something better than a basic decoder, but for now it is up and running superbly!

I'll post a pic later, but if you model the era, or could make one of these early U Boats work into the story line of you RR, I highly recommend picking one up.


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If you get one of the advanced decoders, you should be able to make the numberboards light, as well as headlights.


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It's pre-wired for front and rear headlights, number board lights and dual emergency lights front and rear. If I was courageous and adventurous, I could at least get the number boards connected to my decoder (it a 4 function decoder with two functions unused), but for now it's up and running. My summer side job will be starting up again soon, so I may hold off on a new decoder for the short term.


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