Need a scene for a tight space?

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grande man

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I thought this was neat. It was shot in downtown Birmingham, Al. The truck driver said the tanker held animal fat for use in chicken feed and dog food. It smelled lousy! :eek: That must've been one big animal to fill that baby up! :D

This would be an easily modeled scene on a spur without much space. What the heck, it'd add one more stop for the local. ;)


grande man

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CSX_road_slug said:

That'll be one of the six small industries to hang off my mainline spurs, thanx for capturing and posting it!:cool:

I can always count on you, Ken! I'm thinking we could use some more switching potential too. ;)


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That's the nice thing about spurs like this, you need room only for one or two cars and you got an "industry".

When they were building the Millers Ferry lock and dam, near Camden, Al, I was a teenager then and my family would go to Gastonburg to visit my Aunt who lived there. Gastonburg is the proverbial wide spot in the road. The only thing there is a few houses, the SRR mainline from B'ham to Mobile, and a one room small store/town hall/post office. They needed a lot of concrete for the dam and the SRR lenghtened the single spur there to enough room for three cement hoppers. The 18wheel dry cement haulers would come in and park next to the hoppers. They would by hand, move a small gas powered conveyor to sit under the car. They would then park their truck under the conveyor and start it's engine and they would slowly unload the dry cement from the hopper to the truck. A lot of dust was generated, and the hoppers were changed out every day. That was a very busy spur for a couple of years until the dam was finished.
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Nice Grandeman, This is the type of thing many of us enjoy having fed to us so we don't spend countless hours wracking our own brains for new ideas:D :D . I also think it's:cool: that team tracks are still alive and well in 2005(soon to be 2006:eek: )!

Thanks for sharing a great idea.



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That reminds me, I've been meaning to say, they haul gravel of some sort or something like that (Its defently not grain) in covered hoppers down here to SD, and use the BNSF transfer tracks here by the base, and a small conveyor to unload it. That'd be an interesting subject and place to spot a few covere hoppers. I think they do the unloading at night, I've never ever been fortunate enough to catch it.


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Sorry Eric, but with all the attention this post was getting I simply couldn't control myself any longer...:p :D

(Sure wish I had a scenicked layout for this scene though...)
I wouldn't worry about scenicking; mine is just pink foam with track and buildings so far. Maybe one of these days I'll spike everything down and all, but right now, I'm spending too much time playing trains to actually do any construction....

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