Mouse or Mice?

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When down to the layout today saw some figures and a tree bend over. Everything was fine yesterday. Also, a rail bumper was knocked off the track.

The figures were WS bee keepers and two were down and the tree a dead sage brush was push over enough to notice. I can only figure a mouse of mice are the reason.

Several years ago I had a problem when I didn't go down to the layout for several weeks in the winter and I found pieces of scenery eaten and the typical mouse calling cards on the layout.

Time to get out the mouse bait again.



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The cat hasn't made it's way onto the layout yet (that I know of), but one night she got locked in the basement by accident and my bag of sand got used a litter box.


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My dogs try to catch mice around the outside of the basement but the mice are usually a bit too fast for them, but the gophers better look out. Hank showed up a the front door wanting to parade his catch around the house. That didn't happen.



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Those of you who might have visited here or come in personal contact with Australians, may have been persuaded to try one of Aussie's favorite breakfast delicacies. Vegemite. If you have you will know of it's distinctive smell and flavor. It does though, also make an excellent mouse and rat trap bait. A highly successful kill rate, caught 2 mice that had invaded the house just this week. Looks like I prevented them from multiplying as well.


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Have you thought about 'wet traps'?? The mice go looking for the bait and get dumped into a a 1/2 full 5 gallon bucket of water. They sink faster if you add detergent. Versions of these traps are all over youToob.
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