Minot, ND - Souris River N Scalers

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Chief Tree Planter
And finally a few other areas around the layout

The second loaded car in the trees is actually a reflection in the mirror hidden in the trees. This is one of the outside world connections on the layout.

Connection to outside world.JPG

The large passenger station track work has finally been completed (the 4 center tracks).

Passenger station track.JPG

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Chief Tree Planter
Thank You. It's slow progress relatively speaking because it's such a large layout, but it's a good feeling to see it starting to come along.


Chief Tree Planter
Haven't updated in a while as progress over the summer have been steady but slow. We set in the last incline for the mainline today and once everything dries we will be able to lay the last 30 feet of mainline.

Here are a few pictures of the second room. This room will represent the Ozarks in the fall moving down to a major port facility in Louisiana.

DSC04061.JPG DSC04062.JPG DSC04063.JPG DSC04064.JPG


Chief Tree Planter
Another update on the Souris Valley Model Railroad Association layout.

The Union Station has been build and the tracks and platforms are installed.

Passenger Station.JPG

And trackwork has been steadily progress to the point where we are through the Ozark Mountains and the freight yard has been completed in the port area. We have about 45 feet of mainline to finish and the entire mainline will be completed. The roadbed that doesn't have track yet (first picture) will be the quarry scene.
Mountainous area and quarry.JPG Port Freight Yard.JPG

Finally for this update scenery is continuing with work on the second peninsula in the Dakota room with a small town beginning to take shape. Complete with an Amtrak passenger station.



Whiskey Merchant
Nice photos. You guys sure are moving forward with the layout. Should be quite impressing as more scenery goes in. Thanks for the update.


Chief Tree Planter
Thank You. We are planning our second annual open house for December. I'll post the date once it's decided for those that might be in the area.


Chief Tree Planter
Last night was a work night on the Souris Valley Railroad. When I get to the layout I always walk around the layout to see what has been done since my last visit/work session. When I walked into the second room I notice right away that more work had been done on the main line. As I looked further I noticed that the main line has now been completed. When the track guru showed up he immediately started connecting the feeder wires to the bus to get it up and running.

We are planning on having our second club open house sometime in December complete with a mainline golden spike ceremony. The mainline is approximately 250 feet (will have to measure) through two rooms.

Now on to the industrial spurs, a small staging yard, and the yard for the maintenance equipment.


Chief Tree Planter
I guess I hadn't realized how long it's been since I gave an update on the Souris Valley Model Railroad. We have been busy finalizing the track in the two display rooms and we have punched a hole through an 18" concrete wall to get to a third room to build a staging yard for the layout. Scenery has come a long way since my last update but with the size of the layout still has a long way to go. Here are some pictures of the first room;
First Room 1.JPG
First Room 2.JPG
First Room 3.JPG
First Room 4.JPG


Chief Tree Planter
Here are some photos of the second room and the scenery that has been added. We have not yet begun to add detail to the scenery. We are currently working to get base scenery on the layout so visitors can watch the trains run through other than a plywood table.

2nd Room Maintenance Yard.JPG
2nd Room Passenger terminal.JPG
2nd Room Container Ship.JPG
2nd Room main yard.JPG
2nd Room Refinery-Elevator.JPG
2nd Room River scene.JPG
2nd Room rock quarry.JPG

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