Military trains

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I took some new photos of the desert army base section on our HO layout. It's set in the California Mojave desert around 1957 or so on our Santa Fe themed layout.

Does anyone else here have military trains, a base, airfield, etc... on their train layouts? If so, please share photos if you have them.



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No military scenes on my layout, but I recently got a few good shots of the Civil War Scenes on the Medina RR Museum's 104' x 14' HO scale layout (Medina, NY).

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who makes those army trucks and tanks and what era are they? the trucks look like late 60s?

Im looking for WWII Tanks and tractors for a military train.


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Trent, that stuff is the old ROCO line of military vehicles. Now owned by Hepta. Trident also makes some US military equipment.

Here's my artillery unit, still need to find the correct flat cars for them though.

thanks Jerome.

your fleet looks good but too modern for me. are you looking for the dodx flat cars? I think walthers made some? I want to find some cheep sherman tanks. If the price is right a fleet of about 50 tanks/flat cars would look great behind a large steam engine


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Trent, do a search on ebay for ROCO, you'll find a lot on there. I'm looking for the DOD metal deck flats that I see all of the time coming out of Ft. Bragg here in NC. Like this..............

Here's some of the more modern equipment I painted up for Mark and myself.

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yea I see those DODX cars comming thru Elmhurst IL . Might have to just paint up your own... I searched Ebay... had some of them but not in large lots. I will just have to keep an eye out and check google to see if I can get a lot set of them.
who makes those army trucks and tanks and what era are they? the trucks look like late 60s?

Im looking for WWII Tanks and tractors for a military train.
As others have mentioned, they are mostly Roco Minitanks (now Herpa).

The trucks are M-35s which started service shortly after the Korean war. So they are pretty new for our 1957 layout, but should be relatively accurate.

Here's more info on M-35s

M35 Trucks

The two tanks are M41 (Walker Bulldogs). Also mostly a post Korean war tank, so I think it is perfect for our layout.

The jeeps are M38A1s, another mid 1950s development.

The two missile trucks are Lacrosse. Yet another mid 1950s piece of equipment. I paint the missiles as test missiles rather then the in service drab green color.

The missile launcher (orange missile) is an Honest John. A little earlier then the Lacrosse, but still fits our layout era. Again my model was painted as a test missile.

The other vehicles on the base (not on the train) are various makes, some are Roco, the pickup truck is by Busch, and the sedan is by Mini Metals.

Roco makes some great WWII era military equipment so they would be perfect for your military train. eBay is a good place to check out what they make or made.

And here is a nice online resource that lists pretty much all of the models made by Roco over the years (most with pic links):

Roco Minitank List
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Ray, thanks for posting the Civil war diorama photos.

Jerome, great looking military equipment. Nice mix. I see trains full of items like your fleet a lot on BNSF through Winslow, AZ.


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I have a small collection of military equipment, but I've been busy kitbashing the equipment to better model modern Marine Corps equipment.
No military train equipment .. but I was on a rail-load team going to and coming from Ft Irwin Ca (Mojave). Rail-loaded an entire brigade onto the flat cars, strapped them down etc. etc.
anyone know what kind of truck ramp this is? It looks like the train car dips down some how?

Thats a railway flat car with the truck/wheels removed at one end. Simple and fast way to make a ramp. besides removing the truck all that is needed is a few RR ties at the end to aid any cars, trucks, tanks roll from the ground to the rail car.
If you are interested in doing any modern day stuff it would be so easy. I work on Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base in NC and just came off the base and they are using Norfolk Southern locomotives and Norfolk Southern coal cars on the base. I love that line and to see all the cars and the locomotive pulling it all on base really made me happy. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to