Marklin Track,...99 pieces for $30......SOLD

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I would describe this track as in relatively good condition. Much of it still retains the factory 'blueing', but the tops of the rails saw some mild rust as is quite common of this track as I understand. I took a piece of very mild emory paper and brought a shine back to the rail tops.

I've read of a number of suggestions for keeping this track clean, but almost none of them suggested this product NO-OX-ID. I discovered it here in this excellent discussion of keeping track clean,..

This was a great article that accurately points out the characteristics of black oxide caused by micro arcing. The one item that was not discussed as a preventive measure is the use of Special No Ox Id A, used by radio operators and aviation electronics experts as a means of preventing oxidation from arcing. The US government has been using a variant of this (cosmolene) as a surface protectant since the beginning of WW II. I suggested its use by our club for our layout but was rebuffed a number of times, until they finally had their fill of track cleaning.

They finally relented when I applied a miniscule amount of this to the rails and unlike Wahl clipper oil, transmission fluid, etc.,, the rails remained oxide free for almost two years of train running. Trains ran so well that they forgot to vacuum the normal dust and debris from the track that caused other running issues.

This electrical compound can be further investigated by viewing the information at: A-Special Electrical Grade.pdf


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Inventory list did not post?
So here it is

Marklin M-track
77 pieces,
17 short connectors,
4 bumpers,
1 signal

#5100 curves 2 boxes of 10 tracks 20 pieces

½ box, 5 tracks 5 pieces

1 box of 10 tracks (no box, but wired) 10 pieces


larger radius curves no box, 15 tracks 15 pieces


#5100 half length curves 6 pieces
straight track sections no box, 11 pieces 11 pieces
uncoupler straight 1 piece

half length straights no box, 8 pieces 8 pieces
half uncoupler no box, 1 piece 1 piece

TOTAL 77 pieces


17 short connectors of various lengths 99 piecesTop
4 bumpers

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