Long Time Away from Here

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Lazy Daydreamer
Hi Chip, not sure if you remember me? I visited you at your healthfood store when you lived in Indiana and did some running on your club layout there.

There was a guy on here up until ~6 months ago who went by the name "Beady", who was also an avid Cowboy Action Shooter like yourself. I'm sure you and he could've had alot of interesting conversations!

Welcome back!
Hey Chip,
I do remember you back when you had the health food store. Seems to me that you gave that up & was doing something else. Might be wrong about that though. I also recall you always had interesting posts about the club you belonged to. Anyway, glad to hear you are returning & hope you keep posting about the new layout.


Staff member
Hey there SM, welcome back! You're just in time for a massive software upgrade, we're moving to a current forum software program soon. It's a lot like this though, so you won't have any problems with using it.

Although I don't know you, welcome back to the forums and, perhaps, the hobby.
Yeah. It's been 6 years since I've had layout space. I've just finished the bench work and am starting the wiring. So I'm moving slowly forward. I might even run some trains one of these days.


BN Modeller
Welcome back Mr. Mouse!
Good to see you back Chip, looking forward to seeing the layout progress!
You do remember which end of the hammer to hold, right?

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