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Well, I was looking for a loco to make into an "executive" train loco, painted entirely different than our current ones. Time to go loco shopping on Evil bay.

Now what type of loco would I like? Something in a GP? SD? Or something else. 15 - 20 - 24 - 30 - 33?? - 40? Lots to look at. But I did not want something which would be too expensive, nor too unique to repaint. Try to find undecorated today. In DCC and sound? Like over 200 bux. Not my loco. Too much to trash out in my own paint scheme.

It took several days of on and off looking, but I found a Mantua GP-20 which somebody had already painted and looks like ....... Not the best paint job in the world. Makes no diff to me, I am going to repaint it anyway. I am not sure if it is DCC or DC - or what, the ad did not say. Well either way I have dropped decoders into DC units before, and for $35.00??? I can't go wrong.

Came in the other day and it had a funny "remote" control in the box ... seems it is a MRC Mantua special unit. It can run on AC / DC / DCC. It makes no difference, The remote runs the unit, and it has full sound! Loco control is by the remote for everything.


This is it. That is the remote control next to it. I really don't care for the colors right now, but it will change over the next week. Just never heard about this unit before. So if I need something to go over and run an a club layout, or somebody else's layout I can take this unit and don't worry about DCC codes, DC operating problems, or much else. Just plop it on the tracks, as long as it is getting power it will run.

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For what it is worth -- THIS UNIT ROCKS!! Now I can go over and switch the business tracks - read that sidings - without having to run back and forth to the control station, or using the remote uncoupling unit at the same location. Just like the proto type, I can control the loco at the point of switching, throw switches, uncouple cars and get on with the job of loads in / loads out without a lot of screwing around. It now fun to work the remote locations on my pike without having to have a helper.

The Aerojet

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Whoo ho, you have discovered the wonders of wireless cabs. I don't think I can ever go back to a fixed cab location, and then to be able to do it without tripping over long curly queue wires it great.

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