Let's get LOADED!!!.....

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Always Improvising
I got ahold of three Bowser kits for Milwaukee Road wood chip hoppers. The cars are solid, and if not heavily detailed should be easy for anyone to super-detailed. The really interesting part is that Bowser supplies plastic wood chip loads for these cars.

And of course they are boring and flat-looking, painted one simple sandy color. That just won't do for me, so I dug out my razor saw and I took it to a maple stick from my front yard and made some sawdust. When I had enough, I brushed some watered down wood glue on the plastic loads and dusted them. Allow that to set up for a while (maybe about 15 mins) and then cover the whole thing with another round of watered down wood glue.
When finished, the loads look pretty good and are also pretty durable.

(Unfortunately this car has broken a truck after it fell off a counter. Atleast it was in its box and avoided further damage.)

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