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OMG Ken. That is an amazing picture! It looks so real, it took me a minute to figure out is was a model. Love how you added the dirt/dust cloud.


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Michael - thanks for the kind words!

Lester, that's why they call me a train nerd LOL

Jay, I can just about see the bluish-gray exhaust smoke blasting out of those Geeps - a world-class shot as always!
What a great and natural photos that you have been captured i like this photos actually this is made by the professional photographer's hand because of the making and result of pictures and this little tricks is only a professional photographer know how to makethis anyways this is nice phots on this thread....
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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos in this thread!!!

Here are two favs from our railroad.

C&S and D&RGW power on tap at Sedalia, Colo

Days end brings with it a spectacular Rocky Mountain sunset. Colorado and Southern F3s helpers run light over frosty rails as they coast down the mountain during their return trip to Sedalia, Colo. At times the Rio Grande borrows power from the C&S pool to meet the demanding schedule in the Platte Canyon mining district.

This image was shot on our 20"x30" diorama. It has a hand painted backdrop that was illuminated with a gelled, wireless Speedlite (external flash). Two additional Speedlites and a reflector were required to complete the lighting. The headlight intensity was brought out during the long exposure. Except for the momentary blast of flash this image was shot in near dark conditions. Basically, the flash provides primary lighting and the long shutter speed "burns in" the detail lights on the locomotive.

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