Jerome's Switcher Roster V 3.0

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"retired" conductor
Karl, I know this unit is a fantasy unit, but what number do you think we should go with??
The real F7s were 100 and 101, the Whitcomb center cab was 102, the GP9's were 200-202, and the GP38-2s were 300-306. The FP7s, SD35s and Alco RS3a never were painted in this scheme and kept their original road numbers.
I would think 103.


Aurora & Portland Owner
GMD-1's ready for decals. First up is ex CN.
Next is A&P old school blue. And last but not least is Karl's favorite.....wait. what RR will it be?? anyone? Bueller?? Bueller??


Aurora & Portland Owner
Tell me about it, I've done 2 F7s, 3 GP9s and 7 GP38DCs, but I'm not done yet, the 65 ton Whitcomb is up next, as soon as I can get the SW's done for the club.
Karl, I bet it's harder to match that curved line on the nose you have to do for the hood units.

Well, when in doubt, you can always paint them for the Penn Central ;).

First side looks great!

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