Incorporating A Jack Post Column In The Layout

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That photo from John Allens layout sure brings back some good MRR memories. I had the opportunity to have operated on the G&D while on temporary instructor duty at Mare Island, CA. Nice work on your Eagles Nest Restaurant. Well done.
Hey Chet, good to hear from you again. But no sir that is not my mountain, that is a photo of Johns. I am "lucky" to have no supports to work around at all here and a space that is very close to the same. When the time comes I will build something very similar and it will have a restaurant that will be easier to get a photo of. Chet what years were you stationed at Mare Island. And do the names Don Mitchell, Glenn Joesten or Rod Smith ring a bell?
I know the photo is from Johns layout, but you were able to capture the idea and will be able incorporate it into your layout.
Yes and that work is coming.. And I can't wait to get to it, I am a bit slow with electrical hookups but I swear there is no man alive who can turn plaster into good looking stone mountains than I can. So I hope this will help me catch up by making some good time in all those canyons and massive mountain scenes when I get to them. The warmer the water the faster the plaster will set up BTW.

Another one of the very best support post hiding ideas is also from Johns and will never be seen. He simply eliminate the post and took his chances on the floor above. ! John actually did this with the most obstructive post right next to port and in front of his engine facility on the hill to the right of it. This post directly supported the living room area above, but was terribly obstructive for photographs. This was mentin by some of the guys in his operators group more than once through the years. I think they said they all spent most of their time, after sessions, out in Johns backroom in the enclosed deck/porch area overlooking the steep valley below just off the kitchen (where the stairs for the cellar are). This was where they often used the switching game John designed. The living room area (over the post he removed) was in the front of the house nearer the road. The room not often inhabited by more than just John himself. I suppose he would have had a post sitting where he could put it in if he ever was to have visitors upstairs but John was a batcheller and did not entertain much. His life and love was that railroad. So problem solved.. ~! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to