I Need Foam

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Anybody out there know where I can buy the blue or pink foam sheets (4x8) in the L.A./ Orange County CA area? I would like to build my layout using the light weight consturction method. Also if any one has plans to make a simple hot wire cutter?
I heard that that the pink-blue insulation board is being phased out in favor of the bead board between layers of polyethylene sheets. It is cheaper and more durable at construction sites.
Just a thought


5th Generation Texian
yo9u might try some areas where they are building new homes, large pieces are often trashed (ask before you take!)

it's how I got all of mine. odd shaped pieces for sure but good enough for me.


Ok, the blue stuff is made by Dow, and called styrofoam.


Call 1-866-583-2583 for information on the distributors nearest to you.

STYROFOAM* Residential Sheathing extruded polystyrene insulation is a foam insulation board with plastic film on both sides. It offers superior R-value, moisture resistance and high compressive strength. Plastic film reduces job site damage to the insulation boards. STYROFOAM Residential Sheathing is recommended for wall sheathing in residential applications.


Long Winded Old Fart
I got a semi-trailer load of pink & green from a const. site about 10 years ago. I still have some of it leftover. Now, I use cellotex ceiling tiles for all my mountain scenes
& patching plaster over aluminum screen wire for larger mountains.
I went to the const. site & talked to the foreman & told him I would come by everyday
& clean up the insulation that was outside the building. He said "Great". It was costing
them a lot to haul all the scrap to the dump. I also got all the elect. conduit scrap. plywood scrap & a 5 gal. bucket of self tapping sheet metal screws. Also, got about 500 ft. of scrap 14, 16, & 12 ga. wire.
Wherever their is a concrete block building being covered w/brick, you can usually find the dense foam. You can also get it in yellow, green, pink & blue. The colors are the density of the foam.



- generally true, Larry.. but LA needs little insulation for heating - as most other parts of the country do.
You can also look for Foam fabricators... or (just crossed my mind) Surfboard shops... you surely can find one or 2 of those!


Long Winded Old Fart
Here in Arcadia they used the pink & green over the concrete block & under the brick to keep out the heat. We have such high humidities that almost all large buildings use this type of insulation to keep out the heat, not the cold. That gives them the thickness of the block, thickness of the foam(2"), plus the thickness of the brick.
I wish I had that kind of money to do the same thing to my house.


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