Hopper paint color?

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Hey Tony,

Do you want to make them prototypical or plausible? Typically for covered hoppers (pellet hoppers) they were light grey, with all the weathering variations, most light-grey-ish shades will get you in the ballpark. For plastic pellet cars there were more variations depending on the brand of the pellet's manufacturer on the car (from red, yellow, blue, white, to grey and silver and lots more).


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Have ordered the following Model Master Acrylic colors. Hopefully one of them will be close OR a combination of them:

Light Ghost Grey
Aircraft Grey
Light Sea Grey
Skin Tone Light


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That's my plan sir. Now you mention white, you'll never guess what color I DIDN'T order in Model Master ... :rolleyes:

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"What color do you guys use to paint covered hoppers?"
I don't. I'm trying to collect at least one of each color scheme. I love all the ADM cars. They have at least 20 schemes all to themselves. But I really love all the Canadian Trudeau wheat hoppers . They have some really cleaver and interesting schemes.

For your base question though - I would have said, "primer grey", but I am certain Atlas and MTL go to pretty good research to get their paint correct. I think your Kansas city off white will be great. That is what am using for a caboose I am doing. I would NOT go with bright white.

What about the paint you used for the Burlington F units?
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