HO Kits from Hobbytown of Boston, Cary Locomotive, Central Valley, and Walthers

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Hi. Is there anyone interested in these types of items? As an "outsider", I have no idea of the value, but if value was based on weight, these items (especially the Cary Locomotives and the A7608F's) would be worth a lot. If you have an opinion on their value, I would appreciate that info.

UPDATE: May 12, 2019: User 'migalyto' suggested Ebay. I am now using them to sell my items. Sorry.

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To get a general idea, you can go to Ebay under sold listings (check buy it now, and auction). It would give you a starting point. If you are on Facebook, there are a number of For Sale groups.
I appreciate your comments. I did not know about the Facebook groups, but I'll find them for sure. By posting here, I was thinking that if anyone would want these, I could offer them a really good price for the whole lot. I haven't tried, but I think posting photos of 24 items, all with multiple pics, would be a little overbearing. So I try here first. 8^)

With that in mind, do you think it wise to sell as a lot, or individually? Whoever buys the lot could resell what they don't need/want.

NOTE: There are several of these units of which I have more than 6.



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I'd be interested in these:

Walthers 933-659 Interior Observation
Walthers 933-659(U) Interior Observation
Walthers 933-660 Interior Pullman
Howdy Ian. I've attached pics of these three items.

I have 1 each of the 659's. I have 2 of the 660's. Total of 4 - (I should have listed my inventory quantity.)

I do not know pricing, and Ebay is not much help. That is one reason I posted here. That being said, how does $4.00 a piece sound?

If you agree, and use PayPal, send me $12.00 for (3 of them) or $16.00 for (4 of them) + $6.00 for USPS to: barrz2000@live.com I will get them out no later than Thursday afternoon.
(If not the right price, please make an offer.)

I thank you kindly,


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