Hi. Might someone tell me how to go to and open my drafts page ?

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Thanks. But the only disc I see is the cog looking one which reads 'Toggle BB code' (whatever that is) which does nothing as far as opening drafts...


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What is it your trying to do? I wrote this, and saved it as a draft. Closed out of my browser, and re-loaded site, and it was still there as a draft. I don't know if there is a time limit on how long it will stay saved, but I don't see anywhere that tells me I have saved drafts. It just stays in the post replies section. It would be a question for you to ask Bob.
Okay, let's see if I can describe this.

You need to "Save" a draft in response to a thread in a forum.

When you return to THAT forum and thread, your draft will automatically appear. If you go to any other thread in any other forum, the "draft" is invisible.
So sorry, but I'm still at sea..How are we supposed to know what un-posted material are still draft ? This is what I'm asking; a page which stores all unfinished/unsent activity which can be clicked and opened to edit them, then post them. As I type here, I clicked 'delete draft' but nothing happens..Shouldn't this very unsent-so-far post have now been deleted ? Instead the only choices I have are the 'Post reply' and 'Preview' buttons below.
ATTENTION gang !! I just got it !!! I saw the post above, still in the green box, EDIT mode, where I left off !! ( I did enter it now, just as a counter-balance to my understanding it. One's draft, as Kevin and Tootinkumin state above, is always there, in the light green box until posted ! Got it ! Thanks much for all the re-plywoods...Mark
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I think it will dissappear if you backspace it off and then write and post a new one. In the previous forum, vB4, if you hadn't posted the draft, a message "Do you want restore previous entry" would come up and clicking that would restore the draft to the reply field. This forum just does it differently. All these little quirks to learn.

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