Hello from Canada's not so frozen North

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My name is Mel and I live in B.C.'s Fraser Valley which has a much milder winter than the rest of Canada, rains a lot, but rarely snows. Have been a model railroader since 1974. I am presently working on my third layout which is around the walls in a 12x22 foot room, about 150' of handlaid track and turnouts. I am modeling Southern B.C. roughly focusing on CP's Boundary Subdivision. This is a great forum with a lot of very nice people. Happy to be here.


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Hey Mel!

Welcome to the forums, glad to have you onboard!

What scale are you modeling? I am primarily and O gauge guy, I dabble in HO and I have one N scale Christmas train. I love my toys!

That is a great size for a train room. If you can post some pictures of your work, its fun to watch other people work!

Please feel free to share your experience with us too.

I hope to hear more from you.


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Hi, Mel. I'm in Comox. We don't have an active group that gets together in the Valley, or at least not that I have ever seen publicized. I model freelanced roads from the late 40's to mid-50's, and collect rolling stock from several American railways that had large articulated engines. I also collect rolling stock from the Toronto, Hamilton, & Buffalo and the Canadian Pacific from the late war years and on until 1957, my cut-off year. I'm also about half-way through scenicking my third layout. Still have the entire yard to lay out...


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Hi Mel, and welcome to the forums! Its always nice to meet someone else who loves basket weaving in nickel silver. I hand lay my track as well.


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Hi Mel, so, southern BC eh! does that mean you could be interacting with SRY (MRL's sister road in that area) on your layout. Would be good to see some Washington Corp blue mixed in with CN. Or do they only mingle with CP?
Hey Mel, great to have you on board. Would like to see your around-the-wall layout. Always loved the scenery of the Canadian railroads.
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Thanks everybody. I forgot to mention that my layout is HO, although I am a bit narrow minded and seriously considered going to 0n3 or 0n30 before deciding to stay with HO. My trackwork is about 80% done, I have a small yard to complete. Once this is done and the layout is cleaned up (amazing how much crap it takes to build a layout) I will put up some pics of my progress. tootnkumin.... SRY does play with CN at Chilliwack, I see their trains almost every day. Great shortline for modeling. Crandell..... I have been following your posts on your layout construction for some time and I love your magnificent railroad photography, keep em comin'.


having fun with RailPro


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Hey Mel!
I traveled that area a few times in a hi rail truck, beautiful country and I miss it.
I am planning my next layout right now, 11 x 24 around the walls so not too far behind you.
Welcome aboard by the way!
G'day Mel....From another outpost of the British Empire...Tasmania , Australia....You'll love this forum...No matter what scale we model , we are all modellers who love this amazing hobby.....and you've found a great way to get tips , pass on tips and opinions and be part of a terrific group of people. I do HO too and am starting an ATSF/BNSF intermodal layout..My friend down the road on the East Coast of our island State is doing a terrific CN coal layout , way more advanced than mine....ENJOY.THE FORUM...I know you will...Cheers Rod...
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