Hawks NEW "MHO Junction" layout

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Lloyd awesome work (which is typical from you :) ).

I am following with great interest since i like breweries as a rail served industry a lot! Thanks for posting.

Lloyd: That picture is a great goal for a modeling project.

As a former property manager, I miss seeing roofs with all the mechanicals...and throw in some weeds for a neglected look!

Here's an update on the brewery.

14 walls out of 48 done (except for the weathering and the assembly) and also learning about Arduino. Got the garage doors to open, got the bi-color light at the door to go green, flashing red and red and got sound to work. Now I just need to throw everything in the mix and get everything to work on cue.

View attachment 64533

That's it for the brewery for a few months. Now I need to spend time working on my wiring (feeders, bus line for track and another for accessories and my RGB LED strips under the valance). I also need to work on 3 buildings (paper mill, 2 x grain elevator and the River mining).

Thanks Yannis, I love the extra details, more to come

Thanks Rico, believe me, I will finish the brewery. I said 1-2 years, so I hope to have at least all the walls done and secured by year end....that's 2018...lol

Just got done reading through your entire thread, haven't watched all the videos yet, but will! Very impressive, and inspiring work! Look forward to seeing more!
That's some stairway. Are your commuters going to connect with The Canadian?
Thanks, No that's just a local stop for the RDC. The main station is in the other town but will connect to a passenger train, not The Canadian as I couldn't get my hands on one without paying a big price.

Nice job Lloyd. Do you build all the handrails from scratch?
Thanks Gary, I did buy some hand rails and needed to scratch build some to connect pieces together.


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How about a 'shortened' 'Western Canadian?' 1 baggage, 2 coaches, a diner, 2 sleepers, and a dome obs? I've seen the Rapido Canadian set at the Amherst show several years back. Sort of like having an entire CZ consist for us, 'down south.' Or maybe an LRC train with a few cars, although I don't know if that's your era.


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