Funny or Strange Names of Prototype Railroads

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You name your railroad to bring in the revenue, be it the movement of goods or people.

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'We cover it all - across the entire continent.'

Iron Horseman

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Haven't heard of it. Are they still building it?
Historically a very important railroad in the western USA. This is the railroad that US Route 66 followed. The Atlantic and Pacific started in Springfield Missouri to build west. Because of several financial fiasco's the A&P incorporated the Frisco, and immediately leased all the Missouri assets to it. More financial messes and the Frisco and Santa Fe ended up jointly owing the A&P in New Mexico. Finally more Frisco messes and the Santa Fe ended up with the line which became their mainline to the west coast.

The Frisco is one railroad that financially did not deserve to even exist, let alone survive into 1980.
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Santa Cruz, Big Trees, and Pacific Railway (SCBG)
Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad (F&CC)
Borate and Dagget Railroad
Death Valley Railroad (DVRR)
Trona Railway (TRC) still in operation today, I find it a little funny since trona is a mineral, as well as the name of a city.
Oil Creek and Titusville RR (OCTT)
Steptoe Valley Mining & Smelting Co. RR. I suppose this doesn't really count since it's a private operator, but the Castro Point Railway had a tank engine in that livery when I was growing up, at its Richmond, CA operation and I always thought it was a funny sounding name.


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I been collecting models of rolling stock from prototype railroads that have strange or different names.

What is the strangest names of models of prototype railroads that you have found?
We have wandered too far off in fantasy land from what the original question was?

I offer: Quanah, Acme, and Pacific.


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Them's fight'in words, IH!
Unless my memory has completely failed, I believe the SLSF actually owned the ATSF at one point in history!
Memory hasn't failed completely. ATSF and SLSF jointly took over the A&P, but when A&P failed in 1893, SLSF got the land grants in Missouri, while ATSF retained the ones across the Mojave Desert. I think that I stated this correctly. SLSF never owned ATSF.

Iron Horseman

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Unless my memory has completely failed, I believe the SLSF actually owned the ATSF at one point in history!
It is sort of the other way around, however the Santa Fe never actualy "owned" the Frisco just operated it for a time, while it was in bankrupcy. Just like they operated the Rio Grande for a while.

Of course all of this is why there were so many parallel tracks of Frisco & Santa Fe. For example the line NW out of Wichita through Valley Center toward Ellsworth.
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