FS or Trade: Fleischmann Track and Turnouts. 50% off new price.

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FS or Trade: Fleischmann Track and Turnouts. 50% off new price.
I have a considerable amount of Profi-track product from this company,...most all of it like new.


a) std left and right turnouts in two different sizes
b) double curve turnouts
c) 3-way turnouts
d) 2-way turnouts
e) double-slip turnouts
f) bumper stop tracks
g) bumper stops
h) straight track segments & half tracks
i) curved track segments & half curves, & various radius
j) switch machines, etc

This is all very good German engineered equipment, but the flangeways are designed for European trains, thus wider than I want for my American HO trains. So I am offering it at 50% off the new price,

OR I will trade for Peco turnouts.

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