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Well I started this project back in July, and was looking for something new to do on the pike. Not much room to move things around anymore, but things I could improve. One of those was the fire service.

Originally I had a Woodland Scenics station as part of the kit for the original pike. This fit the era as it was and looked okay for the time as it was the same era as the town. Time went on and I built more pike and things got bigger and more modern. Time to upgrade the fire service to more apparatus. Only problem was the original fire house would not fit the units. Things like the quint would not go into the fire house due to it was too high - and the Athearn engine was okay, but it looked small - I guess it was okay - but it was time to move on.

Started by finding more apparatus and then it dawned on me that the fire house, even if I left the quint outside was going to be rather full. Time to start looking for a new station / headquarters for the fire service.

That brought search on the internet and my original post back on August 26. Out of that I finally did more research and found the Menards unit looked nice but was only about 3 inches deep - and no room for more apparatus inside. The original quint would not even go into the unit, much like my original station. So -- taking the suggestions from my first post -- i followed up with this --


I have several of the Pike Stuff buildings and for what I wanted it looked too plain. Obviously this is not finished, the windows and more need to be finished but for this try fit this is how the unit now looks.

Yes it is full. The back story is that Wilton's City Council decided to close three fire stations to save money and two of them ended up down here at headquarters and the other one was consolidated into station 4 on the outskirts of town. What is all in there?


A full house. Two quints, one from this station and one from station 2. In front of the quints is the chief's car. Next to that is the engine from station 5 - a no water area, and next to that is the Tanker from 5. The Hazmat unit came from this station, and the ambulance goes out the back -- Next to those is the engine from station 1, this one and the rescue boat and equipment transport from station 2 - there are two more tankers down at the city garage ready to roll if needed.

Just a quick look at what has been happening with this project.

Now to finish this unit off, and get it dressed up, with lights and an interior and some other things, then move it down to the pike and start with the placement and scenery around it.

Just a quick first look at what is going on here.

the Aerojet


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WOW - Your city must be rich - or you live in CA.
Not like the town where I grew up with only a Water/hose combination truck with a 500 gal tank.
Now for your station -- looks very good!


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I belive any good preventive maintenance program includes washing the vehicle, before inspection.

The BGR (thanks again Tony) believes in this as well. Along with strict enforcement and punishment for graffiti of any kind! We did however have an ongoing problem with dust.


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Looks good! I have been thinking about a fire truck manufacturer as one of the industries on my layout, but it's set in the 1930s, so I have not found much in the way of fire equipment--or trucks that could be converted to fire equipment--suited to that era. (The idea is to make a reference to one of my brothers-in-law who has firefighter in his family.) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to