Fantasy Layout Design Help?

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The parameters:
HO Scale
5'x8' foot layout... with a 2'x4' hole in the middle.
Trains can enter/exit from one of the long sides
Nothing super tall, but some kind of industry.
Other than that, Free reign!

In my train room, which is a basement bar, I have a pool table. This pool table has a 2'x4' florescent light above it. The fantasy thought is building an extension to my layout that could be raised or lowered over the pool table so that I could run trains or play pool... which even suites my fancy. What do you all think?

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Oh, and here I was thinking Dungeons & Dragons, Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, Dragon Rider's of Pern, My Little Ponys, or Star Wars sort of thing. Maybe like Dick Knotts' Troll and Elfin.

If it is going to be lowered over a pool table, why the hole in the middle? Are you going to just make an ovalish backdrop to put in there so it isn't too deep? Is the pool table an addition onto this fantasy layout? Isn't it going to be in the way anyways when you pay pool.


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The light fixture above the pool table should fit into the whole in the layout when it gets raised up off of the table. That way the light can shine onto the table while the layout is all the way up. When lowered down, the hole would just be a lake or something to that effect. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to