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Someone put an add in the paper a few months ago that they had a big model train sale, they wanted to get rid of all of it. The son was selling off the late fathers collection and the place was just up the road (I didn't know they were in model trains :eek: ). My Dad and I went up there and was surprised what we found.

One was a Rivarossi Hiesler (I hoped I spelled that right) set that had a two truck Hiesler and four log cars and they were still sealed in plastic. My question is, is it better to keep them sealed in the plastic or should I open it and make sure the locomotive is alright. It appears to be fine but you never know. I just don't know if it is worth more to keep it sealed in the original plastic.

The other one was a set of powered and unpowered Rivarossi Hydrallics. I have never seen these in HO before. When I got them, the original foam padding in the boxes was in shreads and was inside both of them. I have gotten new foam for the boxes and taken apart and cleaned both units. Are these rare or have I just never heard of them before in HO?

Thanks, pictures of both are included. :)
I had one of the hydraulic units as a kid. I don't think they are rare. They came out before the age of limited production. The Rivorossi motors and gearing were very poor. Mine was disposed of long ago. Can't answer the quest on the other items.



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Does anyone know if a set like that would be better to keep under plastic or to unwrap it?
Brian I don't quite know, but if you have no intention of using them, they are best left in the original packaging, should an opportunity ever come to sell them to a collector there would be a better chance for a sale and a better price. If they have poor running qualities only a collector would be interested. Just my honest opinion.
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