Engine shipped with NO COUPLERS

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I ordered an O-Scale 2-Rail GP-35 Diesel loco from a company that handled MTH equipment, and it arrived with no couplers!

I then called the vendor (Grand Central Ltd.) who will ship me a pair of O-Scale Kadees.

Brakeman Hal
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Yeah, it's a Newtonian Reflector with a 17-1/2" mirror, and it took you right inside the Galaxies, Clusters, and Nebulas! My smaller scopes were better on the Moon and Planets, however.

I've owned 30 astronomical telescopes, but my biggest was this custom-made 20-inch truss-tube monster. It could pull the eyes right out of your head, but was a bitch to transport and set up.

I lost over $3000 when I sold it, but my hobby budget was always pretty big, so I didn't sweat it.



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HAL -- I love Astronomy! I have wished that I had studied it more when I was in school. Every day I check out:
I love browsing thru all the photographs and stand in awe of how large the heavens stretch.

If I have a moment later on today - I will check my stash of "O" scale parts.
I do have some couplers - both in narrow gauge and standard - just have to see if there are any 805's.
I'll get back to you in a couple hours?


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Hobbies usually come under the heading of consumables. My son, in Tasmania, who has been 'into' astronomy for years too, has a couple (or more). I think one's about a 7". He lives in a small town and has the opportunity to get out in the country, away from the lights.
Hey Toot...American actor Errol Flynn was born in Tasmania!

Dark skies with no commercial or residential light pollution and no moon are the ideal ingredients for an enjoyable "Star Party"!

(Here's a list of the telescopes I've owned)

Oh Yes...I found one centering spring, so now I have a coupler on the rear of the loco!
003 (13).JPG


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HAL ... PM me your address - have a pack of 805 that I will sell you for $6.00,
or if you just want a couple of springs - I will mail them to you at no cost!


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Do you want the pair? If so, I will try and assemble them for you, OR I can just send you a couple springs free.
Assembled $7.00 - it will cost more for me to mail - have to box them.
Send me your address to: sirfoldalots@gmail.com

I will send you my address and just drop it in the mail- cash works, check, or stamps ... PayPal friends and family - whatever.

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