Electro-magnetic uncoupling?

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UP and BNSF freelancer
Has anyone done this? I'm just leery of placing an uncoupler magnet in the track that could uncouple cars every time I pull a train over it......

I'm wondering if there's a way I can make an electro-magnetic uncoupler, flick a switch, uncouple the cars, bam (in true Emeril fashion).


UP and BNSF freelancer

I'm looking at doing a bunch of small detail stuff like this.

getting sensors in the tracks to switch signals appropriately, etc.
Actually I'm working on electromagnetic uncouplers too for HO KaDees since I think its the most powerful magnets U can get. I found a couple on e-bay but lost the bidding :(, so now unless I find some on e-bay for sale I will try do them myself, its not so hard, just have to use the right wiring, so not to get high current on them.


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Why spend money on something I can make? I will spend money on items which I'm not able to make with my hands :)

IIRC, MR had an article by the late Gordon Odegard, on this very subject. He was MR's "resident" N-Scale expert, and wrote many articles on improving the N-scale "experience".

I suggest you and cmike go to the magazine index at Trains.com, and do a search on electro-magnets or Gordon Odegard. this will give you the title of the article, along with the month and year. If available you can get a back issue from MR itself or locate one by some other means.
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